Facebook Group Beginner Guide By TheKeenHunter

What Are Facebook Groups and Why Are They Important?

  • A Facebook group is primarily a place where people who share a specific interest, hobby, problem or concern can gather and exchange information, tips and connect

  • Facebook groups matter because they tap into the tremendous amount of traffic that Facebook generates on a daily basis

  • Facebook usage accounts for one in every six minutes spent online

  • As a Facebook group owner and administrator, your primary responsibility is to identify and understand your audience

  • Facebook’s traffic reaches broadly across so many demographic boundaries increases the chances that you will be able to meet that responsibility

Starting a Facebook Group

The following are the steps you need to take to start a Facebook group

  • Deciding on an Audience

  • Creating the Group

  • Adding Details and Customizing Your Group

Promoting Your Facebook Group

Some of the ways that you can promote a group once it’s been started are:

  • Facebook Fan Pages and Facebook Ads

  • Cross Promotion

  • Promotion by Your Members

  • Get Influencers to Join Your Group

  • Use Other Social Media Platforms to Promote Your Group


Here are the top ten tips that will help you to optimize your Facebook group

  • Decide what your group is about and then let other interested people know.

  • Give examples of the type of content that members can post.

  • Always give new members a personal welcome.

  • Encourage members to invite their friends to join.

  • Personally react to and comment on member’s posts.

  • Share and promote your own compelling content.

  • Ask questions and poll your members on a regular basis.

  • Check in on your group at least once a day.

  • Have group rules, make sure that the membership knows the rules and enforce them stringently.

  • Remember, building a group takes time, but it will happen.