Surveillance Camera Systems: 6 Merits & Demerits You Must Be Aware Of

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Surveillance Camera Systems: 6 Merits & Demerits You Must Be Aware Of

Surveillance Camera Systems: 6 Merits & Demerits You Must Be Aware Of

Surveillance camera systems have become very common in the last couple of decades; they are more readily available and are easier to install and maintain. These days, it is very hard to find a business that doesn’t have security cameras installed, and every day, more and more people are investing in surveillance cameras for their homes as well.

Security cameras have a lot of advantages. Still, like every other thing in the world, they have some disadvantages as well. So, today we are going to compare some of the pros and cons of installing security camera systems so that you can make an educated choice about whether you want to install surveillance cameras or not.

Merits Of Surveillance Camera Systems ?

  • Security cameras can improve your safety

Surveillance Camera Systems: 6 Merits & Demerits You Must Be Aware Of 1

One of the main advantages of security cameras and the primary reason that they are installed is that they can increase safety and security. Not only do they deter criminals most of the time, but they are also an essential tool in real-time security maintenance.

Without security and surveillance cameras, it would be impossible to keep an eye on all the happenings of a large area like an airport, bus stop, shopping mall, or other crowded locations. 

Security cameras are used to maintain safety and security on the roads as well, speed cameras and traffic cameras make sure that the laws of the road are being followed, which make the streets safer as well. 

  • Security cameras can assist law enforcement agencies

Surveillance Camera

Security cameras are an essential tool for all law enforcement agencies. Almost every time a crime is committed, one of the first things that detectives and law enforcement agencies do is look through the footage of the nearby security cameras. 

Surveillance and security camera footage has been instrumental in putting many dangerous criminals behind bars. They are used as evidence in court, and they also help the police catch criminals. 

Security cameras are also very useful for law enforcement agencies when they are trying to maintain the safety of sensitive areas like military bases and government offices. 

  • Surveillance cameras can allow you to monitor your employees

Surveillance cameras can allow you to monitor your employees

Another significant advantage of surveillance cameras in the business environment is that they can be used for monitoring employees.

Cameras can really help you make sure that everyone is doing their job correctly.   

Surveillance cameras can also help in resolving workplace misunderstandings.

Overall, surveillance cameras help business owners ensure the safety, security, and productivity of their employees and their business. 

Demerits Of Surveillance Camera Systems ?

  • Cybercriminals can misuse surveillance cameras

Cybercriminals can misuse surveillance cameras

One disadvantage of surveillance cameras is that they can be misused. Cybercriminals can hack surveillance camera networks and use them for unlawful purposes like identity theft or privacy invasion. 

The majority of surveillance camera systems that are used in the public environment don’t have real-time footage uploading either, which means if they are damaged, the footage will be lost. 

Invasion of privacy is another severe problem that arises from the misuse of security cameras, and it needs to be addressed as well

  • Choosing the right security cameras can be difficult

Choosing the right security cameras can be difficult

Surveillance cameras have their advantages. Still, it isn’t very easy to select the right kind of security cameras for your specific needs. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered, and you need to look at camera types, storage solutions, monitoring plans, CCTV camera resolution comparison charts, and a lot more to decide if a camera is viable or not. 

CCTV cameras aren’t cheap either, you can get cameras for a small home security system for a low price, but if you are installing a large scale system in an office building or some other large location, it can still end up costing you hundreds and thousands of dollars. And the monitoring and maintenance expenditure is added on top of that. 

Well, here is the Best Wireless Home Security Cameras buying guide which we think can help you in making a better buying decision. Here’s another one: Best Outdoor Security Camera System Buying Guide.

  • Security cameras may not be effective all the time

Security cameras may not be effective all the time

Another prominent demerit of security cameras is that they aren’t super effective in deterring criminals all the time.

I mean, they do work to some extent in deterring crime, but they cannot be considered as a permanent solution on their own. 

Criminals these days are prepared for cameras, and they wear masks to hide their identities or use other methods to tamper with the cameras. 

Surveillance camera systems need to be paired with motion-activated floodlights and alarm systems to be truly effective and deter criminals.

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