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Are you looking for the best LED ring lights 2020? Your search ends here at The Keen Hunter. Here we are going to provide you with the tested 10 best LED ring lights reviews along with an ultimate buying guide. So, read on this post till the end to buy the best LED ring light 2020.

We came to know about LED ring lights when we started watching make-up videos. We would see a circular reflection in their eyes and wonder what it was until We came to know that it was nothing but the LED ring light beauty gurus would use to film the videos. LED ring lights have been around for a while now in the market and are used by professionals as well.

10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 1

It not only gives you even lighting on an object for a good photograph or video, but you can also control the settings from a distance. These lights are better than other lighting apparatuses used for photography cause it does not emit much heat.  There are other features too and buying one can be quite overwhelming.

To help you out, we have covered a few key points about LED ring lights and how to buy good ones for your needs in the LED Ring Light buying guide attached below with this article.

So, that’s all with the basics, Let’s now start exploring 10 best LED ring lights 2020 reviews with pros, cons and the buying guide.

10 Best LED Ring Lights (Tested) Reviews 2020 With Pros, Cons, And Buying Guide



#10. CroLED 18 Inch Makeup LED Ring Light

If you are on the go and need a fast charging ring light, then this product is going to suit your needs. It charges via USB cable and hence is easy to charge anywhere. It comes with an LCD display and is 18 inches. The temperature of the hue is a good choice for make-up or other uses on a daily basis.

It is easy to differentiate the colors with this light which is a great option to look for if you are a photographer or make-up blogger, etc. You can also attach your smartphone and camera with the help of a phone holder and a hot shoe that it comes with.

PRICE: $$          Editor Rating 3.8/5.0             10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 3  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 4  (what’s it)

  • It comes with a 24-month warranty

  • Easy to install and control

  • 24*7 Customer service available

  • The tripod has different levels

  • The cable of the power brick is too short

  • Tripod is not very sturdy at when extended

Amzdeal Ring Light - 14 inch Dimmable Light Ring 3200K-5600K, Upgraded 360 LED Ring Light with Stand, Lighting Kit for Makeup/Studio Photography/Live Stream/YouTube/Vlog/Selfie/Camera/Phone


#9. Amzdeal Ring Light

This is going to be a good choice for you if you do a lot of flat photos or videography because of its gooseneck design. The ring light is 14 inches and is compatible with most cameras and phones (56-86mm wide). You can adjust the color temperature ranging from 3200K to 5600K and can be dimmed as low as 10%.

The cold temperature of the light is closer to natural light which is good for professional use and the warmer side is more suitable for selfies. The stand comes in 4 different adjustable heights and the light can also be rotated up to 180 degrees. You can charge it using a USB cable.

PRICE: $$      Editor Rating: 3.7/5.0      10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 3  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 7

  • Comes with a bag suitable for outdoors

  • Easy to set up

  • It is heat resistant

  • The phone holder is secure

  • In the brightest level, reflection in the eye is unnatural

  • Tripod is not sturdy for heavy cameras

Inkeltech Ring Light - 18 inch 60 W Dimmable LED Ring Light Kit with Stand - Adjustable 3000-6000 K Color Temperature Lighting for Vlog, Makeup, YouTube, Camera, Photo, Video - Control with Remote


#8. Inkeltech Ring Light

This ring light comes with an IR remote from which you can control the temperature that ranges between 3000K-6000K and the brightness (0%-100%) as well, from a distance of 5 meters. There are 7 modes available in the IR remote for you to find the perfect lighting for your photos and videos.

It comes with a wireless selfie controller as well. The phone holder is suitable for devices that are 65-90mm wide. The light is 18 inches and has 480 pieces of LED beads and is operated by using SONY batteries. The weight of the entire bag is about 4.5 pounds which makes it easy for transportation.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.0/5.0      10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 3  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 7

  • Easy to install

  • The light indicator shows the battery status

  • Comes with a travel-friendly bag

  • It gives vivid colors without color filter

  • Does not come with SONY batteries

  • Tripod is not great for professional cameras

Pixel Ring Light, 19inch Selfie Ring Light with Wireless Remote Control, Dimmale Color Temperature for Camera and Smartphone, Perfect for YouTube, Make-up, Portrait, Online Teaching, Photography


#7. Pixel LED Ring Light

If your eyes get irritated with longer usage of bright lights hitting your eye directly, then this ring light is a good choice. The LED lights are dimmable and adapt to the best eye protection technique when you use it for a longer duration. There are 240 LED beans in the ring light and gives you a temperature range of 3000K-5800K.

The camera and phone mounts are compatible with most devices and you also get a wireless remote which is radio-controlled, meaning you can use it from any distance in the room without pointing it to the light directly. This ring light is quite big, being 19 inches and comes with a year of warranty.

PRICE: $$$      Editor Rating: 4.1/5.0      10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 3  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 7

  • Tripod is made from aluminum alloy

  • Comes with carrying bag for easy portability

  • The set also has 5 White filter set

  • Easy to set up

  • The controls can be confusing

  • The tripod must be packed separately while traveling

#6. Amconsure 10″ LED Ring Light

So far we have seen that the ring lights provide warm or cool light. But this LED ring light provides 3 light settings: white light, warm white light, and warm light. It also has 10 various brightness adjustments for each of the 3 colors. This ring light is not just useful in making videos or clicking photos, but it can also be used as a reading light.

It comes with a Bluetooth remote with a distance range of 10 meters and is compatible with both Android and ios devices. It is compatible with most smartphones and has a USB port for ease of use.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 3  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 7

  • Has long usage life

  • Easy to use and install

  • Good for beginners

  • It is lightweight

  • The tripod is a desk stand

  • Only made for phones and small cameras

Ring Light with Stand and 2 Phone Holders, iMartine 8" Selfie LED Light Ring for Vlog/Makeup/YouTube/Video Shooting, 2 Adapters & Remote, Compatible with iPhone & Android


#5. iMartine Dual Ring Light

For professional use, this ring light will surely surpass your needs. It not only is a great ring light, but there are 2 of them! Each light can be adjusted and the temperature ranges from 2700K to 6000K. The brightness is from 1% up to 100% and does not have a color filter.

The tripod stand is also built to hold both the ring lights and its height can be adjusted from 38-73 inches. The tripod also has gooseneck adjustments with 3 different rotation angles and comes with 3 plastic floor protectors. Another good feature of this ring light is that it has wireless remote to help you control settings from a distance and is USB powered.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 3  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 7

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

  • 6 different lighting modes

  • Very easy to install

  • Sturdy base

  • Does not come with an adapter for a power outlet

  • Creates 2 light shadows rather than one

#4. Erligpowht Selfie Ring Light

This ring light is perfect for you if you are looking for something softer and more on the warmer side. It comes with 3 light settings: white, warm yellow, and warm white. The ring has 120 LED beads in it and can be adjusted to 10 different brightness settings. It is compatible with most smartphones and the phone holder rotates up to 360 degrees.

The light is powered by a 5V USB interface and comes with a 2m long cable as well. You also get a wireless remote for ease of use which is compatible with android and ios. The height of the tripod can be adjusted from 17.5 inches to 50 inches.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0      10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 3  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 4

  • Comes with adapter

  • Can also be used as a selfie stick

  • Comfortable to the eyes

  • The tripod is sturdy

  • Gets heated quickly and turns off

  • Not meant for holding a DSLR camera

UBeesize Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder for Live Stream/Makeup, Mini Led Camera Ringlight for YouTube Videos/Photography


#3. UBeesize Mini Led Camera Ringlight

The number of lighting options that you get in this ring light is more than the others on the list so far. With 3 feature light modes: warm light, cool light, and daylight, you can adjust each of these to 11 different brightness levels, giving you 33 various options in total to choose from. The temperature ranges from 3000K to 6000K and 1%-100% brightness. The tripod stand has a heavy base making it more stable and sturdy. The phone holder can be extended and rotated as per your needs. This also has a wireless remote and is USB powered.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.5/5.0      10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 3  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 25

  • Any part can be replaced within 3 years

  • The lock system is modern and easy to use

  • Can also be used as a selfie stick

  • 4 different height levels

  • The phone holder cannot be used in the middle of the light

  • Not good for heavy phones

Neewer Ring Light Kit:18"/48cm Outer 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light, Light Stand, Carrying Bag for Camera,Smartphone,YouTube,TikTok,Self-Portrait Shooting, Black, Model:10088612


#2. Neewer Ring Light Kit

So far, we had only one product that has a white light filter as an add on to the set but this light has two different colored filters, orange and white. The tripod stand is made from aluminum alloy and gives a good base strength.

It comes with a hot-shoe adapter, a power adapter, a smartphone holder, a soft tube, and a travel bag. The device holders are compatible with most cameras and phones. The brightness of the light can be dimmed to 0% and the temperatures are 3200K to 5600K. It is easy to twist it because of its soft tube.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0      10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 3  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 7

  • The power chord is of good length

  • Carrying bag can fit the entire setup

  • Easy to install

  • The light and tripods are easily bendable to any angle

  • There is no instruction on how to use 2 lights

  • It turns off on its own sometimes

Villsure LED Ring Light, 10" Selfie Ring Light with Adjustable Tripod Stand and Phone Holder, Dimmable Led Camera Ringlight for Live Stream/Make Up/YouTube, Compatible with iPhone/Android


#1. Villsure LED Ring Light

This ring light has to be the best one because of its commendable features. Talking about the tripod first, it can be adjusted from 35cm to 160cm. It is easy to set the heights at different levels. The mobile holder is compatible with most phones and can be rotated up to 360 degrees.

There are three light modes: white light, natural light, and warm light. The light is easy on the eyes and does not give any negative impact or glare, making it our number choice. The temperature ranges from 3000K to 6000K. It is powered by USB and the light can be connected to multiple devices. It is also convenient to carry around after assembling it.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.9/5.0      10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 3  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 7

  • The stand can be used as a selfie stick

  • 100% quality assured

  • Easy to set it up

  • The tripod is very sturdy

  • Does not come with an adapter

  • Not suitable in damp environments

LED Ring Light Buying Guide

10 Best LED Ring Lights 2020 (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide | TKH 32 What is an LED ring light used for?

The primary reason for LED ring lights are photography and making videos. They are mainly helpful in getting indoor or night shots. You can do macro photography with LED ring lights or if you want to take close up shots. They are highly used by influencers, YouTubers, photographers, etc.

Some LED ring lights also can be used as a reading light or desk lamp. Depending on the tripod stand, you can also use the phone holder as a Selfie stick.

Most of these LED ring lights have natural lighting making a photo or video look more natural even if it was shot indoors or probably at night. There are different settings of lights depending on how you want it. We shall talk about it further in the blog.

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Which is better: LED or fluorescent LED ring light?

We all know that LED lights, in general, are a better way to conserve energy and are safe for the environment. Also, LED ring lights are way brighter than fluorescent lights because of its high lumen efficacy.

Talking about lumens, there are different settings for different purposes.

For makeup, 1100 lumens is the minimum and advised, which in terms of temperature in LED ring light would be 5000K.

In the case of bathroom vanity, it depends on the size of the bathroom. But, for reference, for a bathroom sized 6*6, it should be 1600 lumens.

For makeup application, LED ring lights are better than fluorescent lights because they are closer to natural lighting. You can also increase or decrease temperatures according to your preference.

For example, warmer light makes the skin look smoother.

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What LED ring lights do YouTubers use?

From beginners to professionals, LED ring light does the job whether it is for filming a makeup tutorial or cooking videos, etc. These LED ring lights are handy because they are easily portable, be doable according to your preferred angle and give good lighting without paying a hefty amount.

Now, big YouTubers might use other lighting apparatuses along with LED ring lights to give the setup a full coverage.

Instagram influencers mostly use LED ring lights, especially makeup artists because it adds a touch to the eye look with that reflection in it. It is a better investment since IGTV videos can be filmed easily on the phone rather than on a camera. LED ring lights come with phone holders that are compatible with most smartphones available these days.

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Do LED ring lights make you look better?

Adding lights to any surface or room will surely enhance the brightness of pictures taken or look in general. In terms of lighting and softness of the skin, yes they do make you look more warm and bright. They are a great way to add a little exposure to your face when you are shooting indoors or you do not have sufficient light. You can also project it on one specific part or object for clarity and luminance.

Even while taking selfies, it brings out more vivid colours making your picture look better than in normal lighting. With uniform light falling on your face, you are less likely to have shadows on the face, making your pictures or videos look fresh.

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Understand Your Purpose Before Buying LED Ring Light

Understand Your Purpose Before Buying LED Ring Light

Now that we have talked enough about what, why and how of LED ring lights, let us take a look at important features that you must look for according to your needs.

1. Reading:

Many LED ring lights can also be used as a desk lamp or reading light. For this to happen, your tripod stand must either be a shorter one or its minimum height must be at a point where it is comfortable for you. You can also look for an LED ring light that has a gooseneck, meaning it can be rotated and bent easily.

2. Art or Food videos:

For art videos such as DIYs, you might need a 180 degrees rotation tripod and phone holder. The same goes for food videos or photos as well. They are more like flat photography from the bottom or maybe top. In these cases, there are two things you will need:

  • The rotation angle and soft tube
  • Wireless controller

We are mentioning the wireless controller here because if you are doing things on your own, it will be much easier to control settings and clicks.

      3. Selfies:

LED ring lights can also be very useful for clicking selfies cause it gives uniform light and enhances the picture without having to retouch it for brightness. These LED ring lights also quickly make you look more put together and ready to use those #nofilter tags when you post online. If you are using it for personal use only, like selfies then your tripod stand must be a multipurpose one.

The phone holder that comes with your LED ring light must be compatible with your phone and have a wireless controller. Having a wireless controller not only helps you in giving a better angle for selfies but is also useful for group pictures. Some tripods can also fill in for a selfie stick which is a win-win situation if you love clicking a selfie.

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      4. Professional photography:

For professional photography, you would be using a DSLR camera. In such a case, the best-LED ring light would be the ones that come with a sturdy tripod stand. The tripod stand is either made of plastic or aluminium alloy making the latter better for cameras as they are more sturdy and heavy.

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Also, the LED ring light must come with a hot shoe to mount the camera on the stand. Though LED ring light camera holders are sturdy, it is better to buy a tripod stand separately for your DSLR if it is very heavy.

     5. Youtube and Instagram:

When buying an LED ring light for makeup videos or other content for youtube and Instagram, make sure the phone holder is placed in the centre of the light or at the base in the middle. Having a phone holder below the light might give you some problems like the angle, rotation of your phone, etc.

Another feature that you can look for is extra color filters. These filters can enhance the colors or bring different colored texture to your photo or video.

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Features To Look For While Buying LED Ring Light

Features to look for while buying LED Ring Light

  • Charging flexibility: whether the LED ring light is chargeable using USB or not. Some LED ring lights are fast charging and most are USB chargeable.
  • Portability:the tripod sure must be sturdy enough but at the same time, easy to pack and lightweight to carry around. If your LED ring light comes with a carry bag, it is cherry on top.
  • Height: ideally tripods are either mini desk lamp ones or it can be adjusted from 17.5 to 160 cm at its highest.
  • The temperature of light: there are basically two sides: cold light and warm light. The temperature of light can vary between 3000K-6000K. There are lights that have 3 light modes as well such as natural, warm, and cold light.
  • Brightness: most LED ring lights have a brightness level from 0-100% while some offer 1%-100%. Depending on your preferences, you can set it.
  • Sizes: there are various sizes of LED ring lights available out in the market ranging from 8 inches to 18 inches. Some even come with LCD viewing.
  • Setup: The entire setup must be easy to install without having to call any support. Most  LED ring lights are easy to install and can be done by both adults and children.
  • Customer service: most LED ring light manufacturers provide warranty and replacements until a certain period. Some can be quite expensive and replacing one product of the whole set up can cost some dollars, look for ones that come with warranty and good customer support.
  • Money: LED lights, in general, are very efficient and money-saving options. They are environmentally friendly too. LED ring lights can vary in terms of price range depending on its functionalities and add ons that it comes with.

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So, that’s all with the 10 best LED ring light reviews list and the buying guide. We hope you enjoyed reading this post and bought the best ring light for your purposes. For more updates, product reviews and latest buying guides, stay tuned with The Keen Hunter.

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Villsure LED Ring Light, 10" Selfie Ring Light with Adjustable Tripod Stand and Phone Holder, Dimmable Led Camera Ringlight for Live Stream/Make Up/YouTube, Compatible with iPhone/Android

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