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Elfeland 33-Foot RGB LED Strip Light

  • This kit includes 2 reels RGB LED light strips (5meters 150leds/ reel), IR remote controller with 44 keys, power adaptor and connectors. No other accessories are required. But please note here: please don’t load it more than two strips.We suggest one power adapter for two strips.When the strip still on the spool, you want to test it, please be careful not to exceed 2 minutes, otherwise it will accumulate heat and cause the strip to overheat.

  • The Elfeland strip light can be set to automatically change color and speed periodically through the remote control. In the case of monochromatic light, the brightness of the light can be adjusted freely. In the mode of automatic light conversion, the pause button can select a color to stop the light changed. Not only does it have RGB (red, green, blue), 16 multi-color options, but also DIY options, it can create outstanding decorative effects and excellent LED lighting.

  • The multi-color changing LED strip lights can be cut every 3 LEDs along the cutting mark.No damage to remaining LED strips.Due to the flexible material and self-stick back Elfeland LED tape strips can be easily placed on any clean, dry and flat surface with good adhesion such as paint, glass, plastic, metal, glass.You just need to remove the red tape on the back of the tape strip and install it directly.

  • LED strips are treated with IP65, high quality, waterproof.But please note: only LED strips are waterproof. Remote controller, power adaptor and connectors are non-waterproof.Strip light have a memory function, when you turn on it,it will be the same as last usage.The colorful lights in the dark are perfect for watching TV, gardens, Christmas, clubs, parties, theatrical performances, interior and exterior decorations, etc.

  • LED waterproof 5050 RGB SMD LED strip light, working voltage 12V, low heat, touchable.We always want to provide good customer service and shopping experience to our customers.If the light is damaged or has other problems, please contact us for replacement or refund.

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