Top 5 Best Inflatable Sofa 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide

Exploring the market to find the best inflatable sofa in 2020 for leisure travel, camping and physical pleasure purposes? Here are the top 5 best inflatable sofas tested reviews with pros, cons, and inflatable sofa buying guide. Read on this post the end to find and buy the best value inflatable sofa today.

We have spent more than one week searching and testing various top-rated sofas available in the market. Well, not all those sofas we tested were good.

Top 5 Best Inflatable Sofa 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 1

There were only 5 inflatable sofas that impressed us and in this post, we are going to provide you with the genuine reviews of those tested inflatable sofas. Also, if this is the first time you are going to buy an inflatable sofa, we have added an ultimate inflatable sofa buying guide to explain everything and help you in buying the best one.

So, read on this post till the end and we are sure that you will be able to buy the best inflatable sofa 2020 offering the best value and great experience for an affordable price.

A Quick Intro To Inflatable Sofas

A Quick Intro To Inflatable Sofas -

A sofa is a significant piece of furniture in everybody’s home. It is one of the most used places in the house. You can sit, lean, read, watch television, and do so many other things on the sofa. Therefore, having a sofa in the house is a blessing. In these modern times, the furniture market has evolved a lot and become more innovative.

The trend for inflatable furniture has become viral nowadays, and everybody likes to add them to their home. Considering the many benefits they offer from good space utilization to affordable prices, people having space issues are all for them. Also, students and youngsters highly prefer inflatable air sofa as it provides them with the convenience to let their friends stay overnight and have fun.

That’s all with the basics, to read and know more about inflatable sofas, skip the reviews section and you will find the best inflatable sofa buying guide and tips right below that. For now, let’s start exploring the best inflatable sofa tested reviews 2020.

Best Inexpensive

Inflatable Multifunctional Sex Sofa - Portable Cushion Body Pillow Inflatable Furniture Lounger for Couples Position Moderate Size (Blue)

The Best High-End

High Quality PVC + Rubber + Nylon Portable Inflatable Sofa Magic Aid Position for Deeper Position Support PVC Flocking Bed for Couples Travel Exercise Bed Skills (Magic Sofa)

Best Mid-Range

Magic Inflatable Sofa for S

Top 5 Best Inflatable Sofa 2020 Tested Reviews With Pros, Cons, And Inflatable Sofa Buying Guide

#5.Portable Inflatable Sofa for Deeper Position

Pick one of the best inflatable sofa to enhance your life and achieve deeper positions while being comfortable. This inflatable pull out sofa is portable and perfect for couples who like to experiment and have fun. The inflatable sofa couch is made of strong PVC material to ensure its durability. Moreover, the material is anti-slip and completely safe for the most adventurous activities without breaking.

The sofa can be inflated in a few minutes and easy to set whenever and wherever required, even if you are on vacation. It has a delicate velvet surface to lay on and feel relaxed. The inflatable sofa is designed to be supportive of your back while you enjoy new positions without any tiredness.

Your muscles will feel relaxed and pain-free, with the periodical vibrational moments getting a boost of exercise. Additionally, the sofa will help you conserve energy with the ease of movement and fluidity. Even in intense movements, your body will have a floating experience maximizing the pleasure component.

You can also use the inflatable sofa as an additional piece of lounge furniture and feel relaxed in your daily activities. Just make sure to keep the surface clean so that the inflatable sofa will serve you with pleasure for years to come.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      Top 5 Best Inflatable Sofa 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Inflatable Sofa 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 4

  • Strong PVC material

  • Easy to deflate and pack

  • Supportive for back and spine

  • Muscle relaxing

  • Soft surface

  • Limited size

  • Not for large people

  • Clean before use

#4.Roselove Inflatable Multifunctional Sofa Role Play Inflatable Sofa

Consider this multipurpose inflatable air sofa from Roselove with a unique ergonomic ramp design to fit through the contours of your body. The inflatable sofa couch is soft and relaxing, with minimal efforts to inflate it. It is a convenient addition to your role plays being portable and easy to maintain.

The ramp design will enable your body to be mobile while your back and spine are supported with the curved design. You will feel full of energy even after a long exhausting session with even distribution of pressure and weight. Moreover, the additional feeling of comfort will encourage you to experiment and try new positions that were otherwise hard to achieve.

Additionally, the lifted end of the inflated sofa also acts as a supportive pillow for your neck and shoulders preventing any pain or stress in the muscles. Your body will immerse in pleasure without feeling any cramps or need to take breaks in between.

The surface fabric used on the top of the inflatable sofa is soft and skin-friendly to avoid any rashes caused due to friction. The floating experience will help you feel at ease and concentrate on your partner.

Also, the inflatable sofa is delivered discreetly along with accessories like an air pump, pair of handcuffs, and foot cuffs. You can use these accessories to customize your experience. The multifunctional air sofa can also be used for activities like yoga and exercise or just relax on it. Balancing the air sofa can be a little tricky in the beginning, but with the constant use, you will master it.

PRICE: $$$    Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0      Top 5 Best Inflatable Sofa 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Inflatable Sofa 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 7

  • Unique ramp design for comfort

  • Skin-friendly surface fabric

  • Double inflate ports

  • Inflated in three minutes

  • No pump included

  • Hard to balance

  • Wobbles while using

#3.Zbtoi Magic Inflatable Sofa for S’ex Positioning Portable Sofa

Find a perfect magical addition with this Zbtoi magic inflatable sofa bed with added cushioning. You can turn your simple bedroom activities into so much fun with this portable, yet functional inflatable pull out sofa. The surface of the sex bed is soft and bouncy, aiding in physical movement, and flows along with your body.

With the compressed air inside the inflatable sofa will have a massaging effect on your body to make you feel even more comfortable. You can enjoy your daily activities without too much fatigue and breaks. The inflatable sofa will help you reach new milestones and positions with a deeper and close connection with your partner.

Some positions are more demanding in energy than others. And, this inflatable sofa will help you discover a whole new world of possibilities. You can stay assured that the inflatable sofa is sturdy enough to stay in place and will prevent you from slipping or losing control of your body.

You can use the pump that is free with the inflatable sofa to adjust the amount of air and bounce inside the portable sofa. The unique design of the sofa also makes it a comfortable addition for lounging and watching TV in the house. Moreover, it can double up as a work out accessory. You can use the wide sofa for getting in a strenuous workout session.

The surface material of the sofa is easy to clean, being waterproof. You can sanitize it as well as wipe it down with a washcloth to ensure it is free of any dirt and germs before every use. This makes the maintenance of the sofa very convenient and quick while you are preparing to get busy on it.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.5/5.0      Top 5 Best Inflatable Sofa 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Inflatable Sofa 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 10

  • Unique comfortable design

  • Free electric pump

  • Relaxing and massaging

  • Easy to inflate

  • Waterproof material

  • Easy to clean

  • Limited size

  • Initial difficulty in use

  • Pump might malfunction

#2.Beser High Quality PVC + Rubber + Nylon Portable Inflatable Sofa

Consider this Beser portable inflatable sofa couch constructed using a premium blend of PVC, rubber, and nylon for added durability. It is one of the best inflatable sofa available that will give you a magical experience while keeping you comfortable. The air sofa has a curved design for maximum support and stability.

The inflatable couch has a wide surface area that distributes weight evenly throughout the material to withstand strong impacts. You will experience a floating experience on the soft suede surface of the sofa no matter what position you are laying in. Moreover, the fabric is safe for skin, preventing any abrasions with rigorous movements.

Additionally, you will get a pair of handcuffs and foot cuffs to add more spice to your pleasure-filled moments. They come with adjustable length and can be customized as per your needs. The intense activity will go along with these additional products enabling you to have the time of your life.

You will be able to achieve angular and innovative positions without breaking your back. The structure of the sofa will support your neck, shoulders, and back while you go on a fun ride. Your legs and arms will also feel rested while you work in a tough position with the inflatable sofa’s support.

The inflatable sofa comes with an electric pump for you to customize and fill the air in the pump whenever needed. When not in use, the sofa can be deflated and stored safely. This also makes the sofa easy to carry and transport in case you are traveling. You can carry the air sofa wherever you go and use it as a comfortable seating option as well.

With a versatile design, you can enjoy lounging on the inflatable sofa with a book or nap on it. Moreover, it will serve as an additional piece of furniture while you are trying to maximize space in your tiny apartment.

PRICE: $$$    Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0      Top 5 Best Inflatable Sofa 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Inflatable Sofa 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 10

  • High-quality durable material

  • Pressure-relieving effect

  • Versatile use

  • Highly adjustable

  • Unstable on the floor

  • Rolls over with pressure

  • Hard to inflate

#1.Cozyall Inflatable Multifunctional Sofa

Get this inflatable air sofa with a sturdy and durable material that is functional in various ways. The size of the inflatable sofa is perfect for accommodating two people comfortably. Moreover, the design is based on a cushion body pillow for an ergonomic shape. The inflatable sofa measures up to 50 x 150 x 40 cm with optimum width.

The surface of the inflatable pull out sofa is soft on skin made from plush velvet fabric for sensitive skin. You will experience exceptional comfort on the s-shape design of the inflatable sofa, which is supportive for your body at all pressure points.

With the even distribution of the weight on the sofa will help you be active with your partner without feeling tired. You can get crafty on the love mat and have the most of your intimate moments on the wide surface area. Thus, you can achieve different positions and enjoy all kinds of moments with ease.

You can also use the spacious and flat sofa to just lounge on it for comfort throughout the day. The construction of the inflatable sofa involves six independent airbags to make it last long, just like your intimate moments. Moreover, the design is flexible to accommodate different movements without affecting the air and pressure inside the inflatable sofa.

You can easily inflate the multifunctional sofa with an electric air pump in a few minutes. A tight seal will form after enclosing it, preventing any kind of air loss from the sofa. Make sure that you clean the surface with a damp cloth and keep the sofa away from any sharp materials. Also, ensure to store it in a clean bag when deflated while you are not using it.

PRICE: $$$    Editor Rating: 4.9/5.0      Top 5 Best Inflatable Sofa 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Inflatable Sofa 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 7

  • Lightweight for portability

  • Soft fabric

  • Even weight distribution

  • Great customer service

  • Slides too much

  • Cannot handle the additional weight

  • Deflates while using

Best Inflatable Sofa Buying Guide

Top 5 Best Inflatable Sofa 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 17

Picking the best inflatable sofa can be confusing for people who are buying it for the first time. In order to help them out, we have created a list of every little question that comes to mind while buying an inflatable sofa couch. So let us dive in and explore all about inflatable sofas.

What Is Inflatable Sofa?

An inflatable sofa is a portable sofa that can be filled with air or gas and provides you with the comfort of traditional sofas. An inflatable sofa is highly versatile, and apart from delivering sitting comfort, pleasure, and perfect sex positioning, they can also be transformed into a bed to sleep upon.

They take the least amount of space, and the biggest benefit they offer is the portability to carry them around. All you need is a pump to fill in the sofa with gas or air, and everything is good to go. Hence, the inflatable sofa bed can be easily taken with yourself while camping and traveling for comfort and sex positioning purposes.

Why Should You Buy the Best Inflatable Sofa?

Why Should You Buy the Best Inflatable Sofa -

Inflatable air sofas offer a huge range of applications that makes them a highly sellable item in the market. Below given are some of the good reasons for buying an inflatable sofa couch for your home.

Bedding Solution

A significant purpose of the inflatable sofa bed is that it can be used as a bed when required. They are perfect sleepover solutions for your friends and guests. All you need is an inflatable sofa bed mattress that makes the sofa highly comfortable and lets you enjoy sleeping over it.

For Camping Trips

A major benefit of the inflatable pull out sofa is that it does not demand large space and can be easily accommodated wherever you like. Plus, the optionality to close it to a small bag size makes it a perfect item for taking to the camping trips. They give the comfort of the home at your picnic spot, and if required, two people can comfortably sleep over them.

Suitable For Theatre Experience

We all love watching movies at home. If the environment of your home is set right with dim lighting, a big LCD screen, or an HD projector and a perfect sitting arrangement, the movie experience becomes more vivid and enjoyable. Here is where the role of a good sleeper sofa with inflatable mattress comes.

An inflatable sofa provides the right height and sufficient space to watch the movies on the screen while having a lot of fun. Also, it lets you enjoy your food without the tension of spilling it over the sofa as it is extremely easy to clean.

Affordable And Lighter On Pocket

Most people purchase inflatable air sofa because it comes at a very reasonable price for the features it offers. It is nothing short of a sofa or bed and is least three times cheaper than a regular bed. Unlike other beds, it is easy to transport and can be used for multiple other purposes. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for people having budgetary issues.

How To Buy The Best Inflatable Sofa And What Factors to Consider?

There is a huge variety of inflated sofas available in the market. The choice is too wide, and you must have your mind cleared to know which one is a suitable pick for you. Therefore check out the given pointers that will help you understand the things you need to consider while buying an inflatable sofa bed.

Your Purpose

The fundamental question you need to ask from yourself is the purpose of buying the sofa. Although these sofas are made for both indoor and outdoor use, there are some new and stylish designs that you will not want to take outside. Also, you might want to consider that you will be using it for sleeping or sex positioning purposes, just as a sofa, or both. It will help you to filter out many unrequired products from your market search.

⏩ Size Of Inflatable Sofa

The inflated sofas come in many sizes, from small to large to extra-large, to accommodate everyone’s needs. So it will be wiser to measure the space you want to place it in your apartment permanently. Although the sofa has excellent movability and can be easily moved around the house, you might want to assign a specific place to it. This will save you from unnecessary time wastage in the exchange process.

⏩ Material Of Inflatable Sofa

Most inflatable sofa bed mattress uses latex or PVC for its making. These materials give them a malleable nature so that they can be inflated and deflated whenever required. However, few people have allergies from latex material and are not comfortable with their use. They can use the TPU made sofas, these are better than PVC and latex but are a little expensive than both.

Also, different brands use different qualities of PVC and latex. Some are quite strong, while others are not so sturdy. So it is always better to check the product reviews and contact the manufacturer t understand the material used more efficiently.

⏩ Price Of Inflatable Sofa

Price is an essential deciding factor whenever purchasing any new product. When looking out for the best inflatable sofa, price plays a significant role as for most customers, the primary reason for buying this sofa is its affordable price. Though the price for these sofas is less, there are many variations in the price due to multiple quality factors.

Sofas that are of higher price range are constructed well and have very low wear and tear. Some sofas are averagely built and have a very little life span. So when you are selecting a particular product for your house, do check the durability, life span, and quality of the sofa type so that you get a valuable product for the money spend.

⏩ Aesthetics Factor

You will be surprised to know the market of the inflated sofas is extremely wide. You can find hundreds of types of different designs, colors, patterns, and shapes of the sofas in the marketplace. There is no harm in extending your research a little more to find a piece that perfectly fits your home decor.

How To Inflate An Inflatable Sofa Or Bed?

How To Inflate An Inflatable Sofa Or Bed -

The primary ingredient that goes into the inflatable sofa couch is gas or air. Commonly gases like nitrogen, helium, and hydrogen are inserted into the sofa because they have an inflatable nature of their own. To inflate the bed or sofa, you can use either of the given mechanisms or instruments:

Inflate Sofa With Air Compressor Or Inflator

Take the hose of the air compressor or the Inflator and insert it into the hole of the inflatable sofa. Flip the switch, and the air will start entering the sofa’s surface, and when the sofa is fully inflated, you can close the switch. Filling air through air compressor comes handy when you are out on a camping trip.

Inflate Sofa With The Electric Pump

Electric pumps are generally used more for filling the air into the inflated sofa as they are pretty quick compared to the air compressor. They can be easily plugged with the sofa to fill the air and save a lot of time. The only disadvantage is that they are extremely loud, and you have to bear their loud noise until the air is filling in.

Inflate Sofa With In-Built Pump

Many new inflated sofas that are coming these days have a preinstalled pump in them. Simply connect the wire and press the given button to fill the air inside the sofa.

If filling the sofa with gas, then you need a separate gas compressor that usually comes with the gas cylinder to fill in the gas to your sofa.

Best Inflatable Sofa Benefits?

Best Inflatable Sofa Benefits -

As discussed earlier there are plenty of benefits for using the sleeper sofa with inflatable mattresses. Find some more reasons why you should buy this for your home.


Unlike the regular sofas, they are incredibly light in weight. They can be practically lifted and moved from one place to another in seconds. This helps you the most while cleaning the surface as they can be pushed according to your need.


These sofas definitely serve plenty of functions, from indoor to outdoor activities. They are the best sleepover beds, can be used for camping trips, or can be used as a play area for your kids.


The sleeper sofa with inflatable mattress is a wonderful piece of furniture that is not heavy on the pocket. This provides you the freedom to use it roughly, and in case you end up tearing it down, which is quite unlikely, you can replace it with a new one without spending a huge amount of money.

Low Maintenance

These inflated sofas are extremely easy to maintain. Due to their lightweight, they can be washed and cleaned quite effortlessly. Also, the inside of the sofas is nothing but the air that does not require any kind of maintenance.

Best Inflatable Sofa 2020 FAQs

Is Inflatable Sofa Good?

The inflated sofa can be a perfect addition to less spacious homes. It solves the purpose of sleeping, is excellent for watching television, and can be closed to the size of a bag when not required. The stylish furniture item is also suitable for outdoor activities like picnics or camping, which makes it a product worth buying. These sofas are usually built with a good latex and PVC quality that gives you the freedom to use them roughly.

Is Inflatable Sofa Comfortable?

The primary question that comes to the mind of a buyer while buying an inflatable sofa couch is their comfortability. The sofa’s shape and the looks make it look like the sofa won’t be much comfortable. However, that is not true. Although the sofa can’t provide you the same comfort as a memory foam sofa, the inflated sofas are extremely comfortable. They are beautifully designed and do not provide any signs of discomfort to the users.

How Do You Fill The Air in an Inflatable Air Sofa?

All the inflated sofas come with a small jack in which the hose of a pump or air compressor can be fit to fill in the air. Filling the air inside the sofa is an extremely simple process. It takes about five to ten minutes for your deflated sofa to become a full-fledged sofa cum bed. You can fill in the air inside the sofa using the electric pump or air compressor. Some sofas come with a pre-built pump to fill in the gas or air inside the sofa. They usually have a button for this process.

How Do You Repair A Puncture On An Inflatable Sofa?

Though the manufacturing companies claim their sofas to be free from getting holes, there is always a possibility of getting one. Once your inflatable pull out sofa gets a hole, the air will start escaping through leaving your sofa punctured. However, do not get worried about this issue. There are inflated sofa or air mattress repair kits available to take care of this problem in minutes.

A substance like rubber cement is available in the kit that quickly patches up the hole. You can also use guerilla tape and other adhesive materials to patch the holes in the punctured sofa. A few people even use cloth patches to solve the problem. However, it compromises the appearance of the sofa and therefore is not the best option to consider.

So, that’s all with the best inflatable sofa 2020 tested reviews and buying guide post. Stay tuned with The Keen Hunter for more such reviews and buying guides. Thanks for reading this post.

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