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Zoetime King Size Double Air Mattress

  • Comfort for All Night: Perfect for home use with overnight guests, family, or friends. Multi layer soft top flocking creates a comfortable sleeping experience, supports up to 227 kg (500 lb). Improve the quality of life, Zoetime inflatable bed will give you or your family and friends a better sleep experience, and more to avoid the space is not enough trouble.

  • Convenient Setup: Zoetime air mattress has a Built-in 120V AC electric pump and it can quickly inflates or deflates airbed to desired firmness in approximately 4-5 minutes, power cable can be stored away in a built-in compartment to avoid your room messy. Please make sure control dial is turned fully to inflate or deflate.

  • High Quality Material and Easy to Clean: Zoetime air bed use waterproof flocked material on its top and it keeps the surface dry. Double layer construction with high quality material ensures the air mattress will maintain its form. Our mattress is easy to clean after use, just only wipe with a wet cloth. We recommend using bed sheets when in use, which will take a better comfort experience.

  • Accessible for all ages.: Our air mattress makes it like a real bed and keep you feel more stable,comfortable all night.The 19.6 inches (50 cm) height makes it easily accessible for all age persons. Bed dimension is 213 x 182 x 50 cm (83.8 x 75.6 x 19.6 in).

  • Easy Transport & Guarantee: Zoetime air mattress comes with a carrying bag for easy storage and transportation. simply fold, roll, and store the deflated airbed into the carry bag, 2-year warranty and lifetime support provided by Zoetime.


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