Top 5 Best Tv Backlights 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide

Planning to buy the best TV backlights 2020? Here are the top 5 best TV backlights tested reviews along with Tv backlight buying guide. Read on this post to find the best value for money backlight for your TV.

Before we start exploring the best TV backlight reviews, here’s a quick introduction to help you get more familiar with the TV Backlight. Also, if you want to read the detailed best TV Backlight buying guide first, please skip the best TV backlights reviews section and you can find TV Backlights buying guide right below it.

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An Introduction To TV Backlights

Introduction To TV Backlights -

We probably spend hours and hours in front of the television watching news, sports, and favorite drama series. TV has been a major part of our lives to stay updated, so why should you watch TV with outdated lighting. With the cumulatively increasing TV watching hours there comes stress in eyes and a feeling of fatigue.

You can fix this problem with a very simple solution by introducing TV Backlights in your home and see the difference firsthand. A simple addition to the TV set with the TV Backlights can make your TV look like a dream with the optimum brightness.

So, that’s all with the TV Backlights basics. Let’s now start exploring the top 5 best TV backlights 2020 tested reviews with their pros cons and buying guide.

Best Inexpensive

Studyset 50/100 Pcs Diodes TV Backlight 2W 6V / 1W 3V 3535 SMD LED Televisao Cold White Backlit LCD Backlight for TV 2W 6V 100Pieces

The Best High-End


Best Mid-Range


Top 5 Best Tv Backlights 2020 Tested Reviews With Their Pros Cons And Buying Guide

#5. Kiorc LED Strip Light TV Backlights String Tape 10M 3528 SMD RGB 600 LED Strips

Add these fantastic and glossy lights behind the tv that can change its color and patterns with your one command so that you can have a more vivid tv viewing experience.

This tv bias lighting is crafted with care by the professionals and consists of multiple features so that the viewer can enjoy watching television with better attention capability.

These lights are also beneficial from protecting your eyes from straining as they provide a background of the same color and lower pressure level on the eyes. These LED strip lights can be connected through the USB of your television and then controlled with a remote controller.

This best tv backlight kit can also be used for the decorative purpose and used over ceilings, stairs, pools, and any other place.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      Top 5 Best Tv Backlights 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Tv Backlights 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 4

  • It emits super bright light at a low energy level.

  • A self-adhesive tape makes the installation easier.

  • The lights have a good lifespan.

  • They produce very low heat.

  • The lights are fragile.

  • The remote has a low range.

  • The implementation of instructions takes time.

#4. Vaorwne Rgb Led Strip TV Backlights Lights Tv Backlight

This is one of the best ambient light TVs strips that is extremely functional and affordable. These led tv lights are highly flexible and can mold itself as per the user’s wish.

The lights come with self-adhesive double-sided tape that makes the installation process simple and convenient for the user. Unlike any other tv ambient lighting strip, this strip has IP65 waterproof functionality and will not damage itself on exposure to the water.

This makes its application wider, and you can use it for providing classy lighting at your swimming pool or the bathroom.

The LED light comes with a remote controller that has over 44 assigned keys for the lights to perform multiple unique functions. You can control the brightness, change the patterns, and switch the light colors according to your preferences. This is unquestionably the best tv backlight of its range.

PRICE: $    Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0      Top 5 Best Tv Backlights 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Tv Backlights 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 7

  • The length of the strip can be altered using the scissors.

  • A remote controller is available with the led light kit.

  • There are multiple patterns to choose from.

  • USB plug and play options are available.

  • The quality of the lights is average.

  • The lights are hard to set up behind the television.

  • These lights do not have a large life span.

#3. Studyset 50/100 Pcs Diodes TV Backlights

Protect your eyes from dryness and unrequired headaches by using this Studyset made ambient lights behind tv. The lights are made up of eco-friendly material and ensure complete safety for your television and home theatre system.

They maintain a low temperature while in use and emit no harmful radiations that can affect your eyes. This tv ambient backlight produces a bright white emission at the wall behind your tv that lets you enjoy an immersive tv viewing experience.

The lights are designed to consume very little power and give high performance at all times. They can also be used for lighting the bay area, shelves, and closets. These wonderful LED lights have a hundred pieces of diodes that fit in them, and each of the diodes provides an ample emission of light.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.5/5.0      Top 5 Best Tv Backlights 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Tv Backlights 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 10

  • The length of this light strip is good.

  • It is built from eco-friendly material.

  • The price is extremely low for its quality.

  • It serves a variety of applications.

  • Only one color is available.

  • The light does not have a remote control.

  • The installation process of the lights is complex.

#2. Jinjin LED Strip Lights Led TV Backlights Strip with Remote Controller

Wouldn’t it be fun to control the lighting of your television background according to the scene you are watching? If you think yes, then here is a beautiful opportunity to create such fantastic surroundings using the best tv backlight kit.

These Jinjin LED Strip Lights are amongst the best tv backlight that is not only highly functional but also has a very reasonable price. These lights are ideal for providing all kinds of tv ambient lighting and ensure the best results.

Apart from setting them around your television, they can also be set in your car or room for creating a beautiful visual experience. The strip lights can be controlled using a feature-rich remote control. This beautiful LED backlight kit will surely enhance your TV viewing experience.

PRICE: $    Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0      Top 5 Best Tv Backlights 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Tv Backlights 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 4

  • A multifunctional LED remote is available.

  • The installation process is super simple.

  • Multiple color variants are available.

  • It runs smoothly using a USB cable.

  • The adhesive used for sticking the lights is not that great.

  • Their effect sometimes overpowers the tv surroundings.

  • The lights consume more power than other lights.

#1. Eadear 65.5ft LED Strip Lights,TV Backlight

Enjoy watching your favorite shows on the television in the right way using this Eadear built led tv lights. This LED television backlight has a length of twenty meters that can cover all the large size television screens.

It is a highly efficient tv bias lighting that produces multiple colors according to your choice and preferences. It comes with a functional 44-key remote control that lets you pick twenty static light colors.

Also, it offers you the option to create your own lighting pattern, that is a huge advantage. The light is built considering all the safety standards to prevent any form of mishappening or accident.

The LED strip is made for energy-saving and utilities a very small margin of the energy for its working. It is available in five different sizes for you to select the one that you find suitable for your TV.

PRICE: $$    Editor Rating: 4.9/5.0      Top 5 Best Tv Backlights 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 5 Best Tv Backlights 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 7

  • You can create your own custom colors.

  • Different patterns are available.

  • The high length of the LED strip is a big advantage.

  • The remote has various good functions.

  • It gets hard to reassemble once taken out of the case.

  • The price of this tv ambient backlight is comparatively high.

  • The installation is a time-consuming process.

Best TV Backlights Buying Guide

Top 5 Best Tv Backlights 2020 Tested Reviews & Guide 17

You can choose from the best TV backlights that are available in the market to adorn your TV. We have discussed some major things you may want to consider before getting LED TV lights so you can benefit the most from TV Backlights.

How To Buy The Best TV Backlights And What Factors to Consider?

Ensure that the lights have a good adhesive and a circuit that can be customized even after cutting. Here are some key factors you should pay attention to while purchasing TV Backlights.

Custom Sizes

The length of the LED strip that you will require will depend on the area you are choosing it for. Additionally, the pattern and the dimensions of your television will be a deciding factor for you to customize the length of the strip lights. Order accordingly if you are installing the lights for more than one television set.

TV Backlights Control System

The LED TV lights are easy to control with a handy remote. You can also download the respective apps to control the brightness and pattern of the lights through your phone. Moreover, some of these lights can also be connected through Bluetooth and smart speakers for convenient control.

TV Backlights Color Scheme

LED lights come in different hues and color schemes. The best thing is the freedom to customize your own color schemes, warm tones, cool tones, and select the brightness. Also, the pattern of fading and timer can also be customized as per your needs. You can entirely change the ambiance and mood of the TV room with these lights in different patterns and hues.

TV Backlights Application

Your LED lights behind the TV will last long as long as the adhesive in the back is working. Make sure the lights have a strong adhesive. You can also add extra protection of heavy-duty tape to ensure the LED lights won’t fall off. While installing, also keep in mind the power source needed for the lights with the specified voltage.

You can choose from the best TV backlight kit and install the LED lights without calling in a technician. The TV Backlights are easy to apply and customize without having any technical skills. Just follow along with the steps and avoid any broken circuit. Some TV Backlights only work in series or parallel connections, so make sure that the circuit is completed in the same way.

How Do LED Lights Work? What Are TV Backlights For?

How Do LED Lights Work And What Are TV Backlights For -

LED TV lights consist of a strip light with a flexible circuit board that has a number of LED lights attached to it. These lights come with a strong adhesive backing and can be installed anywhere. The TV ambient backlight creates a contrasting light with the brightness of the TV. TV Backlights are just like any other LED strip lights but are installed strategically behind the TV to serve a different function.

These TV Backlights are a solution to create soothing and eye-friendly lighting while watching TV. You could spend a lot of cash and time installing different fixtures in the house, but the function of contrast lighting can only be achieved with TV Backlight lights. The installation of TV Backlights is a cakewalk, and you can adjust the brightness and color of the light.

Why Should You Buy The Best TV Backlights For TV Ambient lighting?

Why Should You Buy the Best TV Backlights For TV Ambient lighting -

The more time you spend in front of the TV, the more strain can result in your eyes. Human eyes have two receptors called cones and rods that enable vision. These cells work together to form pictures and function differently depending upon the lighting. Our eyes pick up the tiniest of the details and are sensitive to lights and changing contrasts.

There is a constant change of color and brightness in the moving pictures on the TV. This causes our pupils to dilate repeatedly, resulting in unnecessary eye strain. To avoid this eye strain you can switch on the lights, but that will affect the brightness of the television and cause reflection in the dark colors.

So, to avoid this you should consider TV backlights for TV ambient lighting and transform the way you watch your television. The backlight improves the contrast and helps your eyes see the colors better and brighter. When TV Backlight is installed, the screen will appear more HD to you with deeper colors and contrasts.

Additionally, the ambient lighting will be like an upgrade for your television and space. You can use these lights in their different hues to create mood lighting. TV Backlights will have a soothing effect on your eyes and mind while you wind down watching television at night.

How To Install Best TV Ambient Lighting?

How To Install Best TV Ambient Lighting -

The installation process of the LED TV lights is easy and can be DIYed with some basic supplies. Ensure that you have the best TV backlight kit with you to minimize any kind of circuit failures.

Now, to install the lights behind the TV, you need to switch it off first and make some space to be your workstation. The installation will be quick and can be done in under twenty minutes. However, you don’t have to win the race of quick installation. Be careful with the connections and the placement. Some TV Backlights are fragile and need to be handled carefully.

TV Backlights Measurements

Measure the exact length of the strip light LED you will require to surround your TV. Avoid any discrepancies in length, so that there is no redoing the length as it can damage the circuit. Before removing the LED for installation, you can install the tape to create an outline. The light elements should fit in the square and should not be visible outside.

The strip LED lights come with the feature to be cut at every third light without affecting the working of the circuit. This is how these lights can be customized in length and different patterns as per your preference. Just make sure while cutting, the circuit of the LED lights stays intact. Also, ensure that you join the lights in the specified circuit of series and parallel. Even if a single circuit is missing or disrupted, it will lead to the whole strip of the LED light to not work.

Careful Placement

There are two ways you can place the TV ambient backlight to create soothing lighting for your TV. You can either install the lights on your TV, or you can place the lights on the wall. The placement of the lights should be done with a light hand without damaging the circuit of the lights. Make sure you use heavy-duty adhesive tape to stick the LED lights.

You can plug your TV Backlight to the same switch as the television for them to work at the same time. Just ensure the voltage the lights work on so that there is no short circuit. If they require batteries, the placement will be independent of the position of the light switch.

Make TV Backlight Strips Cohesive

LED lights come in different colors and can be muted or brightened as per your preference. One thing to consider while choosing a hue is to create a soft cooling light for your eyes. Also, keep in mind the décor and color scheme of your room for the cohesiveness of color. You can create custom hues using the remote control or the applications compatible with the choice of your LED lights.

Best TV Backlights 2020 For TV Ambient Lighting FAQs

Best TV Backlights 2020 For TV Ambient Lighting FAQs - THEKEENHUNTER.COM

Are TV Backlights Or Lights Behind Tv Safe?

Yes, installing LED lights behind the TV is completely safe. These LED lights do not consume too much electricity and can work to give TV bias lighting. You will observe there is a difference in the picture quality and color quality on the TV screen.

The best TV backlight can work for hours straight without any flickering or dimming. Even after operating for hours, the LED lights do not heat up the circuit or the area they are placed on. This implies the lights are safe for continuous use without you worrying about your TV or electricity bill.

Are Backlit TVs Light Better?

It is important to understand that ambient light TVs with backlight are different from the one with the edge-lit TVs. There is a higher contrast difference with the higher ratio in the backlit version that the edge-lit version. However, both of them perform the same way.

One major difference to consider between the two is the size of the TV if that affects the viewing experience. The edge-lit version is thinner than the backlit one with a difference of three to four inches.

Any television with a backlit TV display will have the upper hand in terms of picture quality and brightness. So, it is safe to say that backlit TVs are definitely the end game here. The adjustable brightness and soothing ambient lighting is the key to making your TV hours more entertaining.

Is Bias Lighting or TV Backlight Worth It?

TV bias lighting works on a simple principle of contrast lighting by creating ambient lighting around your television. You will observe there is an improvement in the contrast ratio of the light emitted by the television and the lights behind the TV. In a way, you are protecting your eyes from the continuous contrast change and harsh glares from the TV.

Getting TV bias lighting is probably a smart choice and definitely worth it. You will considerably reduce the strain caused in your eyes by the changes in the brightness while you enjoy your favorite shows and movies. Moreover, your TV watching experience will become more enjoyable and relaxing at the same time.

Additionally, the bias lighting will make the colors in your TV look richer with powerful contrast. The grays and blacks will come off nicer and deeper without any reflective lighting. It will have you believe that you got a new TV with such a simple addition of TV Backlights. Also, you will not be spending your time adjusting your television display or brightness.

How Long Will LED TV Light Or TV Backlights Last?

The general life and operational hours for LED TV lights are around 50,000 hours. If you get a good brand and choose from the best TV backlight you can expect your TV Backlights to last for years to come, hence, it’s just a one-time investment lasting you a long period of time. Note that TV Backlights tend to gradually lose their output efficiency, and this duration marks it up to 70% reduction by the end of 50,000 hours.

Some other factors include the method of installation and the quality of the materials used in manufacturing. Additionally, the usage hours can also affect how long your LED TV light and its brightness. If the lights you installed are not waterproof, make sure you keep them dry and clean.

For the longevity of the TV Backlights, make sure that the connections are strong without any failed circuits. Also, keep a check on the adhesive backing and replace any if needed. Sometimes, the adhesive may become less sticky with time making the lights fall off. This can be prevented with correct installation or adding extra adhesive.

LED TV lights are a great way to upgrade your TV room to look more inviting. The time spent on their installation is definitely rewarding with less strained eyes and mood lighting as a bonus.

So, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading the best TV backlights 2020 tested reviews and TV Backlights buying guide here at The Keen Hunter. Do follow us and stay tuned with us for more such product reviews and buying guides. Thanks again!

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