Brain Training For Dogs (BrainTraining4Dogs) Review: Don’t Buy Before Reading This!

Want to get brain training for dogs course? TheKeenHunter has brought a quick review to help you know whether it will be a good option for you and your dog or not. Let’s start with the latest Brain Training 4 Dogs review. 

If you’re a dog owner, dog training should be among the most significant responsibilities for you. Without proper brain training, you might risk; harm to other people around your dog, injury to dog itself, and harm to your property.

It’s easy and but not always fun to brain train your dog…

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Many dogs behave correctly during the training session and later becomes completely unpredictable in situations like with other dogs, children, or in the car. 


Over the years, science has discovered a lot about dog psychology like how they think, how they learn, and as a result, new effective dog training methods were introduced. What new dog brain training course focuses on is to use less force and fear to achieve obedience. This unique dog training method offers two key benefits:

✔️ It’s more fun for both dog and dog owners. 

✔️ The dog will follow commands without the need for dominance and power exuding. 

Brain Training For Dogs (BrainTraining4Dogs) Is An Effective Book And Course Which Is Based On The Above Two Discoveries…

If you are interested and want to know what Brain Training For Dogs (BrainTraining4Dogs) is and how it actually works, here in this post, we will explain everything to you. So, read on this Brain Training For Dogs Review (BrainTrainingForDogs Review) post till the end to know everything and make a better decision for both you and your dog. 

What Is Brain Training 4 Dogs Course? 

Brain Training for Dogs is an online ebook that works as online training to develop the brain of your dog and to boost their ability to focus and understand owners command. 

The course works following the fact that dogs are not intentionally disobedient; it’s just that they are too distracted to follow owners command. 

Once you SignUp for Brain Training 4 Dogs online course, you will receive a PDF of the main course book, a bonus book, and lifelong membership to this program or it’s website. Registered members get the opportunity to explore all the videos related to how-to brain training category. 

Talking about the course, it starts with an introduction to force-free training sessions. All the exercises included in the course follows the same force-free method. Furthermore, this section of the course will help you in knowing what mistake you were making earlier while training your dog. 

Next, talking about the practical cal exercise, the Brain Training 4 Dogs Course feature 21 unique games that anyone can teach their dog following the guidelines as mentioned in the book. Most dog owners have found these games easy to play. Also, each of the game is explained in-depth with the help of video lectures.

Who’s The Instructor Or Author Of Brain Training For Dogs Course?

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The complete course and book is designed by a professional dog trainer named Adrienne Faricelli.

She belongs to Italy and become a certified dog trainer in the year of 1995. Later, she moved to the US, and she got the certification here as well in 2004. 

Adrienne has always supported friendlier training methods.

She has also been an author for Nest Pets, Ehow, Everdog Magazine, and several others. 

Now, she has put all her expertise into her Brain Training For Dogs Course.

What Principle Does This Force Free Dog Brain Training Course Follow?

Force Free Brain Training For Dogs

Most people train their dog by using either punishment or negative reinforcement to teach them that misbehaving would have harsh repercussions. However, most of such practices are inhuman and have been abandoned these days. 

A research from 1980 and reports suggests that force-free and positive reinforcement dog training can help dog owners achieve better results without being cruel. 

However, until now, many amateur and professional trainers are using pain, dominance, fear, and other inhumane methods. And this must be changed. 

How Does This Brain Training 4 Dogs Course Work?

Here is the structure of course for you:

1️⃣ Introduction to the course

2️⃣ How To Train section 

3️⃣ Behaviour troubleshooting section

4️⃣ Challenge boosting segment 

5️⃣ An exam to know whether you have mastered the game or not. 

The Four Important Parts Of Brain Training 4 Dogs Course 

Part 1️⃣: The Example Lessons 

The book had two example lesions, which are the first two and named “Target” and “Look into my eyes.”

The target lesion is designed to teach your dog how to target objects and with paw or nose and how you should reward your dog once he does that correctly. 

The next, “Look Into My Eyes” lesson is designed to teach your dog how to look into your eyes. This one is an essential lesson as it will help your dog focus and follow your instructions more appropriately. 

Part 2️⃣: Advanced Lesions 

These lesions are designed to help your dog learn more valuable skills and create a better bond between you and him. Additionally, these will boost his thinking skills and agility. 

Part 3️⃣: The Bonus Behaviour Training 

The course also comes with a bonus book that the instructor/author provides to help you deal more appropriately with the issues related to your dog’s behaviour. It will help you in addressing the bad habits of your dog more effectively and improve their overall behaviour. 

Part 4️⃣: Play With Your Dog 

If you’re interested in taking Brain Training for a spin, you’re free to try the free Airplane game. All you need to do is download the PDF and check the video below. 

Pros And Cons Of The Brain Training For Dogs 

  • Force-free training principle

  • Dog-friendly and effective training

  • Several videos that support the book

  • Free bonus book for more effective training

  • Very reasonable and affordable price

  • Bad sound recording in a few videos


So, that’s everything that you should know about the Brain Training For Dogs Course. TheKeenHunter has found that this course is genuinely an effective program available at a very reasonable price compared to the money you will be I vesting on a dog trainer to teach your dog all the valuable skills. It’s easy to understand and developed by someone who is an expert in the field. 

Furthermore, this course will not only help you in improving the bond between you and your dog but also boosts their thinking abilities. Overall, go for it, and this investment won’t disappoint you.

Want to know how to play airplane game with your dog? Download this FREE eBook and explore the secret.

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