White Noise Machine, Conor High Fidelity Sound Machine for Sleeping, Baby, Office Privacy - with 24 Unique Fan & White Noise Sounds, Sleep Timer, 2 USB Charge Port


Conor White Noise Machine

  • This noise machine features is an ultra-large, high-quality speaker to ensure that the fan machine gives you an immersive feel and falls asleep quickly. Provides 12 fan noises and 12 ambient noise variations including Fan Sound, white noise, pink noise and brown noise. Infants are overwhelmed by new faces, new places and more stimuli every day. White noise can reduce your baby’s stress and help your baby fall asleep better.

  • Press volume control button on this white noise machine to adjust sound volume to your desired level for a personalized sound environment. Volume control low enough is convenient for you to take a deep nap in office after lunch without disturbing others. Volume control large enough can create a masking effect, blocking out the sudden changes in noise. For example: the snoring, or the dog barking, or a truck rumbling down the street.

  • This noise maker is suitable for baby, home, office and travel. Stylish and compact design, easy to carry and operate. when you travel, your surroundings are full of noise and you can’t get enough rest because of it. A travel white noise machine must be compact and portable solution for getting a good sleep and feel relaxed during travel.Choose Conor Travel sound machine for masking external noise and getting a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.

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