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Are you looking for Kodak Cherish C520 Baby Video Monitor hands-on review? Here you’ve arrived at the right webpage. TheKeenHunter will expose all the facts, features, and whether you should buy this video baby monitor or not. So, read this article till the end to know all the facts related to the Kodak Cherish C520 review.

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What Is Kodak Cherish C520?

Just like any other baby video monitors in the market, Kodak Cherish C520 is a two-piece device where the receiver sits near or go around the parent and transmitter stays in the room of the baby. Therefore, parents can easily monitor their baby though video or sound while he/she asleep in the crib.

The Kodak Cherish C520 baby video monitor is among the Top 10 best baby video monitors. It offers excellent video quality and build quality is also very impressive. What makes this video baby monitor unique among other products is its range of features and options.

Furthermore, Kodak Cherish C520 is the very first baby video monitor device we have tested that allows switching between WiFi and radio connection. So, it offers several options to keep an eye on your baby. Additionally, it’s available at a very reasonable price.

Kodak Cherish C520 Honest ReviewHow To Use Kodak Cherish C520 Video Baby Monitor? | Kodak Cherish C520 review

It’s super easy to install and use this baby video monitoring device. Also, thanks to its immediate radio connection, one can use this device as a simple video monitoring tool. However, if you won’t use its WiFi capabilities, you would miss a lot of helpful features that this video monitor camera is capable of. In other words, the Wifi connection extends the capabilities of the Kodak Cherish C520. Also, no setup is required at all, and you can use this device right out of its box.

What About It’s Audio And Video Quality?

This baby video monitor offers excellent video and audio quality. What you actually get is 800×400p camera and monitor. In other words, the audio and video quality of this video baby monitor par on with most of the products we have listed in our Top 10 best baby video monitors post.

Furthermore, you will get sharp and crystal clear picture on the dedicated parent unit. Also, if you’re going to monitor your baby with this device using a tablet or smartphone that you’ve bought in the last four years, you won’t complain about its video and audio quality.

Kodak Cherish C520 Honest Review

It offers a very smooth video for about 30 meters (100 feet) indoors. However, over Wifi, we have noticed the video streaming is a little bit less smooth even when the Wifi connection was strong.

What About It’s Night Vision And Zoom Ability?

Another best thing about Kodak Cherish C520 is its excellent night vision ability. You will get sharp and well-contrasted images during the night. In other words, with this video baby monitor, you can see your baby clearly even in a completely dark or low light room.

Furthermore, you can also zoom the footage easily either using your fingertips on your smartphone/tablet, or using the dedicated buttons available on the parent monitor. However, please note that the image quality will reduce the time you will zoom in. Also, please note that Kodak Cherish C520 doesn’t tilt or pan remotely. If you want remote tilt and pan feature, find the one here in the top 10 best baby video monitor list.

Does This Video Baby Monitor Come Cordless With Rechargeable Battery? | Kodak Cherish C520 review

Yes, and that’s another one of the best things about Kodak Cherish C520. You can use the camera without connecting any power cable to the device. Both the monitor and camera comes equipped with rechargeable batteries. Therefore, you can quickly move them around your rooms and home.

Furthermore, the battery life of the camera is about 5 hours, and for the parent unit, it’s 4 hours. So, the battery life is not ideal for the whole night, but it’s enough for the daytime nap.

Kodak Cherish C520 Honest ReviewWhat about Kodak Cherish C520 Mobile Application?

To connect the camera with WiFi, you need to install the Kodak mobile app on your smartphone. The app installation is super easy, and you won’t face any issue during the process. Also, the app is compatible with both Android and iOS. All you need to do is download & install the app, register, and connect the camera via WiFi. That’s it.

Furthermore, the app will help you connect up to 10 cameras. So, that’s another significant fact about Kodak Cherish C520 baby video monitor.

What Are Some Of Its Impressive Features?

Kodak Cherish C520 comes loaded with a lot of helpful features. Here is a list of some of it’s impressive features that it has to offer you.

  • One touch off on screen
  • Illuminated keyboard
  • Motion and sound notifications
  • Two way talk feature
  • Infrared red night vision
  • It’s wall mountable
  • Sends temperature alerts
  • Comes loaded with soothing lullabies and womb noise
  • Cloud and SD card recording support

Final Verdict

Kodak Cherish C520 is undoubtedly an excellent baby video monitor available in the market. However, it’s not the best in the market. There are other video monitors with better features, performance, and abilities like these ten best video baby monitors list. Overall, for the price, it offers good value, and you can buy it to monitor your baby during day and night.

Kodak Cherish C520 WiFi Video Baby Monitor with Above-The-Crib View, Parent Unit for Constant Monitoring and Phone App for Quick Check-ins


It has both WiFi and RF connectivity features

Excellent image quality with high resolution

Both cloud and SD card storage supported

Both camera and monitor has a rechargeable battery


Radio range is not very good

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Kodak Cherish C520 WiFi Video Baby Monitor with Above-The-Crib View, Parent Unit for Constant Monitoring and Phone App for Quick Check-ins

Kodak Cherish C520

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