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Looking for the best trail camera 2020 to buy? Here we have tested and reviewed the top 10 best trail camera for the money. So, read on this post and explore the top 10 best trail camera reviews list to buy the one offering everything best without draining your wallet heavily.

The Keen Hunter’s Top 10 Best Trail Camera 2020 List

It was never an easier job for us to hunt the best trail camera 2020 options for you.

We have explored both the offline and online market, selected more than 20 trail cameras, compared the trail camera reviews and everything.

Finally, we sorted only the top 15 trail cameras for our in-house testing round.

Best Trail Cameras

The 10 we have listed and reviewed in this post are the only those which have impressed us during the testing, and the remaining 5 failed badly due to bad features/functions/performance and bad picture/footage quality issues to appear here on the list.  So, rest assured that you will be buying only the best trail camera for the money today with us.

Never Bought Any Trail Camera Before? Do You Have Any Of Below Questions In Mind?
● Don’t Know What Is The Best Trail Camera For The Money?
● What is the best affordable trail camera?
● Can you use a trail camera as a security camera?
● What should I look for when buying a trail camera, wild camera, or game camera?
● What trail cameras send pic to phone?
● What is the best trail camera for security?
● Which trail camera do you use for security?
● How far can a trail cam see?
● How long does a trail camera last?

If you do have these questions in mind, then you’re lucky because we have covered the answer to all these questions in this post. You will find the answer to all these questions when exploring our top 10 best trail camera reviews list.

Also, we have added a separate best trail camera buying guide section at the bottom of the post wherein we have explained everything in detail and the easiest way possible. So, go through the best trail camera reviews list and the best trail camera buying guide section to find answers for all your questions and buy the best out of best trail camera 2020.

So, that’s all with the jargon. Let’s now start with the top 10 best trail camera reviews and the buying guide.

Best Inexpensive

Victure Trail Game Camera with Night Vision Motion Activated 1080P 12MP Hunting Cameras with Low Glow and Upgraded Waterproof IP66 for Outdoor Wildlife Watching

The Best High-End

Bushnell 16MP Trophy Cam HD Essential E3 Trail Camera, Brown

Best Mid-Range

Foxelli Trail Camera - 14MP 1080P Full HD Wildlife Scouting Hunting Camera with Motion Activated Night Vision, 120° Wide Angle Lens, 42 IR LEDs and 2.4

Top 10 Best Trail Camera Reviews, Videos & Buying Guide 2020

APEMAN Trail Camera 20MP 1080P Hunting Camera 40PCs IR LEDs Game Camera for Crisp Night Shot & Vision up to 65ft IP66 Waterproof Design Wildlife Camera for Wildlife Hunting and Home Security

#10. APEMAN Trail Camera | Best Trail Camera For Security Under $100

Although this is at the last spot, it has the highest value in the photo and video resolution. With 20mp pictures and 1080p videos, it can take a high definition photo or video.

The 0.2s trigger speed and 65ft trigger distance make it one of the few of its kind. It also comes with a 2″ color LCD screen, which can help you review photos or setup the timestamp for the pictures.

Some of the drawbacks of this camera, due to which it is at the last spot, are its 850nm 40pcs IR Low Glow LEDs, it is an outdated LED, which might be visible to animals in a pitch-dark night.

PRICE: $$            Editor Rating 3.8/5.0             Fakespot Grade:  (what’s it)

  • You can set up to 3 photo bursts in Multi-shot mode.

  • Impressive 0.2s trigger speed.

  • HD photos of up to 20mp and videos up to 1080p

  • The outdated versions of LEDs make it less impressive for nighttime photos or videos

  • Has some performance issues

Olymbros Trail Game Camera 16MP 1080P HD IP65 with Night Vision Motion Activated 110° 20m Detection Range Hunting Scouting Cam Trigger Time 0.6s Wildlife Monitoring with 2.4

#9. Olymbros Trail Game Camera | Best Wild Game Camera Under $100

This camera is best for people looking for a durable product. It has a Metal Buckle strap and High-quality packaging that can keep it from breaking. The camera produces a high-quality photo of up to 16mp and a 1080p HD video capability.

Furthermore, it has a 110 degree lens, which is still enough, a 20m detection range, which is almost an industry-standard by now. But a significant drawback of Olymbros is the 0.6s trigger speed; it’s hard to capture a running intruder.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating:.3.7/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • High-quality pictures

  • Fast and easy setup

  • Very durable quality.

  • Small camera view compared to others in this range.

  • Clicking noise when turning from daylight to night vision

LETSCOM Trail Game Camera 14MP, IP65 Waterproof Wildlife Scouting Hunting Cams, 0.4s Trigger Speed, 42 Low Glow IR LEDs, 120° Wide Angle

#8. LETSCOM Trail Game Camera | Best Hunting And Game Camera 2020

The selling point of the LETSCOM Trail Camera is its PIR sensitivity, which can sense a person or animal by their body temperature. And the rest of the functionality is just like the other cameras. It has a 14mp photo and 1080p video quality, 65ft trigger distance, 120 degree wide-angle lens, and a 0.4s trigger speed.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.0/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Easy to use.

  • The configuration is simple.

  • Excellent Night vision.

  • The wide-angle lens can cover vast land.

  • Batteries sometimes drains quickly.

  • Blur photos sometimes

usogood Trail Camera 14MP 1080P No Glow Game Hunting Camera with Night Vision Motion Activated IP66 Waterproof 2.4

#7. usogood Trail Camera | Another Best Trail Camera For Security Under $100

If you’re looking for a high-end best budget trail camera with crisp, Ultra HD images, Usogood Trail camera is one of the best cameras to get for a reasonable price.

It comes with the latest CMOS sensor, which beats the competition in the quality of the images. It can take up to 14mp colorful photos and 1080p HD vivid videos at day and B&W at night.

It also has an impressive trigger speed of 0.2s, which takes pictures in a flash and the invisible infrared LEDs, keep it from spooking the intruders.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.1/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • No glow Night vision

  • Long battery life

  • Buttons can withstand harsh fingers

  • Feels a bit too heavy

  • Price can turn some buyers off

#6. LiDCAM LC-WF | The Best Wifi Trail Camera Under $100

If you like to record your hunting session to show off to your friends and family, LiDCAM LC-WF is the best hunting camera to go with. It is like a GoPro cam for hunting, which can clip to the bill of your hat and record during your hunt.

It is lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh out your hat. This best hunting camera also provides an app that you can use to control the cam from your smartphone.

It has a 1080p video resolution capability, a 120 degree wide-angle lens for a comprehensive view, wi-fi connectivity to control the device. It also comes with dual LED lights for nighttime hunting.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Great video quality.

  • Lightweight

  • It does not fall off while hunting.

  • The battery lasts long enough for days hunting.

  • Buttons can be loud.

  • The audio sometimes drops and gets noisy.

#5. Foxelli Trail Camera | The Best Game Camera 2020 Under $100

The selling point for Foxelli Trail Camera is its 120 degree wide-angle lens, which offers a considerable shooting scope. It has a 14mp lens, 1080p Full HD capability, and can record about 10 minutes of video footage.

It also comes packed with the basic features such as 42pcs Low Glow IR LED for nighttime photos, 0.5s trigger speed, which takes pictures as soon as it detects a movement. The low battery consumption allows the batteries to survive up to 8 months in standby mode.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Very durable and waterproof

  • Easy to Setup and Use

  • Excellent overall picture quality.

  • Perfect video quality even at night

  • Small and hard to use keypad

  • Very sensitive motion sensors

  • Complex instruction manual

Bushnell 16MP Trophy Cam HD Essential E3 Trail Camera, Brown

#4.Bushnell 16MP Trophy Cam HD | Best Wildlife Camera 2020 Under $200

Bushnell Trophy Cam comes with a 100ft detection range and 0.3s trigger speed, which can detect any movement from about 100 ft from the camera and take a photo in about 0.3s from the time of detection. It also has a 16mp lens, 720p HD video support, and 32gb storage capacity.

One extra feature of this cam, which stands out, is the ARD LED shield, which is an anti-reflection shield that helps in concealing the camera in broad daylight.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Awesome double-time lapse technology.

  • Night vision works like a charm.

  • Good quality images.

  • Trigger speed is above average.

  • Red glow visible at night.

  • Hard to remove batteries .

Victure Trail Game Camera with Night Vision Motion Activated 1080P 12MP Hunting Cameras with Low Glow and Upgraded Waterproof IP66 for Outdoor Wildlife Watching

#3. Browning Strike Force Trail Camera | Best Hunting Camera Under $150

If you’re looking to take more high-resolution photos, extended storage capacity, and extended detection range, then get a Browning Strike Force.

It has a 16mp photo capability, 512gb SDXC memory support, 80ft detection range, and 0.4s trigger speed. So basically, you can take up to 100,000 high-resolution photos before running out of storage. It also supports 720p HD videos, Infrared LED Illumination.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.5/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Great picture and video quality.

  • Exceptional motion detectors

  • User-friendly viewing screen.

  • Up to 16mp photos.

  • 512gb of storage capacity.

  • Temperature readings are sometimes inaccurate.

  • It sometimes takes much longer to recover after it takes a photo.

Victure Trail Game Camera with Night Vision Motion Activated 1080P 12MP Hunting Cameras with Low Glow and Upgraded Waterproof IP66 for Outdoor Wildlife Watching

#2. Victure Trail Game | Best Cheap Trail Camera Under $50

If you are looking for the best trail camera under $100 OR best cheap trail camera without cutting down all the features of Campark T70, then Victure Trail Game Camera is the one for you.

Victure Trail Camera has almost all the features of Campark T70, including IP66 Waterproof, No Glow IR LED flash, 20m/65ft detection range, 0.5s quick trigger, and 2.4″ color LCD screen.

The only features this camera cuts down are its 12mp photos, 26pcs LED flash, which might make the nighttime photo blurry.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Ease of Use and Setup

  • Great price.

  • Awesome Battery life.

  • The storage capacity of up to 32gb.

  • Compact size.

  • The motion sensor can be untrustworthy.

  • The average photo and video quality might turn off a few people.

Campark T70 Trail Game Camera No Glow Night Vision 14MP 1080P Outdoor Hunting Cam Security Motion Activated Camera with 2.4

#1. Campark Trail Camera | The Budget Trail Camera Under $100

Campark T70 is by far the best Trail Camera 2020 you can get for a reasonable price. The main features of this high-end best budget trail camera that make Campark T70 stand out from the rest of the cameras in this list are its 14mp lens, 1080p video resolution, IP66 waterproof, and the No Glow IR 44pcs LED, which can take clear nighttime photos, without spooking the intruders, even in harsh weather.

Its 20m/65ft triggering distance can cover a large open field to get a detailed picture. It supports 32gb MicroSD storage capacity, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space any sooner.

It has a 0.5s Fast Trigger speed, which can capture photos as soon as it picks a movement. It also comes with a 2.4″ LCD screen so you can review the photos or videos without having to remove the SD card and inserting it in a PC/Laptop.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.9/5.0      Fakespot Grade: 

  • Easy and simple to set up.

  • Good range of motion detection

  • Good quality photos and videos

  • Compact size.

  • Overall durable product.

  • Low battery usage.

  • It does not make a hole in your pocket.

  • Removing the SD card can be a challenge, as it is at a cramped space below the screen.

  • The startup tune can scare the animals while setting up the camera.

The Trail Camera Buying Guide | How To Buy Best Trail Camera 2020?

The Trail Camera Buying Guide

Trail cameras have become really popular in the last decade. There are several different varieties of Trail cams available today. And it might be tiresome to go through all the cams and figure out which is the best. So we’ve done all the research and listed all the features you should consider while buying a Trail cam.

Consider The Purpose And Uses Of Trail Camera

Purpose And Uses Of Trail Camera

Trail cams can mainly be used for two main reasons: Scouting or Home Security.

1. Trail Camera For Scouting :

Trail cameras are primarily built for scouting. It allows you to take photos of Wildlife that frequently visit your fields. So you can know the perfect time and place for hunting. Overall, if it’s about scouting, you just need the best hunting camera or best wildlife camera.

2. Trail Camera For Home Security:

One can also use Trail cameras as a Home Security camera. The best trail camera for security is affordable compared to other expensive home security options. It can take clear photos/videos day & night; most of the cams stamp the photos/videos with the Time & Date, which is helpful. And all trail cameras come with a concealing grey cover, which makes it undetectable. We have included several best trail camera for security purposes on our best trail camera reviews listSo, please read the trail camera reviews section to buy the best trail camera for security and make a good buying decision.

Picture Related Features And Functions Of Trail Camera

Picture Related Features And Functions Of Trail Camera

The main photo features you need to keep an eye on while buying Trail cams are,

1. Megapixels(MP):

“More The pixels; Better the image will be” is the mindset we all have. But, when buying the best trail camera for security or hunting, you don’t need any fancy 20mp camera; an average 14mp cam will do just fine. Also, a higher MP cam will consume more storage, which can be a pain if you want to leave the cam ON for a long time.

2. Burst Mode:

Most cameras have the functionality to take multiple photos in a row, which is helpful when tracking a fast animal. On average, most cams can take up to 3 burst photos, which can be modified to 9. For scouting and hunting, three burst photos are enough to identify the animal

3. Time-Lapse Mode:

Timelapse mode lets you take a picture at a specific interval of time. You can set a time limit of 5 minutes up to 1 hour.

4. Stamp:

All most all Trail Cams come with a Stamp functionality, which prints the Time, Date, Temperature and even some have moon phase stamp. It comes in handy if you want to know the time and the place to hunt, or if you want to know when the unwanted intruder(s) broke into the house.

Video Related Features And Functions Of Best Trail Camera 2020

Video Related Features And Functions Of Best Trail Camera 2020

Most of the new cams have a video recording capability. There is a high demand of people wanting to have video recording in their Trail cam. So, to choose the best cam for video recording, you need to consider these main features.

1. Resolution Of Trail Camera:

The resolution is the quality of the video. The resolution in Trail camera range from 480p to HD 1080p or 4k quality. But if you want nothing fancy, a 720p resolution camera is the best option. And most affordable cameras have a minimum of 720p resolution.

2. Duration:

Trail cameras have a limit for recording videos. Most of them have a 5-10min limit per video, which is not a big problem when taking Wildlife videos as they occupy a lot of storage space.

3. Audio:

Most cameras come with a built-in audio recording. But get it clarified before buying. The quality of the Audio on most cam is good, but some can be below average or noisy. So if you are looking to have clear audio on your recorded videos, check the trail camera reviews section above, and you’ll find out if it is worth your money. The trail camera reviews above will definitely help you in buying the best trail camera for the money.

4. Timelapse Mode: 

Like the Timelapse in photos, videos also have a Timelapse mode. This can be useful when you want a timely report of the surrounding area, even if the cam does not detect any wildlife/intruder.

5. Hybrid:

In this mode, the cam will take photos and record videos simultaneously. So, you get a picture and a short video that you can review.

Detection Range Of Best Trail Camera |Hunting Camera | Game Camera | Wildlife Camera

Detection Range Of Best Trail Camera

All trail cams come with a sensor that detects if any wildlife walks by, which of course, is the main selling point of every Trail Cam. But all cams have a different motion detection range.

On average, you should look for a 65ft detection range. The best trail camera for security with 65ft detection range is just the right amount if you are using it in a forest or for Home Security. But there are high-end cams that can detect up to 100ft. If you want to place a cam on top of a mountain facing down, then 100ft might be ideal for you.

Trigger & Recovery Speed Of Best Trail Camera |Hunting Camera | Game Camera | Wildlife Camera

Trigger & Recovery Speed Of Best Trail Camera

Trigger & Recovery Speed are essential features you should pay attention to. It refers to the speed of the cam to take a bunch of photos simultaneously.

1. Trigger Speed Of Trail Camera:

Trigger speed refers to the time it takes for the camera to take photos after motion is detected. It is an essential feature because if the trigger speed is slow, you might end up getting a picture of the backside of the wildlife, which might be hard to identify.

Trigger speeds vary from 0.8 to 0.2 seconds. Cams with 0.2s speed is obviously the best, but it might have made a few compromises to get that speed. So, you should look for a 0.5s trigger speed, which is modest and fast enough to get a clear picture of the wildlife without any compromises in functionality.

2. Recovery Time Trail Camera:

The amount of time a cam takes to reset and take another photo is known as the Recovery Time. Recovery speed is also an important feature you should consider. If a cam has a high recovery speed, it might not detect any wildlife while it is recovering, and you end up with fewer photos.

Recovery speed can vary from 1 second to a whopping 1 minute. You should look for a recovery speed of 1s, which almost all mid-range cams have.

Flash In Best Trail Camer Or Hunting Camera

Flash In Best Trail Camer Or Hunting Camera

A camera always requires light to capture the photo or video. And there are three options a Trail camera relies on for proper lighting.

1. White Flash:

White Flash can take clear colour photos, be it day or night, by shining a bright white light. So the main drawback is that it can spook the animal or the intruder, which we obviously don’t want to do.

2. Low Glow:

Low glow cams have a small LED flash that cannot be seen during the day but might be visible in pitch dark night. It is better than White flash, as it is hard to notice if adequately hidden. It can take a bright colour photo in the daytime, but it can only take black & white pictures at night.

3. No Glow:

No Glow is the most common on a mid-range Trail cam. Trail cams with No Glow can take clear colour photos at day and B&W photos at night without spooking the wildlife. It’s the best functionality a Trail cam can have. So, always look for a No Glow Trail Cam.

4. Flash Range:

Flash range is another necessary functionality you need to look for in a cam. It refers to the distance wildlife should be to be illuminated by the flash.

Viewing Experience | Screen Or Display Of Trail Cameras

Screen Or Display Of Trail Cameras

There are a few different options for viewing your photos and videos after it has been captured by the trail camera.

1. Integrated Screen:

Some cams have a built-in screen to view the footage similar to a digital camera. It is helpful to have an integrated display, so you don’t have to remove the SD card every time to view your photos or videos. But it also consumes a bit of power.

2. No Screen:

No screen is just the opposite of the Integrated screen. You cannot view your footage, and you have to always remove your SD card, take it home and check if there are any photos or videos. But the main reason people buy it is that it consumes less and offers long-lasting power for operation.

3. Wireless Download:

Few high-end cameras or the best wireless trail camera options available on the market have wireless download functionality. You directly view the videos and photos with the wireless cameras when you don’t want to go into the field.

Storage Of Best Trail Camera 2020

Storage Of Best Trail Camera 2020

Most cams have a storage capacity of 8gb, which can store a decent amount of 14mp photos. But if you’re looking to keep the cam out for a long time, you can search for a 32gb supported cam. Well, we suggest you should always buy a Class 10 SD card, which is reusable and lasts longer than regular SD cards.

Furthermore, always format the SD card before use. Most people complain that the camera freezes or the photos are not too bright. And the common reason this happens is due to the SD card, so always format SD card before using it.

Power Source Of Trail Camera |Hunting Camera | Game Camera | Wildlife Camera

Power Source Of Trail Camera |Hunting Camera | Game Camera | Wildlife Camera

Last but not least, you need to consider how you want to power your Trail cam or game cam. There are two battery power source options you have to power your Trail cam: Lithium Batteries or Solar Panel.

1. Lithium Batteries:

Trail cams support Lithium and Alkaline batteries. But it is advisable to use Lithium, as it is the rechargeable, long-lasting battery which gives higher Voltage than Alkaline batteries.

2. Solar/Power Cable:

If you don’t want to keep replacing the batteries every few weeks, you can opt to attach a small Solar panel or connect a cable if you’re using it at home. But the Solar powered panel can make the cam visible, and you cannot hide it because the solar panel needs sunlight.

So, that’s all with the buying guide part. We hope this guide has explained all the facts and features very clearly to you and now you will not have any questions like “what is the best trail camera 2020” in your mind. Still, if you have any questions, comment below and we will be happy to help you.

So, that’s all with this post. We hope you have enjoyed exploring this 10 best trail camera reviews list and found the best trail camera 2020 to buy today. Do follow The Keen Hunter for more hunts and buy the best products for all your needs every day with us. Thanks for reading this post. We are The Keen Hunter team, hunting the best products for all your needs.

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