How To Spot Amazon Fake Reviews And Ratings?

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How To Spot Amazon Fake Reviews And Ratings

Don’t know how to spot Amazon fake reviews and ratings when shopping. Here we are to help you. Read on this guide till the end to know everything so that you can buy the best products when shopping on Amazon.

Almost everyone checks reviews and ratings of the product on Amazon to know whether any particular product deserves their investment or not. Also, when it comes to making any final buying decision, product reviews and ratings remain the most influential factors. Products with above 4-star ratings are bought more as compared to those products with below 4-star ratings.

Furthermore, according to Washington Posts reports, more than 50% of reviews and ratings on Amazon are either fake or compensated, especially in the electronics niche products. Obviously, it’s very tough to read all the reviews one by one and then making any conclusion.

So, How To Check For Fake Reviews Amazon?

Well, this is where review rating tools and websites come into the picture to expose fake reviews amazon. The review tools and sites have their own algorithms that keep scanning posted reviews on a regular basis, considering the sign of counterfeit reviews such as amazon fake product reviews spelling/grammar, purchase pattern, number of reviews, and a lot more.

In the end, they provide buyers like you with the probability of amazon fake product reviews for the product that you want to buy. The three most popular and amazing tools helping these days buyers in spotting amazon fake reviews are FakeSpot, ReviewMeta, and Review Index.

Among all the tool that helps in spotting amazon fake reviews, FakeSpot is most genuine and trusted tool that supports not only the Amazon listing but also eBay, Sephora, BestBuy, and Walmart.

Have a look below to get more familiar with FakeSpot, ReviewMeta, and Review Index to know how to use them and spot amazon fake product reviews.

3 Best Tools To Spot Amazon Fake Reviews And Ratings Easily

#1 FakeSpot

FakeSpot To Spot Amazon Fake Reviews And Ratings

As said earlier, FakeSpot the handiest, a genuine and wide compatible tool to spot eBay, Sephora, BestBuy, Walmart, and Amazon Fake reviews and ratings. We also use Fakespot to showcase the product review related facts on our product listings, and you can read an in-depth guide post about Fakespot by clicking here.

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#2 ReviewMeta

Check For Fake Reviews Amazon With ReviewMeta

ReviewMeta is another amazing tool to spot Amazon Fake reviews easily and quickly. It provides buyers with an adjusted rating for Amazon products by considering the reviews it finds real through its algorithm. To use this tool, all you need to do is install a browser plugin, and that’s all. Now, whenever you shop for any product on Amazon, ReviewMeta extension will show you the product rating superimposed on its icon in the address bar.

#3 Review Index

How To Spot Amazon Fake Reviews And Ratings? 1

Review Index tool provides buyers with an easily understandable numerical score for the review of the product out of 10. One of the best things about this tool is it gives you a better summary of all the comment reviews available on the product page on Amazon.


So, that’s how you can check for fake reviews amazon. Also, read “How To Cancel Amazon Audible?‘, and “Where To Buy Amazon Gift Cards?.”

We hope this post has helped you in understanding how to spot Amazon fake reviews and ratings when shopping. Do follow The Keen Hunter for more such posts and updates related to everything about amazon.  So, that’s all for now and thanks for reading this post and exploring all this information at The Keen Hunter.

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