Wanna buy the best RGB LED Camera Light 2020? Here you have arrived on the right webpage. The Keen Hunter has hunted and tested the best of the best RGB LED Camera Light options available in the market. And, today we are going to provide you with the honest and unbiased RGB LED Camera Light reviews.

It took us 50+ hours to come up with this tested review post. Also, we know that most people are going to buy RGB LED Camera Light for the very first time. Therefore we have added the RGB LED Camera Light buying guide to this post as well. The RGB LED Camera Light buying guide will help you in deciding which one is a good option for you and your purposes.

An Intro To RGB LED Camera Light

In a picture, one of the most important aspects is the lighting. If it is a day time photo or video, you have the natural sunlight, but there isn’t much creativity that you can do with. Closed room photography or videography needs extra lighting to provide that edge in their outcome.

We have always been a fan of neon-lit photographs or the ones with different colored lighting in the background and wondered how they do it. Well, a hack taught me that you could attach some colored sheets in front of torchlight and get some different effects on your pictures.

But what do production houses do?

They would not rely on such a cheaper version because their videos must be top-notch quality.

Well, they use RGB LED lights for their lighting. With led lights, you can not only use it for your primary colors, but millions of different color schemes that are possible with red, green, and blue can be utilized. You can also set different temperatures, hues, saturation, etc.

There are a lot of things you can play around with. And if you are someone who is looking to buy one, we have the RGB LED Camera Light buying guide for you at the bottom of the RGB LED Camera Light reviews section.

So, that’s all with the jargon. Let’s now start exploring the ten best RGB LED Camera Light (tested) reviews, and RGB LED Camera Light buying guide.

Best Inexpensive

GVM RGB Video Light with APP Control, 360 ° Full Color Led Camera Light CRI97 + Dimmable 3200K-5600K Rechargable Led Video Light Panel for YouTube DSLR Camera Camcorder Photo Lighting, LCD Display

The Best High-End

Falcon Eyes F7 RGB LED Mini Pocket On Camera Light 2500K-9000K Bi Color with Magnet Adsorption Function and Honeycomb Frame for Video/Photo/Product Photography

Best Mid-Range

Pixel RGB LED Video Light On-Camera Video Light for DSLR Camera Camcorder with Built-in 4040 mAh Rechargeable Battery 0-360 Full Color Mini Pocket Size 3200-5600k Bi-Color CRI/TLCI 97+

10 Best RGB LED Camera Light (Tested) Reviews With Pros, Cons, And Buying Guide

RGB LED Video Light, Portable Mini Built-in Rechargeable Battery LED On Camera Light for Photography Camcorder Shooting with Dimmable 2500-8500K 360° Full Color 20 Light Effects Aluminum Alloy Shell

#10. Weeylite RGB LED Video Light

This RGB LED light features a 0-360 degrees hue along with 0-100L saturation. It can also be dimmed from 10% to 100% and comes in two colors: one which is warm (2500K) and the other one cold (8500K). It also contains an OLED display at the front, which makes it easier to accurately observe the readings. The multi-function button can allow you to change the temperature, color, brightness, etc. of the light.

It’s all Aluminium body is lightweight and works well to protect the light. Since it is smaller than your iPhone, it can be easily carried in your hand or kept inside your pocket. It can be charged easily with the help of a 3000mAh lithium battery and can efficiently be used both indoors and outdoors. Alternatively, it can also be charged via a USB port.

PRICE: $$            Editor Rating 3.8/5.0             Fakespot Grade:  (what’s it)

  • Fills the bill when attached to a tabletop tripod

  • Small but very powerful

  • Plenty of customizable settings

  • Solid build

  • The quality of LED fixtures is not that great

  • Low battery life

FalconEyes 12W RGB LED Mini Pocket On Camera Light Magnetic with 18 Special-Effects Mode Portable for Video/Photo Photography F7 (F7+F7D+F7HC)

#9. FalconEyes Set

This pocket light comes with adjustable color temperatures ranging from 2500K – 9000K. You can steplessly dim it from 0-100% and can further customize it for various other options. The 0-360 degrees full-color feature allows you to try out more of the color combinations so that you can explore your creative side.

It is small, slim, lightweight, and can easily fit into the pocket of your jeans. The various options and flexible nature can give you a better user experience. The OLED display built on it can indicate the various parameters so that you can read and work efficiently. It can be powered up by a 3000 mAh Lithium-ion battery and also supports quick charging via USB type C port.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 3.7/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Comes with a built-in magnetic module

  • Variable color temperature

  • Lightweight

  • Pocket-friendly

  • Loose design

  • Cannot be controlled by an app

TARION TL-10 Camera LED Panel Light RGB 5700K RA96 300 Colors On-Camera Video Light DSLR

#8. TARION TL-10

Coming with 12 pieces of white LED beads and six pieces of RGB LED beads, this is an excellent add-on to your camera. The mixed white light has a higher color rendering of Ra96, which speaks volumes about the product. The color compensation element is present inside the light itself, so the camera doesn’t really need white balance adjustment.

This video light can provide light of up to 300 different colors. Each color light has a specific value associated with it in the LCD display. Adding RGB light into the already present LED light is an excellent feature since it is better at representing colors, especially people’s skin color.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.0/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Can act as a traditional dimmable daylight LED

  • Output in RGB is excellent

  • Every color comes out as bright

  • Fits perfectly on top of the DSLR

  • Made up of plastic, so not that excellent build quality

  • In RGB mode, you only get full output

RGB Led Light Panel Video Lighting Kit for Camera Photography Studio Lights Mini Portable Led Photo Light Suitable for Canon Nikon BMPCC Phone Gopro Youtube Filming Recording Lamp with Cold Shoe Mount

#7. Sutefoto T15

The Sutefoto T15 comes in RGB full color with two working modes, which support up to 16 million color combinations for hue, brightness, saturation sensitive adjustment. It also has a full color temperature range from 2500K to 8500K, and its brightness can be adjusted from 0-100% easily.

This RGB LED light is powered by a 3300 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery, which can work for up to 3 hours under full capacity and for over 12 hours at 10% capacity. It also supports fast charging via a Type C charging port and is perfect for hiking and other outdoor activities. Made up of 7075 Aluminium alloy, it is more durable and less corrosive as compared to other lights in the same category.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.1/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • High-quality build

  • Plenty bright for an RGB light

  • Well explained instructions

  • It comes in a high-quality protective case

  • No way to create your own presets

  • Protective film across the light is a pain to remove

Falcon Eyes F7 RGB LED Mini Pocket On Camera Light 2500K-9000K Bi Color with Magnet Adsorption Function and Honeycomb Frame for Video/Photo/Product Photography

#6. Falcon Eyes F7

This pocket lamp is basically an RGB small fill light that comes with a built-in battery that uses an integrated AluminiuM Alloy fuselage along with a magnet adsorption function. Its maximum power rating is 12 watts, and it can be dimmed from 0-100% brightness. Additionally, the saturation and brightness of all the colors can be adjusted for 100 different levels.

This light has been built in multiple scene modes, which include police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, lightning, paparazzi, HSI slow and fast rotation, TV screen, and candlelight. It also has a one inch OLED display where you can see various parameters easily. You can also charge it with the help of Type C USB fast charger.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Full RGB functionality

  • Plenty of programmed scenes

  • Defusing gel and Honeycomb light modifiers

  • Great light range

  • The included case is only big enough for the light

  • Can’t change the brightness of programmed scenes

GVM Led Camera Panel Light, White 3200k-5600k and RGB 7-Colors High Brightness Temperature Adjustable, Built-in Rechargeable Battery, with Magnet Filters

#5. GVM Led Camera Panel Light

In this LED panel light, a lot of focus has gone into giving it a fashionable look. Designed with stripes on the front, it gives you a whole new tactile experience, along with excellent heat dissipation and durable build quality. Build with high-quality RGB beads; it has a temperature range of 3200-5600K. It comes with seven adjustable colors for more creative photography.

The CRI95+ light is extremely lifelike and of the perfect nature to apply to portrait, still life, studio, children, wedding, and news photography. It can also be used while making videos with ease. It is pocket size and hence very easy to carry with a well-structured aluminum alloy body. Also, the rechargeable Lithium battery can keep it running for about 4 hours, so that you can continue doing your work with ease.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Good quality build

  • Brightness and saturation can be controlled

  • Indispensable for making videos

  • Excellent light quality

  • The battery charger is a bit fragile

  • The battery can run out really fast

GVM RGB Video Light with APP Control, 360 ° Full Color Led Camera Light CRI97 + Dimmable 3200K-5600K Rechargable Led Video Light Panel for YouTube DSLR Camera Camcorder Photo Lighting, LCD Display

#4. GVM CRI97

RGBWY five color lamp beads control this camera light. It also contains CRI 97+ light of different color values and features 0-360 degrees of hue. The light comes in a color range of 3200K to 5600K, and its brightness can be dimmed from 10% – 100%.

One of the best parts about this light is that it can be controlled via an app. You can easily download the app from any major app store and accurately control various attributes of the light, such as the color, color temperature, brightness, saturation, etc. The multi-color LED camera light panel has 128 individual LED lights, which can be lighted up to provide the desired field of view. The panel comes equipped with rechargeable batteries, which is convenient for both indoor and outdoor use.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Dual stepless dimming knob

  • Rechargeable battery

  • ¼ hot shoe mount

  • LCD digital display

  • Hue knob doesn’t change as gradually as you would like

  • Doesn’t come with a USB cord

Pixel RGB LED Video Light On-Camera Video Light for DSLR Camera Camcorder with Built-in 4040 mAh Rechargeable Battery 0-360 Full Color Mini Pocket Size 3200-5600k Bi-Color CRI/TLCI 97+

#3. Pixel RGB LED

This one comes with 198 pieces of LED lights that are bi-color and have one of the broadest dimmable ranges from 1%-100%. It can be adjusted easily using the setting button and can supply you with various kinds of results. It is pocket-size, quite close to the size of an iPhone X, and is hence easy to carry on hand or in the pocket. It also comes in a portable carry bag which you can take with yourself anywhere you want. The LCD screen can accurately display real-time settings, which make it extremely convenient to use.

Powered by a 4040 mAh Lithium battery, it supports quick charge and can be used as a power bank with Type C charging port. If used on full power, it can give 90 minutes of continuous run time.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.5/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Slim and compact

  • Has a nice weight to it

  • Stays in place

  • Works well at night

  • Doesn’t hold the charge for much long

  • Can be tricky to get at first

BOLING BL-P1 RGB LED Full Color Camera/Camcorder Light, Pocket Size Rechargeable Video Light with 2500k-8500k Color Range, 9 Common Scenario simulations Vlog with Premium Aluminum Alloy Shell


This light comes with a wide temperature range of 2500K to 8500K. Its brightness can be adjusted accurately and to the point from 0% to 100% easily. Also, the 0 degrees to 360 degrees full color and color saturation adjustment can impart great quality to the shoot.

It comes with 9 preset common scenarios simulations and can last for about 140 minutes on full power. Overall, if you want to buy nothing less than the best, this one could be a great option for you. Just go and grab this best RGB LED camera light and you won’t be disappointed.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Great light for RGB

  • Better than a lot of higher-end lights

  • Pretty easy to mount

  • Great value for money

  • Battery life is not that great

  • May have some problems while charging

Neewer 480 RGB Led Light with APP Control, 480 SMD LEDs CRI95/3200K-5600K/Brightness 0-100%/0-360 Adjustable Colors/9 Applicable Scenes with LCD Screen/U Bracket/Barndoor, Metal Shell for Photography

#1. Neewer 480

Here comes the topper of the list that offers almost everything at a decent price, and that’s none other than the Neewer 480 RGB LED Camera light. This is one of the best in class and comes with 480 pcs of SMD light beads.

It supports nine preset modes for special lighting on various occasions. It can be steplessly dimmed from 0-100%, thereby imparting better control over lighting. You can also control various aspects of lighting by downloading the “NEEWER” app and mount it using the multiple brackets on any type of camera you want.

Overall, Neewer 480 RGB LED camera light is the best of the best we have tested. There is no reason to stop you from buying this one. Just go and order it to experience the “best-in-class” RGB LED camera light experience today!

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.9/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Can be easily controlled via an app

  • Shines really bright with widespread

  • Solid build

  • Various presets of light to help you manage multiple aspects

  • Barn doors are not that sturdy

RGB LED Camera Light Buying Guide

Here we have discussed all the facts, features, and questions that you should consider when buying an RGB LED Camera Light. So, without wasting any more time, let’s just get started with the RGB LED Camera Light Buying Guide.

Your Setting Matters

There are different types of RGB LED lights out there and for different purposes as well. So how do you know how to choose the right one for your setting. If you are shooting indoors in a small room or with small objects, it is better to opt for the smaller ones, such as strips, tubes, or the ones with lesser colors.

It will cost you less, and they are easy to carry around. They are also a great option when you have to travel, and you want to click some photos or shoot a video. You can also opt for light sticks for added creativity in your pictures or videos.

Now, for heavy commercial use, it is evident that the larger the light, the better. Since you have to cover a lot of areas in one shot or production, big RGB led lights with additional white light comes in handy.

Now, if you like to shoot outside at night or dawn and you are looking for lighting, you can choose strips and place it near the camera or the ring lights that you can set in front of the camera lens. Now, it won’t project the different lights on the object directly, but you’ll get a macro effect in your photo.

You can also opt for Hot Shoe RGB led lights which are known for on-the-go shoots or buy the ones that come with a stand. But you can also opt for a bigger one if you like, it just becomes heavy to carry around. You will surely need a helper!

Type Of RGB LED Camera Lights

Type Of RGB LED Camera Lights

RGB led lights come with different settings for different needs. Now some have 16 color combinations, others lesser or more than that.

There are mainly three kinds of RGB LED lights that the market has to offer. Most of them can be categorized into these:

R/G/B/W – in this, you get an additional white LED and can be used when you need a neutral white light and other colors altogether.

RBG/3 in one LED – these lights use a more uniform hue throughout because the red, green, and blue are mounted within one common light engine.

RGBW/ 4 in 1 LED – these lights are similar to the one with white light, but the difference is that the white light in this is more on the warm side rather than pure white.

Features Of RGB LED Camera Light To Look For

Features Of RGB LED Camera Light To Look For

Different RGB LED lights come with different settings, but one setting is common, that is, the temperature. You can set the temperature as cold or warm, and based on that; the colors really change the effect on your photography or video. If you want an icy look, the temperature must be set to cold because it gives out more blue tones that are associated with cold temperatures. For warmer temperatures, your color will be more on the red spectrum of the light.

The temperatures can range from 2500 – 7500 K. Now, this temperature range decides how much you can vary the color of the image. Generally, a shorter range means less flexibility and color tones to choose from. A more extensive range means you have a more fabulous option of color tones to select and play from to get that perfect picture.

Another essential feature is the brightness of the light or saturation of the colors. Now, brightness settings can change your game. In a dim-lit place, where there is limited lighting, the best way to get a great photo or video is by increasing the brightness of the light. But by just increasing the brightness, sometimes the images can look more white rather than the color you want. In such cases, we use the term saturation of the colors, meaning the colors are intensified.

The hue and saturation can be varied to various degrees depending upon your needs. Usually, you can control the hue from 0 degrees to 360 degrees and vary the saturation from 0L to 100L.

The number of LED lights in the panel also matters. Now, if your light is small but has more LEDs, your colors will be better. There is also a preset mode that is available in some LED lights where the lights automatically adjust to a few already set scenarios such as traffic light, ambulance, fireworks, police car, lightning, fire, fire truck, etc.

Suppose you have a scene of a police car chasing or any of the normal everyday phenomena. So, it will be highly convenient if you can have some preset light conditions to make your work easier.

Also, you should see whether the RGB LED lights you buy have the option of tweaking the presets or not. While presets can be great to do the work quickly, sometimes there might be something off about them. Since you wouldn’t want to change the whole light settings, it would be great to have the option of customizing the presets so that you can have the perfect lighting.

A few other RGB LED camera light features that one must look for are :

RGB LED camera light features that one must look for

Controlling the light with smartphones through apps to control the lighting and other functions.

Nowadays, people prefer LED lights, which can be controlled remotely. Apps have made this process much simpler for us. Many companies come with their own app, which can be easily downloaded from the play store or app store. These apps can connect you remotely to the LED light, no matter where you are. You can control the various attributes, such as brightness, saturation, hue, and other such features.

Charging ports and whether they are battery operated or USB chargeable.

While battery-operated ones are the most suitable as they can be used as portable devices, they should have USB charging support as well. Usually, these RGB LED lights come with USB type C support so that you can plug them in whenever you are about to run out of battery. Also, you should see how long the battery lasts. You won’t want an expensive light if the battery life is too low. Also, longer battery life will ensure that you don’t have to go looking for your USB charger time and again.

Whether they can be mounted on a camera or light stand, etc.

Many lights come with mountings and fixtures, which you can use time and again. Using these mountings, you can mount the LED lights on top of the camera in order to provide proper lighting. It might be a great option in case you want to make videos since you don’t have to keep on standing with the light panel in your hand.

Ways To Use The RGB LED Camera Lights

Ways To Use The RGB LED Camera Lights

When it comes to LED light sticks, you can use them as a prop in your photoshoots or videos. It gives a cool dimension to your stills.

Studio lights can be either mounted in front of the camera to give uniform lighting or projected sideways on the object to provide an excellent shadow effect and different color schemes on the object.

You can also create silhouettes by placing the lights behind the object/model. There are many other ways to play around with the lights and its colors, and it all depends on your needs.

 RGB LED Camera Light Price

There are various price ranges as well in which these lights are priced at and depending on their features, mobility, weight, and the number of colors possible, the prices vary. But the great thing about these lights is that it has something to offer to every photographer or videographer.

There are LED lights for beginners at a low cost and the heavy industrial ones used for massive production too for expert level. And for most, there are mid-ranges too in terms of prices, features, etc.

So, that’s all with the RGB LED Camera Light (Tested) Reviews And Buying Guide. We hope you enjoyed reading this post and found the best RGB LED camera light for your purposes. For more product reviews and buying guides, stay tuned with The Keen Hunter.

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Neewer 480 RGB Led Light with APP Control, 480 SMD LEDs CRI95/3200K-5600K/Brightness 0-100%/0-360 Adjustable Colors/9 Applicable Scenes with LCD Screen/U Bracket/Barndoor, Metal Shell for Photography

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