Top 5 Best Tower Fans 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best tower fan 2020? Here are the top 10 best tower fans 2020 tested reviews with pros, cons, and tower fan buying guide. Read on this post till the end to find and buy the best one today!

If you are living in a warm area, you need a fan all the time. Be it any weather, you need to circulate air in your home. In this case, an electric fan is the first choice for many people. A fan is the most efficient and easy to keep air circulating in your room.

Before jumping to the best tower fan reviews and buying guide, here’s a quick introduction to tower fans.

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Introduction To Tower Fans

Introduction To Tower Fans

When it comes to fans, you will find a lot of types in them. Perhaps, ceiling fans are the most widely used fans. However, you will now find a lot more types of ceiling fans. People prefer a small fan, fits in less space and gives more air. A fan is good as long as it covers a large area.

So, here is a tower fan for you. They are small, compact, easy to move, and perfect fans for your rooms or halls. If you are also looking for the best quiet tower fan, read this guide.

It is a tower-like tall structure and has a revolving bottom. It pulls air with the help of inlets that are on its sides. Since a tower fan blows air at a 90 degree, it covers a lot more area than another type of fan. The best thing about tower fans is that most of them come with a dust filter. So, they will remain clean for a longer time.

That’s all with the basics. Let’s now start exploring the top 10 best tower fans 2020 tested reviews with pros, cons and tower fan buying guide.

Best Inexpensive

Honeywell TurboForce Tower Fan, Black

The Best High-End

Ozeri 360 Oscillation, Bluetooth and Micro-Blade Noise Reduction Technology Tower Fan, Black

Best Mid-Range

Woozoo Remote Controlled Oscillating Tower Fan, 31.5 Inch, White/Black TWF-C81

Top 5 Best Tower Fans 2020 Tested Reviews With Pros, Cons And Tower Fan Buying Guide

Ozeri 360 Oscillation, Bluetooth and Micro-Blade Noise Reduction Technology Tower Fan, Black


#5.Ozeri 360 Oscillation, Bluetooth and Micro-Blade Noise Reduction Technology Tower Fan

This fan is Bluetooth technology enabled and for control, you can download an application from the play store or apple store which is free of cost. With the Bluetooth function, you can control the settings even from a distance.

The range is long enough that you can use the application from a different room to set the tower fan. It is compatible with smartphones and tablets as well. It works well with iOS and Android. From the application, you can control the speed, set a mode, also set the oscillations, etc. The oscillations are at 60, 90, 120, or 360 degrees depending upon the speed you want, from partial to complete air circulation.

There are 3 speed settings available in this tower fan. The airflow patterns that are preprogrammed in the fan helps in relaxing and providing a comfortable sleep with optimal air circulation and also without generating any unnecessary noise. It is one of the best quiet tower fan available in the market.

This tower fan uses an advanced cylindrical motion technology and has over 200 staggered micro-blades for airflow without creating much noise. This tower fan also comes with a multi-colored LCD screen and you can see the room temperature and easy access to other features.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      Top 5 Best Tower Fans 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Tower Fans 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 4

  • Bluetooth technology is enabled

  • Micro-blade for noise reduction

  • Easy to set up

  • Comfortable sleep

  • The LCD display is not dimmable

  • The cord is not very long

  • The fan is big in size for some people

Honeywell TurboForce Tower Fan, Black


#4.Honeywell TurboForce Tower Fan

The range of this fan is up to 40 feet. If you are looking for the best cooling tower fan, then this one is surely going to surpass your expectations. This tower fan is powered with turbo force and has 2 independently separate controlled fans with 6 different speed settings and comfort settings.

The more number of features and settings allows you to find the perfect mode for any time of the day or is also useful in different weather conditions as well. This tower fan is powerful in cooling but also won’t affect your pocket which is a great deal in itself. It also reduces energy consumption which is always good for the environment.

This tower fan is a combination of the best features of different kinds of fans. It has the high-velocity air output of a tower fan, it can pivot at 90 degrees which comes from a top fan and the flexibility of wide-area oscillation. All these amazing features are combined into one single fan making it the best tower fan in terms of customization.

It is designed in such a way that the aerodynamics of the fan blade takes up air front from the front which gives the quietest rotation of the blades but yet it is powerful enough to cool one room. It is also easy to store and keep because of its physical design being slender and stylish and does not take up large space in your room. With all these features and settings, you also get the trust of a well-known brand such as Honeywell and the support of their customer care.

PRICE: $$    Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0      Top 5 Best Tower Fans 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Tower Fans 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 7

  • Powerful cooling and independently controlled fans

  • 90-degree pivoting head

  • Unique cross-flow design

  • Sturdy base and sleek design

  • Can be too loud for some people

  • Smaller in height

  • Not remote controlled

#3.Cooler Evaporative, Bladeless Fan Air

In this time when pollution rates have increased and the air we breathe is not clean anymore, having an air purifier is an essential electronics. But they are expensive plus do not provide any other function other than just cleaning out the air particles. But this tower fan provides cooling and also removes about 99.5 % of harmful ultrafine particles as small as 0.1 microns from the air.

This tower fan has a HEPA filter to clean out the air and the cooling happens through evaporation. You get two features in one without burning a bigger hole in your pocket. Since it is just a two-in-one gadget, it will not take up any unnecessary extra space in your home.

This tower fan captures the various toxic fumes that may come from outside or around your home or even office depending on where you use it. It also captures odors and gives a cleaner and pure air as an output. This tower fan can cool one entire room without any difficulty and also the design of the tower fan is compact enough to not take up huge space in your home or office.

It is also lightweight. You can control the oscillations to direct the airflow in the room, wherever you want it. It can pivot easily as well. It is easy to use since the operation is very simple and does not have unnecessary features for no reason. It does the job perfectly, that is, to cool and clean the air and relax you. It uses 110 v set up.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.5/5.0      Top 5 Best Tower Fans 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Tower Fans 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 4

  • This fan removes harmful and ultrafine particles from the air

  • It is lightweight and takes up less space

  • It is easy to use and set up

  • It removes toxic fumes and odors from the air

  • The tower fan is not very quiet

  • It is not very sturdy since it is made of plastic alone

  • There are not many features as per some people’s preference

#2. Woozoo Remote Controlled Oscillating Tower Fan

This is the best oscillating tower fan out there in the market that is powerful in cooling the air for a comfortable sleep during the summers or any hot and humid day. This tower fan is remote controlled and offers a lot of cooling power without even taking much floor space.

It is designed to be sleek and aesthetic so that it is not bulky instead and looks odd at home spaces. This tower fan has oscillations from left and right so that you can get a full room coverage without spending a lot on expensive air conditioners for the same result.

With this remote-controlled tower fan, you get three speeds and also natural breeze settings for a more natural feel to meet your cooling requirements since just one setting of speed is never enough or does not accommodate the needs of an entire family, in case you do have one. You can also set a timer to turn the fan off at different time intervals, such as after 1,2, or 4 hours.

This feature is the Auto-off timer and automatically turns off the fan at the time you have set. The dimensions of this fan are 8.66L x 8.66W x 31.50H. The cord of this tower fan is super long, 70. 9 inches makes it easy to reach the outlet while the circular stand fan base keeps the fan steadily in place without taking up lots of floor space.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0      Top 5 Best Tower Fans 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Tower Fans 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 13

  • Remote-controlled oscillating fan

  • Auto-off timer feature

  • Left and right oscillation for wide area coverage

  • Three airflow and natural breeze settings

  • Not very quiet at higher settings

  • Cooling is not too strong

  • Does not work well in larger rooms

#1. TRUSTECH 43 Inch Tower Fan

If you are looking for the best cooling tower fan, then this one right here is all you need. The physics behind this powerful fan is a bladeless high-velocity turbine airflow that provides maximum cooling. This oscillating tower fan is quiet and provides powerful wind under 52 dB.

It is also safe if you have children and pets around since the sound is low and the airflow, though powerful, is very smooth in output. There is a Sleep Mode in this tower fan that allows you to get that peaceful night’s rest with wind flowing for a comfortable sleep without any noticeable sound. The height of this tower fan is 3.6 feet and oscillates at 70 degrees.

The range of the airflow is up to 16.4 feet and is a pretty good distance to cover a large room with cold air. This tower fan is also a great gadget to balance the room temperature and provide good air circulation throughout while saving energy, compared to an air conditioner. If you are looking for a substitute for ac in summers, then this is the best tower fan that you should invest in without a second thought.

There are 3 modes with 3 speed settings and a 7.5-hour timer setting as well. The LED lights are also auto-dim to provide you a good sleep especially since bright lights can make it uncomfortable to fall asleep. The design of this tower fan is sleek, modern, and stylish which not only saves space but also will amp it up because of its looks.

PRICE: $$$    Editor Rating: 4.9/5.0      Top 5 Best Tower Fans 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Tower Fans 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 16

  • Bladeless high-velocity turbine airflow

  • Sleep mode feature for quiet yet powerful wind

  • 3 modes and 3 speeds with auto-dim LEDs

  • Remote control for ease of use

  • The remote does not turn off the fan

  • Slightly taller in size than the standard fans

  • Gives out very mild breeze sometimes

The Best Tower Fan Buying Guide

Top 5 Best Tower Fans 2020 Tested Reviews & Buying Guide 17

Here we have explained all the facts and features related to tower fans which will help you in buying the right one for your purposes from the above best tower fans reviews section. So, without doing any jargon, let’s just get started with the tower fan buying guide.

How Does Tower Fans Work?

How Does Tower Fans Work -

Tower fans work simply. They take the air from its base, where a fan is attached for the same purpose. It pushes the same air up to the column of the fan. In this process, the air bounces around the walls of the fan. Hence, it goes out of the fan fins from the front.

A lot of them won’t look like a fan. They look a lot like decoration pieces. This is one of the reasons why people prefer them. They look very beautiful in your home and will look like a part of room design.

How To Buy The Best Tower Fans 2020 And What To Look For?

How To Buy The Best Tower Fans 2020 And What To Look For -

Buying a tower fan is a fun thing to do. There are some settings, you will play with them and select the best tower fan for you. So, let us see what to look at in a tower fan.


People buy a tower fan, so it can cool their room or office. No matter if you need it for office use or home, you need a very quiet fan. However, when you are selecting the best oscillating tower fan, it will reduce the air pressure. Hence, it will affect cooling. You need to select a fan that gives you a balance between noise and speed.

Tower fans come in three different types when it comes to noise. Some of them use whisper-quiet tech in them. They are very silent and are best for office use or for people that are light sleepers. The other two types include quiet and not quiet fans.

Ease of use

Tower fans are usually easy to use, but some are easier than others. So, you need to select how much ease you need.

  • LCD:

A lot of people prefer this feature. An LCD monitor or screen will tell you about the settings all the time. So, you exactly know how well your fan is working.

  • Remote control:

A lot of fans come with remote control. People buy tower fans so they can get more comfort. Remote control adds to the ease with which you use your fan.

  • Control panel:

Some fans come with a digital control panel. Every setting is very clear in these panels. You just had to select from the panel. and it will work best.

Fan Speed Modes

The mobiles we use today have the battery on a scale from 1 to 100. Early phones showed the remaining battery in terms of vertical bars. So, what is better? Of course, you will say that 1 to 100 percent. It tells us better about the level of charge in the battery. The same is with fan speed modes.

You should prefer a fan with as many speed modes as available. The more options, the more you are in control. Some fans come with only 2-3 options. You have limited control. Others come with 6-9 speed modes. You can control them better.


A timer is an extra feature in your tower fan. Some fans come with programming and give you the option of a timer. They are of two types. Turn off the timer and turn on the timer.

Auto-turn off timer is useful when you need the fan at your sleeping time. It will turn off once you are deep asleep. If you are on your way home, you can use the turn-on timer. Hence, your best cooling tower fan will keep the room cool when you come back.


A tower fan doesn’t feature wheels for movement. So, if you want to move it from time to time, you need a light model. On the other hand, if you want to use your tower fan in one place, you can buy heavier ones.


It is also a critical point to monitor when it comes to buying your best tower fan. You need a fan that will not slip and will stay in its place. There are some ways to keep the fan stable. Some come with anti-slip feet, others with multiple feet or wide bases. Each of them works well unless it has one of them. So, always buy a stable tower fan.

What Are the Benefits Of Buying Best Tower Fans 2020?

What Are the Benefits Of Buying Best Tower Fans 2020 -

There are a lot of benefits of tower fans over other fans. The first one is that they are easy to move from one place to another. Let us see other benefits of a tower fan.

  • Tower fans use simple technology in them. Thus, they have a sleek design. You can easily move them because of their design.
  • When it comes to using, they are very power efficient. This feature becomes prominent if you compare them with room coolers.
  • If you live in a warm to cool area, they are best for you. You don’t need too much coolness in cold areas. You just need air circulation, for that tower fans are perfect.
  • The initial investment is also low in the case of tower fans. They come at less price than other fans.
  • They cover a large space. Not only their range is more, but you can also move them easily. As a result, they will come with you anywhere you go.
  • Tower fans are more beautiful than other fans. In a room, they will look like a piece of decoration.

Best Tower Fans 2020: Frequently Asked Questions

Best Tower Fans 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tower Fans Better?

If you are comparing them with a room cooler, then they are better cost-wise. They are cheap and take less power than a room cooler. However, they will give you less cooling. So, prefer tower fans only in areas where there is already moderate weather.

Does A Tower Fan Use A Lot Of Electricity?

When it comes to power use, you will find tower fans very efficient. They use minimal electricity to power on and operate. As a result, they will help you to save a lot in your power bills.

Which Is A Better Tower Fan Or Table Fan?

While both of them are portable, there is a big difference. A table fan is only for a small area. On the other hand, tower fans cover a large area. So, it will depend on your use either for a small area or large.

Are 5 Tower Fan Blades Better Than 3?

A lot of people think that the number of blades is only personal liking. However, physics is involved in this aspect too. When you increase the number of blades, the voice decreases but also circulates less air. So, you need to be careful between these two options. If you need more air, go for 3 fan blades. However, if you want the fan to remain quieter, stick with 5 blades.

Are Tower Fans Good For The Bedroom?

Yes, tower fans work very well for the bedroom. They are one of the quietest fans. At the same time, they have a dust filter to save them from dust. Hence, they will flow fresh air on you without making any noise or getting dirty.

We learned about tower fans and how they work. This was a simple buying guide to help you know different aspects of the best tower fan. There were some points other than mentioned, but you had to take care of them. When buying a tower fan, prefer a seller that gives you a good warranty and competitive price. Now, we think it will be very easy to select the right fan for your room or office from the above best tower fan reviews list.

So, that’s all for now and stay tuned with The Keen Hunter for more such product  reviews and buying guides. Thanks for reading this post here.

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