Mooka Mini Air Purifier Review | Updated 2020

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Are you planning to buy the Mooka Air Purifier in 2020? Thekeenhunter is back with the In-depth Mooka Mini Air Purifier Review to help you make the final decision.

Today’s market has various kinds of smart air purifiers, and then there are air purifiers that are smarter and efficient than others. And then there is the “mini air purifier category” that justifies the price and target small spaces efficiently. That’s what Mooka Mini Air Purifier 3 in 1 is. It’s the latest addition to Mooka’s mini air purifier line up which is available at a reasonable price and purifies the air from upgraded filters.

We Are Here To Expose Things…

So, TheKeenHunter welcomes you to its very first deep review post, and today we are going to review the Mooka Air Purifier. We have researched and tested the product to help you know all the positives and negatives facts that no one will tell you ever.

It’s 100% unbiased review, and every fact we are going to tell you is based on research, our test house report and real buyer reviews. So, get ready to make your purchase for the Mooka air purifier a smart decision after reading this in-depth review.

That’s enough with the jargons and let’s now get started with the review part.


What Is Mooka Mini Air Purifier?

As said, Mooka Air Purifier is the best mini air purifier for the price available these days in the market. However, not everything is impressive about Mooka, and we will let you know that shortly in the coming sections.

For now, let’s discuss some of the products specific facts so that you get the right idea of what Mooka Air purifier is.

So, it’s a compact air purifier equipped with 20 CFM air sanitation filters. One of the best things about the Mooka Air purifier which makes it a good choice is its ability to eliminate harmful toxins available in the air. Mooka Mini Air Purifier targets toxin very efficiently and can help you inhale toxin-free air 24×7.

Also, thanks to its 20 CFM air sanitation filter, it can help you have a much cleaner smelling room and office cabin. In addition to all these, it can also target allergens and minimize odors from cooking, smoke, and pets.

In short, no matter whether you use it in your office cabin or room, it’s an efficient enough mini air purifier for the price that can please you.

The Design and Cleaning Technology| The Mooka Mini Air Purifier Review

One of the facts that has helped the Mooka mini air purifier impress us is it’s “True HEPA Technology.” Yes, the MoMooka Air Purifier Reviewoka Air purifier comes with the upgraded true HEPA Technology, and that’s really a bonus. The HEPA filters, with its three unique air filtration system, has been proven to eliminate up to 99% of the harmful particles available in the air of up to 0.3m.

The three air filtration systems are namely Activated Carbon Filter, Pre-filter, and True HEPA filter.

In other words, the Mooka Air purifier is the best mini air purifier you can buy to get rid of ragweed, pollen, and other allergens like dust mites, mold, and cigarette smokes.

Also, it’s pretty straightforward to use and is very portable. You can transport it almost anywhere you want. Additionally, to make things more comfortable for you, this air purifier features a one-button operation.

That means, you can turn the Air purifier ON and OFF, and can also control the fan speed using the only button it features.

Moreover, It looks exquisite, has a very compact design and therefore you can place it almost anywhere. In other words, no matter where you put mooka Air purifier, it will compliment your decor.

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The Performance| The Mooka Mini Air Purifier Review

Coming to its performance part, the Mooka Air purifier circulates air very efficiently and helps in keeping the premises fresh. The bottom portion of the Mooka Air purifier is designed in such a way that it sucks bad air very efficiently. After that, it filters the bad air utilizing its multilayer filter. Lastly, it ejects fresh and clean air from its top portion. So, all these mentioned steps and operations finally result in much fresher air. Furthermore, thanks to its 360-degree air injection and ejection mechanism, it provides healthy and fresh air every time to every corner of the target space.

Moreover, during its operation, you will find that it has a whisper-quiet operation. However, once you switch to a high power level, the purifier might get louder.

The Mooka Air purifier operates at lower noise on lower power levels, that’s below 60 Decibel, and therefore it won’t disturb people in the working environment. It can help you have a peaceful sleep in your bedroom. Also, it’s affordable to run and a great choice for quite and small premises.

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What’s So Impressive In The Mooka Air Purifier?Mooka Air Purifier Review

There are two significant, impressive facts associated with Mooka Mini Air purifier. Firstly, it’s noiseless operation. Yes, you will love how quite Mooka actually works. We have tested several Air purifiers, and you can read the top 10 best Air purifier reviews by clicking here. However, not all of those listed products were quiet as Mooka is and that’s something awe-inspiring.

We will have to say that Mooka is one of the best mini air purifiers concerning the noise level and smooth operation. Secondly, the Mooka Air purifier has got an excellent design. It’s super easy to use, and you don’t need to follow any complicated methods to clean this purifier.

Additionally, it is very portable, and therefore you can move from one to another room without facing any hassle.

Overall, portability, ease of use, and noiseless operation are some of the facts making Mooka air purifier one of the best mini air purifiers one can buy.

However, there a few disappointment facts as well and that we are going to talk about in the below section.

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What’s So Disappointing In The Mooka Air Purifier?

There is no doubt that Mooka Air purifier is efficient enough for small space and areas like a bathroom or restroom. However, none of the products in this world is 100% perfect, and therefore this air purifier also has some displeasing facts associated with it. Coming to the point, the Mooka Air purifier is equipped with an LED light.

Its in-built LED light is so bright that it can make you feel uncomfortable during the night. In addition to that, the worst is you can’t turn the light off when air purifier machine is operating. In other words, if you love to sleep in complete darkness, then Mooka Air Purifier’s LED light can probably bother you. So, that’s the only sad part.

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  • True HEPA Technology

  • 3 In 1| Activated Carbon Filter, Pre-filter, and True HEPA filter

  • No ozone release

  • Super easy to use and clean

  • Whisper-quiet operation

  • 360 degree Air discharge

  • Very portable and compact design

  • Circulated use of air

  • One button operation

  • Three-year warranty| 30 Days Money Back Policy

  • Very bright LED light

  • Quiet louder on high power level

  • Not for outdoor camping

  • No perfect odor removal

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The Mooka Air purifier is a well performing mini Air purifier for the price.

There are a few things you need to compromise with. But for the money, this mini air purifier offers good value. All in all, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly and the one for small space and areas like bathroom or restroom, Mooka Air purifier is for you.

Other than the bright LED issue, the unit has got nothing big to disappoint you.

In the end, it all depends on you. Read this review, and If you think this is the one that can help you breathe healthy air and have a fresh environment around you, you should definitely buy the Mooka Mini Air purifier. So, that’s everything you should know about The Mooka Air Purifier Review

So, that’s it for now. Do follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to read more such In-Depth product reviews to make a more sound investment. Also, subscribe to our TheKeenHunter YouTube channel for In-Depth product reviews.

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Mooka Mini Air Purifier Review | Updated 2020

Are you planning to buy the Mooka Air Purifier? Thekeenhunter is back with the In-depth Mooka Mini Air Purifier Review to help you make the final decision.

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