Are you looking for best Car Dash Cameras? Here we have picked top 10 best dash cams on Amazon that worth buying.

Upgrading your car with a dash cam ensures an extra protection layer. It can help you in detailing any accidents or crashes. If you’ve bought any insurance plans, then dash cam footage can work as key bit evidence while making an insurance claim. Well, the benefits are not limited to insurance claims only, it can also help you in defending against fraudulent cases. With so many benefits, car dash cams have gained massive popularity among car owners and drivers. So, if you want to have that extra layer of protection with advantages associated upgrading your car with a dash cam, then this page is designed and written for you.

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We have spent hours before introducing these best-selling dash cameras based on video quality, ease of use. We have tested them all and whatever we are going to talk about is based on genuine facts and personal testings.

Also, we have added a buying guide section below the product listings so that you can make a wise decision and find the Best dash cams in 2019 for your car without compromising on quality and features.

So, let’s get started with the list of best car dash cameras that worth buying in 2018-19. Skip to the best car dash camera.

Best Inexpensive

Pruveeo F5 FHD 1080P Dash Cam, Discreet Design Dash Camera for Cars, 170 Wide Angle

Best High-End

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam Infrared Night Vision Dual 1920x1080P Front and Inside Dash Camera, 2.5K 2560x1440P Single Front, 310 Degree Car Camera, Parking Mode, Support 256GB max, Sony Sensor

The Best Mid-Range

AUKEY Dash Cam Full HD 1080P Dash Camera for Cars 6-Lane 170 Degrees Wide Angle Lens Car Camera 2 inches LCD, G-Sensor, Motion Detection, Dual-Port Car Charger

Top 10 Best Car Dash Camera Reviews And Videos 2019

#10. Garmin Dash Cam 45

Garmin Dash Cam 45 is a great car dash cam with features like driver alerts, GPS support, red light camera tracking, WiFi offloading through app etc. It has got a compact design and the magnetic mount. However, when it comes to night captures, the camera is just okay. Overall, it’s a great option among best dash cam for car in 2019 that worth buying.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.1/5.0      Fakespot Grade:  (what’s it)

  • Compact design with WiFi connectivity

  • Bad driver and red light alerts

  • GPS Supported

  • Video stabilization is not good for rough rides

#9. Pruveeo F5

Pruveeo F5 cam is a full HD car dash cam that supports 1080 Pixels and looks very stylish and sleek. It comes with all the basic dash cam features that a buyer looks for. It’s a WiFi-capable model and offers 140* broad view with its lens. Overall, it’s one of the best car dash cameras that comes at the lower end of the price spectrum.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • WiFi capable

  • 140* broad view

  • Affordable

  • Video quality is just okay

#8. TOGUARD 7″ Mirror Dash Cam

TOGUARD 7″ Mirror Dash Cam is an easy to install and use camera with great features like G-sensor, parking monitor, 7-inch touchscreen, 1080 pixel recording capability and one key switch design. Overall, If you’re looking for best car dash cameras, then this one can be a good choice at an affordable price.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • 1080p FHD recording

  • Parking monitor and G-sensor are also there

  • Video quality is really great

  • Sporty look

  • Only 32 GB memory card is supported

#7. Roav by Anker, DashCam A1

Roav by Anker, DashCam A1 is another dashcam among the Best dash cams in 2019 that have all the stuff to impress you. Its functions and features are very intuitive and help to minimize the manual efforts (distractions) at an affordable cost. WiFi mode, loops, uninterrupted recording sessions, file lock mode, app support and collision detection are some of its great features. Overall, you can buy this one, if you’re looking for the Best Dash Cams for Your Next Road Trip at an affordable budget.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.0/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Quality camera

  • Intuitive functions and features

  • The companion app is available

  • Park collision detection

#6. Z-EDGE Z3

Z-Edge Z3 is another name in the list of best car dash cameras which is made to focus on two essential functions. First, to record the journeys, and second, to keep an eye on your vehicle when it’s parked. 13mp images, 3-inch LCD screen, parking surveillance mode and G-sensor are some best features of Z-Edge Z3 car dash camera. Overall, it’s a budget-priced cam among best dash cams on Amazon that you can buy.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • 145* view angle

  • HDR super night vision

  • Comes with 32GB Micro SD card

  • Internal capacitor instead of battery

#5. AUKEY Dash Cam DR01

AUKEY Dash Cam DR01 is another best option among best car dash cameras which is not only low priced but records some of the best quality videos that I’ve seen during both day and night drivings. It’s truly the best dash cams on Amazon that has all the features and functionalities people look for.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Excellent day and night drive videos

  • Very affordable

  • GPS via $20 additional module

#4. Pruveeo C2

Pruveeo c2 dash cam is a top-notch car dash cam which is suitable for almost every type of vehicle. It comes with two cameras; forward and backward camera. Thus, it’s among the best front and rear dash cam options on Amazon. Both the cameras offer 150* viewing angle and thus you will get 300* broad angle view. Also, the product has got advanced motion detection sensor to protect you from unwanted accidents and crashes. Overall, it’s really one of the Best Dash Cams for Your Next Road Trip that worth buying in 2018-19.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Dual channel 720p/1080p supported

  • It’s extremely Innovative product

  • Recording quality exceeds the expectation

  • Ease of installation and smart build

  • WiFi capability is missing

  • Night vision is non-existent

#3. YI 2.7″ Dash Cam

YI 2.7″ Dash Cam is a premium car dash cam manufactured by a Chinese company Yi ( a part of Xiaomi conglomerate). The headline feature of this dashcam is its capability of filming 1520p. The product has all the useful basic features to impress you. In short, it’s one of the highest resolutions dash cam available in the market at a very reasonable price.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.6/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Decent image quality

  • Highest resolution

  • Best prices for its resolution

  • Built-in WiFi

  • GPS is missing

#2. Rexing V1

Rexing’s V1 is another name in the list of best car dash cameras that captures excellent day video, decent night video and is super easy to install and use. It has got little on a large design that can be mounted appropriately and won’t interfere anything. It’s genuinely one of the best car dash cameras that you can buy without having any second thought. We don’t think this product will make you regret the investment.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.8/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Very clear videos

  • Very impressive day and night capture qualities

  • Additional $30 investment to get GPS feature

#1. Vantrue N2 Pro

Vantrue N2 Pro is the product you can trust at all the stages, and you can invest without having any doubt. It’s undoubtedly the best budget car dash cam that has almost everything that a buyer seeks for. Whether you talk about its performance or feature, it has got nothing to disappoint you at any stage. It’s lightweight, easy to set up, has got the stable software, reliable battery, and cool features to protect you and your vehicle on the road. Without any doubt, it’s definitely a must buy car dash cam for every car owners/drivers.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 5.0/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Easy installation

  • Has all the useful features and functionality

  • Reliable battery life

  • Comes with lengthy power chords

Best Car Dash Cameras Buying Guide | Which is the best dash camera to buy?

car dash cam buying guidelineIf safety is your priority while driving the car, you can get peace of mind by buying a dash cam. Well, it’s essential that you buy the best product for your purpose as there are so many sellers who sell cheap quality products by fooling the buyers. So, go through this guide to pick the best car dash camera that suits your budget and requirement.

Form Factor Of Best Dash Cams In 2019

Dash cams are available in a variety of forms, and thus it’s important to consider this factor while buying the best car dash cameras. Some dash cams come with just one forward facing lens, while there are others that come with both rear and front-facing cameras. These are the two choices you will need if being rear-ended doesn’t make you feel comfortable and safe.

Other dash cam models feature multiple lenses for recording various angle footages or have wide angle lens to offer your broad view. Also, some cameras support GPS technology to measure your speed. Depending on your purpose, you can choose any of these car dash cam forms that suit your budget. Furthermore, you can also click here to check out the top 10 best home security cameras hunted by us.

Best Car Dash Cameras Vs. GoPro Cameras

Most of the buyer have a common question in their mind while picking the best car dash cameras and that’s “what’s the difference between dash cams and GoPros?”.

car dash cam buying guideThe key difference is, dash cams work to ensure that you don’t run out of memory while recording the footages. That’s why it splits footage recordings into several parts. Well, that doesn’t mean that camera takes the break in between recordings, the camera records continuously. It actually breaks the stored files into 1 to 3 minutes of recording. It allows dash cams to recorder over old recorded data once the storage becomes full and thus ensures that you don’t miss any critical footage. This is something that creates a big difference between car dash cams and GoPros.

SD Card Support

Most of the car dash cams support microSD cards to record and store the files. If you want to have more storage, then you’re free to go with any larger SD cards to record more and more footages. Well, the cost of MicroSD card is another factor that you will have to consider, as most of the time car dash cams don’t come with SD card in their box. Also, some dash cam models allow users to access the recorded files directly from their tablet or smartphone. So, there won’t be any need for accessing or extracting recorded data from the microSD card.

Video Resolution Of The Best Car Dash Cameras

car dash cam buying tipsFirst of all, the quality of recorded video footage should be as high as possible to explore the details. Thus, we recommend buyers to go with the car dash cams that features at least 720-pixel resolution. Also, you can’t blame disputes over crashes or accidents and wiñ cases with poor quality videos or grainy grey blobs that are difficult to watch and analyze. Therefore, it’s necessary that you buy a car dash cam that can record video footages of at least 720 pixels.

The same consideration is valid with night mode; your dash cam should record video footages during the night or low light driving as good as during the day. Furthermore, you can click here to check the top 10 best action cameras with high resolution we have hunted earlier for you.

Additional Features Of Best Dash Cams On Amazon

Some car dash cams come with G-sensors, and that will help you detect when you’ve been involved in an accident because of sudden movement change. G-sensor actually sends commands to the dash cams to record the video footage of the event and save the file to a protected folder in SD card so that the file doesn’t get overwritten.

So, that’s everything you should consider while buying the best car dash cameras. All these considerations are mentioned after exploring various car dash cam models and the options available in the market these days. We hope this guide has helped you to get the right exposure and you will be able to buy the Best Dash Cams for Your Next Road Trip.

So, those are the products that we have researched and tested to list here as best-selling dash cameras based on video quality, ease of use for you. We recommend you to go with the one that fits your wallet and serves the purpose at its best. 

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Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam Infrared Night Vision Dual 1920x1080P Front and Inside Dash Camera, 2.5K 2560x1440P Single Front, 310 Degree Car Camera, Parking Mode, Support 256GB max, Sony Sensor

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