Top 5 Best Label Printers 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide

Are you looking for the best label printer 2020? Your search ends here at The Keen Hunter. Here are the top 5 best label printers tested reviews with pros, cons, features, how-to tips and label printer buying guide. Read on this post till the end to buy the best one today.

It was never an easier job for us to come up with the list of best label printers for you. Our product hunting team has spent around 14 hours on research and testing to finally come with the recommendation of these top 5 products. So, rest assured you will be buying the best printer that prints labels very efficiently in the budget.

Top 5 Best Label Printers 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide -

A Quick Introduction To Label Printers

A Quick Introduction To Label Printers -

How convenient and wonderful is it to have everything labeled and organized at home and at your workplace. Labeling things helps improve efficiency and makes your work go smoother with a small piece of paper, plastic, or fabric. For this, you need to get a handy best label printer that works for printing endless labels in a few commands.

A label printer has various uses like printing barcodes, shipping information, industrial labeling, product packaging, and brands. You can print important information needed to operate a piece of machinery or assemble apart on a label maker. Moreover, the labels made can be used on various surfaces so that you can use them on fabrics, plastics, and metals.

The written material on a label maker can be customized according to your needs to put a personal effect on it. You can use the preset templates and designs from the label maker and print them to stick on your food containers, charging cables, DVDs, BlueRay players, and many more.

That’s all with the basics. To know more about label printers, please skip the label printers reviews section, and jump to the label printer buying guide from the above “jump to” button. For now, let’s start exploring the top 5 best label printers tested reviews with pros, cons, features, how-to tips and label printer buying guide.

Best Inexpensive

DYMO LetraTag LT-100T Plus Compact, Portable Label Maker with QWERTY Keyboard (1733013),Silver/Blue

The Best High-End

Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer with Rubber Bumpers, Multi-Line Print, 6 to 40 Point Font

Best Mid-Range

Brother P-touch Label Maker, PC-Connectable Labeler, PTD600, Color Display, High-Resolution PC Printing, Black, Black/gray

Top 5 Best Label Printers 2020 Tested Reviews With Pros, Cons, Features, How-to Tips And Label Printer Buying Guide

DYMO LetraTag LT-100T Plus Compact, Portable Label Maker with QWERTY Keyboard (1733013),Silver/Blue


#5. DYMO LetraTag LT-100T Plus Label Maker

The DYMO LetraTag label printer is the multiuse best thermal label printer that has an LCD display for messages and commands on-screen. You can choose from five different fonts and seven print styles to have variations in the label designs. Moreover, the label maker can be operated in three languages, making it great for shipping and industrial use.

You can create labels to stick on plastic, metallic, magnetic and iron surfaces to make them customizable. Writing with the QWERTY keyboard of the label maker will make it easy for you to type inputs that will be displayed on the graphic LCD. You can operate the label maker on four AA batteries to use it anywhere and anytime. Additionally, the label maker has an auto-shutoff feature that saves the batteries when it is not being used.

There are easy navigation buttons and nine label memory features to help you create labels with innovative symbols. Besides these templates, there are time and date functions in various combinations to create labels for files. A label maker is an important part for your stationery needs to be it at home or office. You will be able to manage and organize work better with label makers.

With the use of electric iron, you can stick the labels on clothes and not worry about them coming off in the washer. These tapes are fade-resistant and can hold a lot of impacts, thus being durable for all the surfaces.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      Top 5 Best Label Printers 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 2  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Label Printers 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 3

  • Convenient QWERTY keyboard

  • Three language option

  • Works for multiple surfaces

  • Affordable refills

  • Sticking issues on plastic

  • Letters print hanging occasionally

  • Pixelated font

Brother P-Touch, PTD210, Easy-to-Use Label Maker, One-Touch Keys, Multiple Font Styles, 27 User-Friendly Templates, White


#4.Brother P-touch PTD210

With quick access fonts, frames and symbols, Brother P-touch label maker is the best laser label printer for label printing. It has 14 different fonts and 97 frames to make your labels look stylish and unique. Moreover, there are over 600 symbols to choose from that will help you create customized labels. So, you can add your personal ideas to each label that you make for specific projects.

Besides the designs, the system has 27 quick and easy templates to print at just one command and does not require any additional editing. You can create school projects, label your kitchen containers, create scrapbooks, and put tags on gifts with the creative templates. The label printer is portable and can be carried in your bag being lightweight for anywhere use.

It works on AAA batteries, or you can consider getting an AC power adapter. You will need a constant electricity supply to make your label printer work without any need for replaceable batteries. Moreover, you can prolong the use of a label maker with a sturdy protective case that makes it easy to store anywhere. You can also store the charger and additional tapes in the case.

The label tape material is quite durable to serve you in various places with harsh conditions. They come in various widths and colours to go with your projects and use on various surfaces. You can even make creative labels for your clothes with the water-resistant and fade-resistant label tapes. The one-touch easy to type keys make it easy to type in the labels reducing any errors or double commands.

PRICE: $   Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0      Top 5 Best Label Printers 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 2  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Label Printers 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 6

  • One-touch keys

  • Multiple pre-designed templates

  • Lightweight and easy to hold

  • Sturdy and durable design

  • You will need accessories

  • Constant charging required

  • Leaves a huge margin

Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer with Rubber Bumpers, Multi-Line Print, 6 to 40 Point Font


#3.Brady BMP21-PLUS Handheld Label Printer

The Brady Handheld Label Printer is ideal to be the best business label printer with its multiple line printing and rubber stamps. It comes in a comfortable handheld design and a tough exterior and rubber panels as a protective cushioning. Therefore perfect for use in high impact conditions like factories, packaging, and industrial work. This makes it the best label printer that can work under extreme conditions and give satisfactory results.

The label maker has an LCD screen to display the input from alphabetical and numeric buttons. Moreover, you can choose from various font designs and sizes as per your requirements. The font size ranges from 6 to 40 with a single color output that looks classic. Additionally, the system has over 100 symbols to custom make your labels easily. You can also buy the tapes in varying widths depending on the ones you use the most.

The label tapes are of superior quality and have a stronghold adhesive that is ideal to use on irregular surfaces. They aggressively stick to the surface and do not come off even in the harshest conditions and impacts. The strong build of the label maker will allow you to use it for over ten years, so it is a one-time investment.

You can choose between six AA batteries or a Li-ION battery to operate the label maker. The battery is sold separately and is rechargeable with an AC adapter. It is recommended to use a reusable battery as it does not need to be replaced often like AA batteries.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.5/5.0      Top 5 Best Label Printers 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 2  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Label Printers 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 6

  • Handheld and portable

  • Multiline print output

  • Tough and durable body

  • Works on rechargeable battery

  • Built-in symbols

  • White space on the edges

  • Consumes a lot of battery

  • Label cut levers are on underside

  • Limited date stamp variation

Brother P-touch Label Maker, PC-Connectable Labeler, PTD600, Color Display, High-Resolution PC Printing, Black, Black/gray


#2.Brother P-Touch PTD600

Consider the Brother P-touch label maker with a sophisticated design that comes in black and grey. It is the best color label printer able to print high-resolution colored labels. Moreover, it comes with an easy to load tape design at the top that is not constricting. You can create endless labels with a wide keyboard with the best business label printer

The printer has a backlit display that is colored to eliminate the errors in printings. It displays the format and font as you type it without any delays. Moreover, this makes it easy to use in low-light conditions. You can connect the label maker with your PC or MAC to use additional functions for designing. There are several design templates custom built in the label maker for you to choose from.

The label maker is designed to auto-detect the color of tape to give accurate output with vibrant colors. You can include various graphics to make your label stand out with designs. There are about 600 designs and 99 frames, along with multiple font styles in the system. The reprinting of regularly used fonts can be done with just a few commands making it the best shipping label printer.

You can print high-resolution bar codes and logos for your business and shipping needs in multiple numbers. This will improve the efficiency of your business and better time management. The label printer can be used anywhere and anytime with its flexible power use. You can operate the label maker with AA batteries and also use a rechargeable battery.

The output of the label maker is on a long-lasting laminated TZe tape. These tapes have a protective film of lamination on the surface to make them durable. They can withstand harsh conditions like water, grease, abrasion, heat and cold ideal for outside use. The tapes have a flexible material that can wrap around wires and photosensitive materials.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0      Top 5 Best Label Printers 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 2  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Label Printers 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 12

  • Easy to type keyboard

  • Compact and handy design

  • Displays accurate font size

  • Quickly connects to compatible devices

  • Wastage of printing tape

  • Limited functions with outdated design

  • Expensive tapes required

DYMO Label Printer | LabelWriter 450 Turbo Direct Thermal Label Printer, Fast Printing, Great for Labeling, Filing, Shipping, Mailing, Barcodes and More, Home & Office Organization


#1.DYMO Label Printer Writer 450 Turbo

The DYMO label printer is the best label printer with its direct thermal printing technology. It works perfectly for home and office use. You can find various uses like labelling, organizing, mailing filing, barcodes, and so much more. With the output of four-line 71 prints, the DYMO printer writer is the best business label printer.

You can arrange names, barcodes, shipping details and addresses and print them all together. Moreover, the sheet labels are printed per minute with accuracy and do not waste any paper with margins. The precise and crisp quality of the output makes the labels efficient and multipurpose.

Additionally, you will not need to worry about buying and filling in ink with this printer for label printing. It has a thermal printing technology that does not rely on ink and toner. Creating customizable texts in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and Google Contacts will be easy to print with one quick, easy command.

You will save a lot of time with the addition of this easy to use best thermal label printer. Furthermore, it comes with advanced software that enables you to create custom file folders, barcode and address labels. Your organization will become hassle-free at home as well as your workplace with this label printer.

If we talk about the design, it’s compact and easy to carry around with no-fuss label roll inserts. Your package will come with all the required accessories, including adapter, power cable, rolls, USB cable, and a guide. This is your one-stop solution for your label printing requirements.

PRICE: $$    Editor Rating: 4.9/5.0      Top 5 Best Label Printers 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 2  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Label Printers 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 6

  • Easy to set up and use

  • All accessories included

  • Quick printing on command

  • Clean and crisp prints

  • Occasional jamming issues

  • No wireless operations

  • Less output for heavy users

Label Printer Buying Guide

Label Printer Buying Guide

We have compiled some important things that you should keep in mind while purchasing a label maker.

What Is a Label Printer?

A label printer is the cooler way to put a name to the object instead of using a market. It is a small portable machine that dispenses labels on your command on the self-adhesive tape. The commands are given through the computer by highlighting the template or design that you wish to print. You can use adhesive tape in different sizes and materials to customize it as per your requirement.

There is an easy to use keyboard along with navigation keys on the label printer and a screen that displays the input. This makes it easy for you to type and see the font and size of the label maker. Depending upon the design, you can print a lot of labels in one go to save time and paper. You can print labels and barcodes using the best shipping label printer and make your work easier.

The technology that is used in the best business label printer is free from toner and inks. You can choose from the best thermal printers for easy and quick printing while not worrying about ink refills. Furthermore, you can print colored and the classic black and white printers with the best laser label printer for label printing.

What Is Label Printer Used For?

Anyone can make their life easy by investing in an easy to operate label maker. The best color label printer will help you stay organized and help to identify items quickly. As a result, it will save time and energy instead of repeated things. You can let the label be self-explanatory in the workplace and stay more organized.

Innovative, colorful labels will make your work fun and look more vibrant for everyone. Also, consider all the manual labor you will save while printing labels with the best laser label maker for label printing. You can also use the label printer for organizing your files and documents to keep them handy and accessible according to date, time, and use.

The use of a label maker will prevent you from getting lost in the files and avoid chaos at work and at home. An organized space will result in an organized life that will feel under control. School project works at home can also be completed using label makers.

How Does A Label Printer work?

The major function of the best label printer is to transfer the printhead across the printing tape to deliver the output label. It has heating pins that create the prints on the surface with the use of a battery or electric energy supply.

You can find a combination of resin and wax ink in the label printer that is loaded from a ribbon in the best shipping printer. There is a microprocessor that controls the printhead and orders it to create a specific image, logo, or word. The selective pins are then heated and cooled to create the print on the label.

To use a label printer, you need to install the device software to manage all its functions while connecting it to via USB or Wi-Fi. Ensure that the printing tape is loaded before you command for printing needs.

Why Should You Buy The Best Label Printer?

Why Should You Buy The Best Label Printer -

Easy And Quick

The best label printer will be easy to use and generate labels in quick commands. You can use them anytime and anywhere since they are portable and do not need much space to keep them at your desk.

You can print various customizable labels in different sizes and materials, ranging from plastic, cloth, and laminated paper. The best thermal label printer will enable you to make multiple labels in one go instead of manually making them.

Organize Better

Labels will help you put a name or instruction in on a small piece of material while looking organized. You will be able to organize tangled computer systems, wires, medical supplies, pills, etc. with a simple label. The labels created have a self-adhesive tape that sticks to all major surfaces.

Moreover, the tape is fade-resistant and water-resistant, which is ideal for outdoor use. You can name your crops and plants using a label maker and not worry about rain and mud. A label maker can also be used for packaging and shipping, and the labels will stay intact throughout the process. The multiuse of the label makes it a handy tool for your desk and home.

Convenient On The Go Information

With the use of labels, you can put precise and needful information that is noticeable. This will make it convenient to use machinery or assemble something. It can come as handy as labeling salt, sugar or meal prep containers in your kitchen to avoid confusion for everyone. Moreover, you can label CDs, phone chargers, and files to make your workstation look organized.

How To Buy Best Label Printer 2020, And What Factors To Consider?

How To Buy Best Label Printer 2020, And What Factors To Consider -

Keep in mind the purpose of your purchase while picking a label printer and how much output you need daily. This will also help you choose the accessories and label tapes that you will need for optimum results if you plan on using it for shipping and packaging, then pick the best business label printer that is sturdy.

For using it at home, pick the best color printer that will let you be creative, and print your own designer labels. Read along to find what other things you should consider for the best label printer.

Print Volume

Calculate the average number of labels you will need in a single day. The label prints have a preset volume that they can print in one go depending upon their software. If you print more than the specified number of labels, it will put a risk of damage on the device.

The thermal print head may stop functioning and leave the printer good for nothing. So, it’s important to know beforehand what volume of prints you need. Choose the model that suffices your need on a daily basis without compromising the machine and the quality.

Battery Use

You can find the label printers that work on batteries and AC adapters. Most of the label printers use AA or AAA batteries in a combination of four to six. This needs you to have extra batteries at hand while operating the label maker.

You can also use a Li-ION battery that can be charged using a charger. There will be a lesser need to replace the rechargeable battery, therefore, a better choice. The consumption of battery will be dependent on the average use of the label maker.

You can use batteries instead of a cable charger to print anywhere without looking for power supply. Make sure you do not overcharge the battery of the device.

Label Size

Each printer has a different output of the label size and how much it can be expanded. The economy and mid-industrial ones come with the maximum output ranging from 4 inches to 102 inches.

This will be dependent on the requirement of your business and office. You will require the corresponding sizes of the label tapes to create various size labels.


You can choose from different connectivity options, including USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC. A wireless system will help you print labels anytime and anywhere. Similarly, a Bluetooth connection with the device will give you the freedom to use it anywhere.

This will also let you know what functions and notifications are prompted while using the label maker.

Some Features To For In Best Label Printer

Durable Exterior

A good label maker should have a no-fuss durable exterior that has a rubber or similar material to protect it from any impacts. This will ensure that the label maker can be used in industrial conditions and on the field. The alphabet and numeric keys on the label maker should be one touch and easy to operate.

Backlight Display

The label maker should have a clear LCD display to show the texts that are being typed. It should show the font and design on the label that will be printed along with the commands. A good backlight will help you use the label printer in dim-lit environments. Furthermore, it will reduce the chances of making errors while creating labels.


A rechargeable battery will ensure that the label maker works efficiently without charging it again and again. This will also increase the output and make your label maker a good investment for the coming years.

Easy Load Tape

The panel of the loading area of the tape should not have obstructions. It should let you load the tape roll without impacting the hardware of the label maker. Additionally, the cutter of the label maker should be placed such that it can be used in any direction.

Different Layouts And Designs

The software of the label maker should have preset templates, designs, and layouts for labels. The number of logos and languages will depend on the model you pick.

The Best Label Printer Types Available In Market

The Best Label Printer Types Available In Market -

Thermal Transfer Label Printers

The label printers that work on thermal transfer technology are considered the best thermal label printers. They use ink ribbons that are made of resin and wax blend to transfer ink to the labels. These printers operate on lower heat setting and can work on several kinds of adhesive tapes

Another kind of thermal printer is direct thermal label printers that do not need an ink ribbon to operate. They have a layer of chemicals beneath the surface of the label that is activated using heat to show outputs. Thermal printers are the best label printers since they are durable and affordable for sharp and precise printing.

Laser Label Printers

Laser label printers are the ones that are used to print sheet labels with wet and cold temperature printing. They use dry toner for printing and need sheets to be inserted in them. Generally, they are great for indoor and office use to print colored and black and white labels.

Inkjet Label Printers

These are commonly used to print high-quality labels at a low price. They are ideal for printing in bulk without compromise in the quality of the print.

The Best Label Printer Benefits

Excellent, Crisp Print quality

The labels printed from the best label printer are of crisp quality and stick on to irregular surfaces without the need for additional tape. They can be used anywhere and are lightweight to be carried along, making them reliable for use.

Easy Handling

A label maker is easy to use and comes with multiple preset designs for your labels. They also deliver a consistent print quality at a very affordable price.

Lower maintenance

Best thermals label printers work on a rechargeable battery that lasts for a very long time. They have a sturdy exterior that makes them ideal for industrial use. So, you do not need a lot of effort in maintenance. Also, the label tapes are quite inexpensive and can generate a lot of labels in one go.

High-Speed Printing

When you give the command after settling on a label design, the device will take very less time to print it. The label maker has a sophisticated design to detect the color of the tape and type to print it accordingly. It makes the printing quick without any kind of jamming and delays.

Flexible Use Of Fonts And Barcodes

You can print flexible barcodes with various fonts and designs on the label tape. This will make it easier for the label sticking and shipping for industrial use.

How To Use a Label Printer For Different Purposes?

Label Printer For Office Use

It will be convenient to organize files and bookmark them with precise labels. Moreover, you can label the different cords on your office desk for anyone to be familiar with the system.

You can also label your lunch and water bottles to prevent anyone from using them at work. For industrial and shipping use, you can print barcodes and important names, addresses on the labels.

Label Printer For Home Organization

You can label your kitchen utensils, packages, and containers with the label maker. The special label maker tape is dishwasher resistant and does not come off even after vigorous handling. Thus, it makes the labels last long on the surfaces

Label Printer For Gifting And Decorating

You can create a custom label with unique designs and templates to stick it on a home-made gift. It will add a touch of your personal style to the gift with a specific label. Additionally, you can use the labels in colored design to decorate the gift as well and personalize it more.

So, that’s all with this best label printer reviews and label printer buying guide post. Stay tuned with The Keen Hunter for more such product reviews and buying guides. Thanks for exploring reviews of best label printers with us.

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DYMO Label Printer | LabelWriter 450 Turbo Direct Thermal Label Printer, Fast Printing, Great for Labeling, Filing, Shipping, Mailing, Barcodes and More, Home & Office Organization

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