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Looking for the best pet grooming clippers 2020? Here you have arrived on the right webpage. The Keen Hunter is back with the best pet grooming clippers tested reviews and pet grooming clippers buying guide.Read on this reviews and guide below to buy the best today.

An Intro To Pet Grooming Clippers 2020

Pets are amazing. These cute creatures which stay with us can be our ultimate source of happiness. Hence, it is natural that we need to take proper care of them.

Best Pet Grooming Clipper

Best Pet Grooming Clippers 2020

Besides ensuring that they are well fed and comfortable in their immediate surroundings, there is one more thing which you definitely need to do. And that is making sure that they are well groomed.

A well groomed pet not only looks clean and fresh but also much more presentable. You wouldn’t want your pet to remain dirty and bring a host of diseases inside the house. Grooming is a highly important activity which you, as a pet owner have to do. While going to a professional pet grooming expert can prove to be a bit expensive, you can always purchase a pet grooming kit to groom your pet yourself. Pet grooming clippers are specifically designed to make your pet more presentable that the rest.

That’s all with the jargons, let’s now start exploring the 10 best pet grooming clippers tested reviews, with pros, cons and pet grooming clippers buying guide.

Best Inexpensive

Pet Union Professional Dog Grooming Kit - Rechargeable, Cordless Pet Grooming Clippers & Complete Set of Dog Grooming Tools. Low Noise & Suitable for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets (Chrome)

The Best High-End

WAHL Lithium Ion Deluxe Pro Series Rechargeable Pet Clipper Grooming Kit with Low Noise & Heavy Duty Motor for Cordless Electric Trimming & Shaving Dogs – Model 9591-2100

Best Mid-Range

Dog Clippers Professional Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Clipper 3-Speed Low Noise High Power Rechargeable Cordless Pet Grooming Tools for Small & Large Dogs Cats Pets with Thick & Heavy Coats

10 Best Pet Grooming Clippers 2020 Tested Reviews With Pros, Cons And Buying Guide

#10. Hansprou Dog Shaver Clippers

With its 12V high-speed motor, it provides strong and stable power throughout the trimming process. You do not need to charge this trimmer and just plug and play using the 2.5m long cable. It is easy to trim and the outcome is pretty smooth. The blade is made from high-quality titanium alloy and is detachable as well. These blades can even get through long hairs and cut them smoothly.

The best part is the sound of this clipper. It is not a good idea to buy clippers for your pets if they produce loud sounds or vibrations because it can scare them away easily. This shaver clipper produces the sound of only 50 dB. There are two different settings available for different hair lengths.

PRICE: $$$            Editor Rating 3.9/5.0              Fakespot Grade:   (what’s it)

  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

  • It is Lightweight

  • Good quality

  • Refund available

  • The guide is not precise

  • Gets hot quickly

Gimars Professional 6500rpm Low Noise 50db Cordless Rechargeable Dog Clippers, Newest 3.0 Motor Powerful Dog Long Hair Trimmer Grooming Shaver Kit, Electric Pet Hair Clippers for Cat, Dog, Horse


#9. Gimars Cordless Dog Clippers

This dog clipper comes with a rather powerful motor for easy trimming. The blades are made of titanium coated stainless steel and have 33 teeth in it. It is easy to use it on pets that have long, thick and curly hair as well. The battery life in this clipper works up to 3 hours straight after charging it for 5 hours.

There is an LCD screen available at the bottom of the trimmer to show the battery percentage remaining which makes it convenient to use while you are trimming your pet. There are 5 adjustable cutting lengths available from 0.8-2mm and 2 different speed levels. It does not make horrible loud noises as well and is pet-friendly.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.0/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Great for thick fur

  • Comes with thinning scissors

  • 4 sizes guide combs

  • Easy to clean

  • Scissors are very sharp

  • Difficult to set up the blade

Bousnic Dog Clippers 2-Speed Cordless Pet Hair Grooming Clippers Kit - Professional Rechargeable for Small Medium Large Dogs Cats and Other Pets


#8. Bousnic Dog Clippers 2-Speed Cordless Pet Hair Grooming Clippers Kit

If you are looking for a more professional and a full-fledged set, this one’s for you then. This grooming clippers kit comes with a comb and scissors made of stainless steel, a cleaning brush, oil bottle, and 4 different sized combs. It is not just used to trim your dog’s hair, but if you are a cat person, this will work fine for you as well.

This grooming clipper does not produce any unnecessary sound to scare away your pet and also has a very low vibration to it. There are 2-speed levels in this clipper and the blades are made of stainless steel and ceramic which are pretty sharp. You can charge this device with a USB cable and the battery percentage is indicated at the bottom of the trimmer.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.0/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Good battery life

  • Cordless

  • Sound is less than 50 dB

  • Easy to recharge

  • Not good for curly hair

  • Scissors are not great

#7. WenTop Dog Clippers 3-Speed Dog Grooming Clipper

The battery life on this one is great, lasts up to 2 hours straight and is very fast charging, 3-4 hours only. There are 3 different speed levels as well and are very quiet. The LED display shows the battery percentage and speed level.

The blades can be adjusted in 5 different settings as per the length of hair from 0.8 mm to 2 mm. It comes with a scissor, 4 different sized comb attachments, a cleaning brush, teeth scissors, nail clipper, and a nail file. It is the perfect combo for your pet. The blades are made of stainless steel and are very sharp so it won’t hurt the pet and get the grooming done pretty quickly.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.1/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Has a 1-year warranty

  • Easy to use

  • Easy to assemble

  • Good quality

  • The guard is flimsy

  • No instruction manual

Ceenwes Dog Clippers Low Noise Pet Clippers Rechargeable Dog Trimmer Cordless Pet Grooming Tool Professional Dog Hair Trimmer with Comb Guides Scissors Nail Kits for Dogs Cats & Other(Gold)


#6. Ceenwes Dog Clippers Rechargeable Low Noise Pet Clippers

You will fall in love with the adorable design of this grooming set. The trimmer is in stylish gold color with black details and there is an indicator to show if it is charging or not. The entire set comes with 4 comb attachments, a stainless steel scissor and comb, nail clipper, nail file, cleaning brush, and a power adapter.

It is cordless and works for about 70 minutes after a full charge of 4-5 hours. The sound produced is about 60 dB and is pretty low for your pet. You can set the clipper to 5 different hair length settings as well and it is pretty lightweight. The blades are sharp and will trim thick coats easily.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Easy to use

  • Good quality

  • Very smooth

  • Scissors and comb is handy

  • The clippers stick at times

  • Battery life is not great

oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Electric Quiet Hair Clippers Set for Dog Cat


#5. Oneisall Dog Shaver Low Noise Rechargeable Clippers

It has a built-in battery made from Li-ion and the battery life is pretty good as well with running time and charging time the same as 80 minutes. It comes with 4 different comb attachments for the clipper and the sound produced is only 50 dB. The blade is made of stainless steel and ceramic and they are very sharp to trim your thick furry friend as well.

It is easy to use with detachable blades and easy to clean as well. It comes with a stainless steel scissor and comb, a cleaning brush, oil bottle, and a power adapter. This clipper is also good for cats. The guards are very secure and also work on dogs with matted fur.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Lightweight

  • Recharge time is quick

  • Easy to remove and clean

  • Very silent

  • Only one-speed level

  • Cutter is made from plastic

#4. Pet Union Professional Rechargeable Dog Grooming Kit

This grooming kit comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. So, if you are looking for a dog clipper with such a feature, this one is surely a great one to look at. The motor used to power this clipper is extremely precise and of low vibration which ensures that the work is done quietly and without causing any stress to your pet. Also, the package contains almost everything you can possibly need to groom your pet.

The clipper comes with an ergonomic design which is pretty comfortable to hold and use. This ensures that you reach even the most difficult of areas with ease. The grooming combs are skin-friendly and contain blades made up of titanium so that there is no unnecessary pulling of your pet’s hair.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Good value for money

  • Contains no sharp edges

  • Clippers are comfortable to hold

  • Cordless and easy to use

  • Instructions are not very clear

  • No other guide combs

#3. Sminiker Professional Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Cat and Dog Clippers

This clipper set from Sminiker is a heavy-duty one that provides more power than many other clippers currently available in the market. It has a steady control and an R shaped edge design which avoids cutting your pet’s skin accidentally. The titanium blades attached to the movable blades are efficient and can last pretty long. Since they are made of titanium, there is no chance of them getting rusted.

Along with the package, you are also provided with guide combs. These combs can help you cut your pet’s hair even if you haven’t done it before. The leveled comb ensures that the hair is cut easily and evenly. The motor powering the blades is of high precision, low vibration and makes very little noise. This ensures that the pet doesn’t get scared away.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.5/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Very quiet as compared to regular clippers

  • The wireless unit is very comfortable

  • Great for long and thick hair

  • Doesn’t get too hot

  • Require frequent lubrication

  • Included scissors aren’t very good

WAHL Lithium Ion Deluxe Pro Series Rechargeable Pet Clipper Grooming Kit with Low Noise & Heavy Duty Motor for Cordless Electric Trimming & Shaving Dogs – Model 9591-2100


#2. WAHL Lithium Ion Deluxe Pro Series Rechargeable Pet Grooming Clipper

This clipper from WAHL has a good enough run time of around two hours which is sufficient for multiple grooming sessions of your pet. It provides sufficient power for the clipping action without compromising even a bit on the run time. The Lithium-ion battery comes with a 10-minute quick charge for emergency situations. Normally it takes up to 3 to 5 hours for charging fully and can conveniently hold the charge for a long time.

The precision blades are sharp and provide a snag-free cutting experience. It also makes for a comfortable experience for the pets since it does not feel any itching or discomfort. The low noise prevents the pet from getting worked up and can work for pets having both long coats and short coats.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Holds charge for a sufficiently long time

  • Blades can last for a long time

  • The motor is stronger and better

  • Doesn’t need the cord attached

  • The blades are not self-sharpening

  • Not entirely ergonomic

#1. HOLDOG Dog Clippers

These are some of the best dog clippers. They contain the new age 33 type titanium-ceramic blades which combine with the ceramic moving blades to cut even the heaviest of coats. Normally, the cutter head contains only 24 teeth. Compared to that the cutting is smoother and more uniform, besides being more durable.

These grooming clippers produce less noise and vibrations which prevents your pet from getting scared away. Even though they produce lesser vibrations, they pack enough power to cut through any kind of coat. It also comes with a three-speed rotary motor which helps in adjusting the speed easily.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.9/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Very quiet

  • Don’t get heated up much

  • Value for money

  • Smooth cutting action

  • Might look cheaply made

  • Battery life is not the best

Pet Grooming Clippers Buying Guide

Pet Grooming Clippers Buying Guide

The type of grooming clipper you are going to buy depends upon several factors such as the length and volume of hair of your pet and other such factors. While the clippers should be efficient and powerful enough to do their job, they should not cause any discomfort to your pet.

Hence if you are planning to buy a pet grooming clippers, here are some of the points which you should keep in mind to get the perfect equipment for your dog.

Things To Look For When Buying Pet Grooming Clippers 2020

Things To Look For When Buying Pet Grooming Clippers 2020

Pet Clipper Blades And Guards

The blades and guards present on your pet grooming clippers are important features which ensure the smooth working of the clipper. Along with this, they also ensure that the pet doesn’t experience any kind of discomfort. No matter what kind of hair your pet has, long, short, straight or curly, you need to have the right set of blades and guards to effectively groom it.

The pet grooming clipper should ideally have changeable blades. This ensures that the blades can be changed easily according to the type and length of hair so that you can clip accordingly. Also, it helps to groom different areas of your pet’s coat in a better way.

In case you have used a human hair groomer yourself, you will know that the blades have different numbers which distinguish them from each other. The pet clippers are the same in this respect. Usually, when you buy a pet clipper, it will come with only one kind of blade. But you can always buy additional blades according to your needs.

Just keep in mind the different numbers and choose accordingly. If your pet has more hair, then you should go for a higher numbered blade and if it has shorter hair, then a lower-numbered blade will do the job. So decide what length of hair you want your pet to have and choose accordingly.

Though the blades of different brands might have different numbering techniques and sequences, it is largely kept uniform so that the blades can be used interchangeably. Still, you should always check the information about the blades which is provided by the manufacturer on the box of the blades.

Coming to the guards. These are generally made up of plastic and are placed on top of the blades. If you are using a plastic guard, then you don’t need to change the length of the blade all the time. It will automatically adjust the blade so that you don’t have to do anything. The guards are also numbered just like the blades and you can choose the guard corresponding to the blade which has the same number. Just like in the blades, a higher number means you will be cutting more hair and vice versa.

Types Of Clipper Blades

Types Of Clipper Blades

As we have mentioned in the previous section, the blades are important features to consider while buying a pet clipper. There are basically three types of blades which can be present in your pet grooming clipper. They are:

  • Wide (or T) Blades
  • Finish Cut Blades
  • Skip Tooth Blades

If you have a large or huge pet at home, then you would obviously want a clipper which is powerful enough to work with it. Such clippers which are used for large pets employ wide or T blade. This is because the blades themselves are wide and hence can be used easily for the large pets. If you use a pet clipper with smaller sized blades, then definitely it will take more time to groom the pet.

Also, it might not work smoothly in case the pet has a large coat. Hence it is better to use bigger and wider blades. These will also save you time while grooming. You can use the smaller clipper blades in case you have a small dog.

The skip tooth blades are quite different from the wide tooth or T blades. These blades are used to cut through the dense and matted hair. They are usually used to cut the hair before you take your pet to take a bath. This ensures that your pet can bathe comfortably and easily.

This thing should specifically be kept in mind. This is because the skip tooth blades have a tendency to pull the wet hair. This can consequently cause your pet a great deal of pain and discomfort, which you definitely wouldn’t want.

Completely opposite to the skip tooth blades, the finishing blades are used to groom your pet after it has taken a bath. As the name suggests, this blade is usually used to provide the finishing touches to your pet’s haircut.

Hence, you can clip your pet’s hair using a certain type of clipper blades, give it a bath, and then use the finishing blades to complete the haircut process. The type of clipper blades you will need completely depends upon the type of hair your pet has that is, the volume of hair and whether they are straight, curly, long or short.

Some Other Features To Consider Before Buying The Best Pet Grooming Clippers 2020

Features To Consider Before Buying The Best Pet Grooming Clippers 2020

⏩ Type Of Coat Your Pet Has And The Type Of Hair On Its Body

While the type of coat your pet has and the type of hair on its body are important considerations which your the pet clipper should be compatible, what’s also important is the speed at which the clipper blades work. This can determine how smoothly the clipper blades cut through the coat or hair of your pet.

If the clipper has too less speed and the pet coat is thick, then it can get stuck in the thick hair. This can lead the hair to be stretched and pulled, causing a great deal of pain to your pet. Conversely, if the clipper speed is too high, then it will cut through thick hair smoothly. But for thin hair, it can be too quick and might cause injury to the pet. So. think about your dog’s safety as well.

Low Maintenance Of The Pet Grooming Clippers

A dog clipper should ideally be of low maintenance. You don’t want to spend too much time cleaning the inner parts of the clipper and worrying over keeping it in good shape. If you are going to use the clipper frequently, then choose the one which can be customized and modified easily in a less amount of time.

But in case you are going to use the clipper only once or twice a month, then you wouldn’t want to spend too much of your time oiling the inner part, taking them apart, etc. It should involve minimum reconfiguring and rebuilding whenever you use it.

Primary Source Of Power Of Pet Grooming Clippers

Every pet clipper is powered by a motor stationed inside the pet clipper. This is the primary source of power which determines the power dynamics of a clipper. A motor should be powerful enough to guide the clipper through thick coats quickly, easily and without getting tangled up. Also, the motor should run smoothly and quietly.

Noise or Vibration In Pet Grooming Clippers

High noise or vibration can scare away your pet and it might never be ready to get groomed again. Hence, this becomes a very vital factor. A quiet and low vibration clipper is better for both the parties. Also, the clipper should not get too heated up in the process so as it starts causing discomfort to the pet. It should have the capability to cool down automatically.

Sturdy Build And Design Of Pet Grooming Clippers

Last but not the least, the clipper should be of sturdy build. You wouldn’t want the clipper to break down every now and then. Hence, it is essential that is made up of good quality material. This is important since it is one of the most important tools which you are going to use while grooming your pet.

Final Words

Pets such as dogs and cats are amazing creatures which bring joy into our lives. They are cute, can help us and even play around with us. They can even guard us at night from any kinds of mishappening.

If they are doing so much for us, it’s natural that we do something for them too. Apart from feeding them well and taking good care of them, what you can do is carefully consider and buy a pet grooming clipper, so that your pet gets the best look possible and is always in a nice shape. Thanks for reading the reviews and buying guide at The Keen Hunter.

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Dog Clippers Professional Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Clipper 3-Speed Low Noise High Power Rechargeable Cordless Pet Grooming Tools for Small & Large Dogs Cats Pets with Thick & Heavy Coats

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