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Looking for the best waist trainer 2020? Here is the top 10 best waist trainers reviews with pros Cons and waist trainer buying guide to help you buy the perfect one that actually works.

We. at The Keen Hunter, have spent more than 50 hours on research and testing to finally come up with the top 10 best waist trainer reviews and buying guide. So, read on this post till the end and we are sure that you will be able to buy the best waist trainer 2020 today.

Before starting with the list of best waist trainers of this year, we think it’s important to give a quick overview. So, here we go!

Best Waist Trainer

An Introduction To Waist Trainers And Why You Need The One?

Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, where every person is in the pursuit of achieving everything, we have sadly lost the appreciation of things that actually matter. Our body and our health have suffered the most because of this artificial and fast-paced lifestyle.

Our unhealthy lifestyle along with excessive consumption of processed food and unhealthy diet has taken a toll on our mental health. We see people suffering from insecurities and self confidence issues because of weight gain. The idea of having a perfect figure seems incompatible with our current lifestyle, therefore most people don’t even aim for it.

Taking out time for our health and our body has become a crucial need in order to live a happy life. Looking back in time we see corsets as a widely used tool in helping achieve a good body shape. While the corsets from periodic dramas may seem outdated and uncomfortable, we see that modern technology has revamped the concept of corsets by introducing them as waist trainers.

That’s all with the basics, let’s now start exploring the list of top 10 best waist trainers reviews with pros. Cons and waist trainer buying guide.

Best Inexpensive

Perfotek Waist Trimmer Belt, Sweat Wrap, Tummy Toner, Low Back and Lumbar Support with Sauna Suit Effect, Abdominal Trainer (Pink)

The Best High-End


Best Mid-Range

Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer (Pink Logo) for Men & Women ~ Includes Free Sample of Sweet Sweat Gel! (SM: 8" Width x 35" Length)

Top 10 Best Waist Trainers 2020 Reviews With Pros Cons And Waist Trainer Buying Guide

ChongErfei Waist Trainer Belt for Women Waist Cincher Trimmer Slimming Body Shaper Sport Girdle Belt


#10. Chongerfei Waist Trainer

These waist trainers are a perfect combination of ease and innovation. Designed with 100 per cent latex-free, stretchable neoprene fabric, these trainers have proven to enhance the effect of workout and exercise as they produce heat and cause burn fat. These smooth looking trainers are famous for shaping the body with their flex boning technology and have been a popular choice as the best waist trainer for weight loss.

For most users, these trainers have been a tool in reclaiming their self-confidence. These waist trainers have broken the barriers of insecurities for many people and have uplifted their spirits by giving them a positive outlook about their body. Chongerfei Waist Trainer fulfils its promise of being a user-friendly brand by presenting products which are inclusive of all sizes and these trainers are no exception.

The double adjusting hook and loop allows accuracy in sizing and makes these trainers wide enough to cover the stomach and back area. Lastly, the most appreciated quality of these trainers is its ability to correct the posture through its 4 reinforced acrylic bones, which has made it the best waist trainer for reduction of lower belly fat.

PRICE: $            Editor Rating 3.8/5.0             10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 3  (what’s it)

  • Vibrant color options like green, hot pink, and orange

  • Relieves back pain and improves posture

  • The extra strap causes discomfort in the initial use

ChongErfei Waist Trainer Women - Waist Cincher Trimmer - Slimming Body Shaper Belt - Sport Girdle Belt (Upgraded Black, Medium)


#9. Chongerfei Waist Trainer

With no compromise on quality, these high-quality latex-free belts have an intense sauna effect on the abdomen which boosts fat burn and regulates weight loss. It is an ideal product to be used in the modern-day intensive fitness training programs.

With a minimum 2-3 hours regular use of these belts, one can notice a commendable difference in body shape and figure and feel empowered to face the world. Having a strong personality is desirable by everyone yet, most of us struggle unknowingly in developing this most basic indicator of a strong personality and that is having a correct posture. The Chongerfei Waist Trainer with its unique 4 flexible acrylic bones has been designed to solve this most common problem faced by individuals.

These trimmers also provide other significant purposes such as healing back pain and subsequently giving added security from workout injuries. This waist trainer belt is produced with the highest grade of neoprene which makes it effective enough to generate heat and leads to fast calorie burn out. The upgraded version of these trainers with a 9.85” makes it the best waist trainer for the workout as it is a perfect fit for both long torso and short torso.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 3.7/5.0      10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 6

  • Suitable for long and short torso

  • Secures from workout injuries

  • Some customers complained about the smell

  • The material is not very good

#8. Moolida Waist Trainer

Earlier, a perfect body shape seemed like a myth or an extremely tedious task to achieve. However, utilizing the most modern technological advancements, the Moolida Waist Trainer Belt for women was produced and it successfully made waist trainers an effective tool in achieving that dreamy perfect figure.

With the aim to boost self-confidence, these trainers flatten the abdomen and are perfect to use during weightlifting and sporting activities. These trainers are considered as the best waist trainers for working out as they easily burn off inches from the waist area by producing heat and sweat within a short time period and thus one can reap maximum benefits from their fitness regimes.

The additional 4 flexible acrylic bones have proven to strengthen the lower back area and lead to ease in improved posture, making it widely accepted as the best waist trainer for women. Women also love it because it comes with black, purple, and hot pink color options for your outfit. You can also use it in postpartum to smooth your tummy and get back to your previous shape.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.0/5.0      10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 9

  • Ideal fit to be used in all fitness activities

  • Great back support with adjustable tabs

  • Some customers found it bulky

  • Bra hooks don’t catch in the mesh

SHAPERX Womens Waist Trainer for Weight Loss Latex 4 Hooks Steel Boned Waist Trainer Corsets Cincher Hourglass Body Shaper, (Black, XS)


#7. Shaperx Waist Trainer

The concept of an hourglass body has become easy to achieve with this beautifully crafted Shaperx women’s waist trainer. We see the precision and high expertise in the structural design of these waist trainers. Starting from the sturdy 4 rows of hooks to the fabric of these trainers, everything has been designed to perfection.

The 4 rows of hooks have been added to maximize the waist-cinching effect, whereas the 9 spiral steel bones provide the right amount of compression on the waist area. The back being the most sensitive part of the body has the most chances of being damaged without the correct equipment, however, these waist trainers act as strong support for the back. Women with existing back issues prefer to use these trainers as they are most reliable when it comes to healing back pain and are known as the best trainers for weight loss and back support.

The exterior structure of these waist trainers is designed in a way that by using it, the unnecessary fat is reduced and the natural beauty of feminine figures is enhanced. The purpose of these waist trainers is to empower the users with confidence and strength so that they can fulfil their dream of having the “perfect figure”.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.1/5.0      10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 3

  • Improves overall body posture

  • Great postpartum support

  • Elastic bands that adjust to the tightness desired

  • The bone of the shaper rips through the stitching

  • Only covers to the belly button

Burvogue Waist Trainer for Weight Loss-Women Trimmer Slimmer Belt Latex Corset Cincher Body Shaper (Black 9-steel bones, L(Waist 31.5"-33.5" ))


#6. Burvogue Waist Trainer

Burvogues with its new waist trainer has opened easy pathways for people who want the iconic hourglass figure. The carefully designed 4 hook and eye front closures enable these trainers to be altered and to smoothly fit any waist size. When used during exercise and other fitness regimes, these trainers boost the Thermo activity by generating excessive body heat which leads to burning fat at an accelerated pace.

Since Burvogues trainers are the modern version of corsets, they are the most used products by mothers as it quickly reduces the waistline by 3-5 inches and helps them quickly get through the postpartum recovery phase. Suitable for any occasions, you can wear them under dresses and clothes whenever you head to a girls night out, work, or gym.

The design of this waist trainer does not use a long rope or belt to adjust it to your body, therefore you don’t have to worry about any awkward moments when you use it. Choose black or skin tones according to your outfit. It is important to choose one based on your waist circumference and the measurement written on the slimming waist trainer size chart.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 15

  • Comfortable to sit on and work out in

  • Not noticeable under clothing

  • Extra plump in the right areas

  • Some customers complained about poor construction

  • Sizes are too small

Nebility Women Waist Trainer Corset Zipper Vest Body Shaper Cincher Tank Top with Adjustable Straps (L, Black)


#5. Nebility Waist Trainer

Nebility waist trainer with its fine and high quality is the perfect example of the best waist trainers. These waist trainers are made of 90 per cent polyester and 10 per cent soft spender. The precision in producing these trainers with the best materials allows them to be stretchable, flexible and comfortable to wear.

The ease in usage is further ensured by the zipper corset which has 3 rows of hook and eye closure and 2 adjustable shoulder straps. These waist trainers are not only ideal for the lower body area rather they consequently shape the upper body with its push up breast design, which gives a firm and attractive chest. The modern technology of these trainers has made them the best trainer for weight loss especially for those women who are in the recovery phase of postpartum as it eases the transition of the uterus back to its normal size and relieves the postnatal pain.

Nebility offers black and beige color options according to your outfit so that you can wear it anywhere you. It’s important to check out the Nebility measurement size chart before buying as sizes can vary according to brands.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 15

  • Easy to wear

  • Adjustable with the help of a zipper corset

  • Satisfies the customers with quick results

  • It does not revert back to its original shape

  • The boning is weak and too flex



#4. Yianna Waist Trainer

Yianna specializes in making waist trainers keeping in mind the special needs and expectations of its customers and this waist trimmer is the perfect example of it. These waist trainers are exquisite in their design and give an elegant feel on the initial touch.

The outer layer of these belts is made of polyester and spandex whereas the inner layer is made of cotton and spandex, the intended purpose of this arrangement of the material is to fasten the sweat rate and give quick results by flattening the abdomen area by reducing more than 3-5 inches of the waistline and are therefore they are considered as the best waist trainers for weight loss.

The tedious and tiring process of letting the body recover from the postpartum phase can be fastened up if these trainers are used along with a regular exercise routine. The 3-column hook and eye closure make these trainers adjustable enough that it will easily fit a long torso waistline. Additionally, the durable quality of the 9 spiral steel bones helps in supporting the back and consequently also helps in the struggle of maintaining a good posture.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0      10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 21

  • Vibrant color options such as rose, purple, and blue

  • It does not roll down or cut into the skin

  • It is very easy to put on

  • Some customers complain about the smell

  • Steel boning comes out easily

Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer (Pink Logo) for Men & Women ~ Includes Free Sample of Sweet Sweat Gel! (SM: 8" Width x 35" Length)


#3. Sports Research Waist Trainer

The sweet sweat waist trimmer has made challenging workouts a fun activity by yielding quick results and positive improvements in the body structure. It effortlessly fits and adjusts around the waist and starts contouring the shape of the waistline. The flexibility and durability of these trainers have made it to be the best waist trainer for the workout.

The highlight of these trimmers is its extra-thick, latex-free neoprene which causes extra sweat and fastens up the calorie burn rate. However, the extra sweat should not be a matter of concern as the trimmer’s inner lining is included to curtail it during workouts. Rather than draining the body by overheating it, these trainers make a person feel upbeat and energetic during exercise and also after exercise.

The sleek shape and texture of these trainers is an instant eye-catcher. Using these trainers has drastically changed the life of many and that also within the short period of one month, and are therefore considered as the best waist trainers for weight loss. Upon purchase, you also receive a
breathable carrying bag as well as a sample Sweet Sweat Gel. Let us remind you that you should wear this trimmer loose enough so that you can move easily during your workouts.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.5/5.0      10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 15

  • It even works better with the gel

  • Speeds up the weight loss process

  • Very comfortable to wear even in extreme workouts

  • People prone to skin allergies have reported some issues

  • There are quality differences among color options

SHAPERX Women Velcro Hourglass Waist Trimmer Belt - Sports Workout Slimming Tummy Control Belly Band Waist Trainer Belts, SZ8002-Blue-2XL


#2. Shaperx Waist Trainer

A perfect figure and a healthy lifestyle have become way easier to achieve with the Sharpex waist trimmer belt. The neoprene fabric of these belts makes them generate a healthy amount of heat and sweat which accelerates the fat burn rate. It is designed with a highly stretchable material which easily adjusts around the lower body, providing the right amount of compression on the stomach required to flatten it.

These trainers have been the choice of many new mothers who wanted to retune their bodies and feel rejuvenated as it acts as a modern corset and efficiently helps in getting rid of the pregnancy flab from the stomach. Improvement of posture has been one of the added benefits of these belts as it offers lumbar support. The strong structure and design of these belts provide safety and security during intensive workouts as it has proven to make the users less prone to injuries and accidents, making them widely recognized as the best waist trainers for workouts.

Compared to other brands, the brand offers spectacular vibrant colors to women such as blue, rose, purple, lemon-green, yellow, orange, black mesh, and beige. Whether you head to yoga, jogging, fitness or rope skipping, Sharperx will make sure that you burn all the extra calories in no time.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0      10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 21

  • The feel on the body is amazing

  • Shapes the body in an hourglass figure

  • Reasonable price tag when high-quality features are taken into consideration

  • It doesn’t stink even after usage

  • The length of the torso is too short

  • Some people reported losing too soon

Perfotek Waist Trimmer Belt, Sweat Wrap, Tummy Toner, Low Back and Lumbar Support with Sauna Suit Effect, Abdominal Trainer (Pink)


#1. Perfotek Waist Trainer

The perfotek waist trimmer belt is the new compact, all in one fitness product. Made with neoprene, these waist trainers increase the body temperature producing excessive sweat within a short period of time and therefore have a stronger impact in causing fat loss and gives quick results by letting the users enjoy their ideal waistline.

The modern quality, breathable fabric of these trainers allows it to release the heat of workouts and keeps the body energetic and active. Whether it’s running, yoga, cycling or weight lifting, the adjustable Velcro closure makes it comfortable to wear and turns it into an ideal companion for every fitness regime. Using it regularly for 2-3 hours during exercise will not only enhance the body shape, but it will also bring noticeable and everlasting improvement in your posture.

As soon as you put on this product, you will feel as if you are in a sauna and it will maximize your speed in burning calories in no time. Perfotek waist trimmer ab belt fits up to 42 inches and it is available in black and purple color according to your gym outfits. You can either wear them on your clothes and under them, both ways are comfortable thanks to the unique design. It is important to use a damp cloth before and after use in order to get rid of the sweat. Leave it at room temperature and it will dry overnight.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.9/5.0      10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Waist Trainer 2020 Tested Reviews, Videos And Guide |TKH 3

  • The sauna effect is real and ideal for stomach fat loss

  • Gives back support during exercise

  • You can wear it comfortably for long periods of time

  • It even works better with cream

  • Some customers complain about the smell

Best Waist Trainer Buying Guide

Best Waist Trainer Buying Guide

Here we are going to discuss all the facts and features related to best waist trainer. This guide will help you in deciding which waist trainer to buy from the above best waist trainer reviews list. So, without wasting more time, let’s just get started with the best waist trainer guide and first explore some key benefits associated with the best waist trainers.

Advantages Of Using The Best Waist Trainers

Best Waist Trainers Health And Fitness Benefits Infographic

1.  Instant Change In The Body Shape

Waist trainers are known for bringing an instant change in the body shape. Just within the first week of using a waist trainer, users have noticed losing around an inch from their waistline.

2. Unwanted Calories Burnt

Waist trainers create the right amount of compression around the stubborn stomach fat and thus the unwanted calories are burnt, saving people from the embarrassment of having a bulging stomach.

3. Enhance The Effect Of Your Workouts

Waist trainers are intended to enhance the effects of your workouts as it accelerates the rate of fat burn by causing you to sweat excessively.

4. Solve Bad Habit Of Slouching

If you are struggling with the bad habit of slouching then a waist trainer can solve this problem also. The steel boning in the best waist trainer is designed to support your back by making slouching difficult.

5. Attaining A Good Posture

As waist trainers help in attaining a good posture, we see tremendous improvement in the overall health. The excessive pressure on the nervous system of the spinal cord is relieved and there is improved communication between the spine and brain which makes the frequent migraines and headaches go away.

6. Overeating Control

Overeating is the main cause of weight gain, but this can also be controlled with the help of a waist trainer. Waist trainers make a person more conscious and thoughtful about their eating routine. Eating with a waist trainer on will compress the stomach, preventing one from the unnecessary munching and snacking habits.

7. Shredding All The Unnecessary Fat From The Midsection

Having an hourglass figure seems like a mission impossible to most women.  However, waist trainers which function as a corset have changed this impossible task to an easily attainable goal. The reason behind it is simple-wearing these waist trainers produces constriction around the waistline which eventually leads to shredding all the unnecessary fat from the midsection.

8. Contributes To Your Mental Strength

Wearing a waist trainer does not only have physical benefits,but it also contributes to your mental strength by boosting your confidence. Having a good figure makes a person come out of those insecurities which come with having an unbalanced body shape.

How To Wear Waist Trainers For The Best Results?

Video Credit: Vitcart Youtube

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Waist Trainer Of  2020

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Waist Trainers Of  2020

Following are the factors that should be considered before you make your final choice of buying a waist trainer:

1. Material Of Best Waist Trainer

It won’t be wrong to say that a waist trainer will only be effective to use if it’s bought keeping in mind the appropriate material. An ideal waist trainer must be made from extra thick fabric like neoprene. The thickness of neoprene is what will generate sweat and perspiration around the waist area and eventually help in weight loss.

2. Ventilation Holes Of Best Waist Trainer

An additional feature to look out for when buying a waist trainer are the ventilation holes. These ventilation holes play a crucial role in making the waist trainers breathable and keeps them well aerated.

3. Color Options

If you are buying a waist trainer for daily use under your work or regular clothes-then buying the most subtle shade of color will work for you. Bright or dark colors will easily stand out having a not so positive impact on your overall dressing style.

4. Choose The Correct Size

Like every piece of clothing, correct size is a make or break factor when buying a waist trainer. Research shows that a correct size of waist trainers can be easily worn up to 10 hours a day. Make sure to measure your waist properly to make your purchase a beneficial choice.

5. Quality Of Waist Trainers Hooks

Another important thing to look for in selecting a waist trainer is that it must have a good, strong quality of hooks. Poor quality of hook and eye closure feature will only cause inconvenience and discomfort in use.

How To Buy The Best Waist Trainers In 2020?

How To Buy The Best Waist Trainers?

Waist trainers have become an essential item for the majority of fitness routines, we hear celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba being devoted users of waist trainers. However, buying the best waist trainer is a search of its own kind. There are many brands available claiming to sell the best waist trainers, but not all those brands succeed in upholding the quality status as per our expectations. In order to maximize the use of waist trainers, it is crucial that we determine the purpose for which we want to use it.

Following are the reasons for which the best waist trainer is commonly used:

Advantages Of Using The Best Waist Trainers

Weight Loss-

when aiming for weight loss through the use of a waist trainer, it is very important to see that the waist trainer is made of high quality, extra thick material like neoprene. The extra thick material of the waist trainer is what will enable you to lose weight effectively during workouts by generating heat and perspiration.

Improvement In Posture-

If you are planning to improve your posture by using a waist trainer then it’s necessary to see that the waist trainer has a strong boning feature which will enable you in maintaining a stable posture.

Best Waist Trainers 2020 – Frequently Asked Questions

Best Waist Trainers 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do You Have To Wear A Waist Trainer To See Results ?

The biggest concern for anyone using a waist trainer is having the surety that it will give the desired results. There is no definite time frame which can be specified, but generally within a period of 1-2 weeks a person can notice positive changes in the body structure.

There are other factors which play a vital role in the effectiveness of a waist trainer-for example-consistency in the use of a waist trainer is what will enable you to achieve quick results. Similarly just the use of waist trainers is not sufficient in gaining long term benefits, rather having a proper exercise plan and controlled diet structure is what will allow you to enjoy everlasting benefits of the waist trainers.

How Do You Know What Waist Trainer To Get?

Start with identifying the goal for buying a waist trainer. Confusion in this regard will cause you to make the wrong choice with regrettable consequences. Whether you are a mother who wants to get back into shape or a professional who wants to enhance her body shape, either way it is important to do research before selecting a waist trainer.

The best waist trainer for the purpose of weight loss must have a good quality thick material like neoprene which will cause the waist and stomach area to shred that extra fat in the form of perspiration. Similarly, the waist trainer must be latex-free, as latex is not the most compatible material for sweat because it absorbs sweat and produces odor which negatively affects the personal hygiene of the user.

However, for convenience in use, it is recommended to buy a waist trainer which has a cotton lining. Choose a waist trainer which has a flex boning technology with Velcro closure waistband because it will allow the waist trainer to function as a corset and create the needed compression around the stomach and waist area.

The waist trainer must also have the ability to work as a compression binder around the lower body area and offer lumbar support for improving posture.

Do Waist Trainers Actually Work?

There are many conflicted opinions about the use of waist trainers being effective. Many celebrities have promoted the use of waist trainers by wearing it casually or as an accessory on red carpets.

However medical and fitness professionals are not convinced of the notion that a waist trainer is a solution to all fitness and body structure problems. Jim White, a certified dietician explains it as,” most of the time, waist trainers are quick fixes and they work for a short period of time, but not for long-lasting health”.

Conclusive research into this topic has shown that waist trainers might be good for people having short term fitness goals. For someone who is aiming to actually change and improve their physical health, it is critical for them to incorporate healthy eating and exercise as a part of their daily lives and only then using waist trainers will be beneficial for the long run.

Do Waist Trainers Actually Flatten Your Stomach?

Yes, a waist trainer can flatten your stomach as an immediate effect of its use. However, when talking in terms of a sustainable change to the body structure, we see that only using and depending on a waist trainer will bear no concrete results.

Is It Okay To Sleep With A Waist Trainer?

Sleeping with a waist trainer is possible but it might give you sleepless nights  as it is extremely uncomfortable to sleep in. Sleeping in a waist trainer causes the acid from the stomach to re-enter the esophagus, which can result in heartburn and irritation.

Waist trainer is basically a way of wrapping the waist area with thick and tight material which causes a person to sweat and the excessive sweating can disrupt a peaceful sleep. Moderation is the key in effectively using a waist trainer, therefore while many ambitious users would still like to sleep in a waist trainer, it is better to take it off and give your body a much needed break.

Do Best Waist Trainers Move Your Organs?

No, wearing a waist trainer will not shift your organs. However, it can cause some damage to the vital organs of your body. With the excessive pressure that comes from wearing a corset, our lungs, liver, stomach and kidney are forced to work in unnatural positions which affect their ability to work properly.

What Are The Side Effects Of Wearing A Waist Trainer?

Every coin has two sides, similarly every product has a sufficient amount of benefits and side effects as well. Following are the side effects of waist trainer:

  1. Initial use of waist trainers satisfies the customers with quick weight loss, however this weight loss is superficial and can not be sustained for a long time.
  2. The compression applied on the midsection by waist trainers constricts airflow and restricts the abdominal muscles from engaging in core movements.
  3. Excessive use of waist trainers causes difficulty for the diaphragm to function properly and this can cause breathing problems in the long run.
  4. Waist trainers can cause unnecessary stress on our internal organ system.
  5. Waist trainers have a negative impact on our digestive system by being a major cause for regular acid reflux.

Are The Effects Of Waist Trainers Permanent?

No, unfortunately the effects of waist trainers are not permanent, rather they fade away with time if the usage of waist trainers is not coupled with regular exercise and a controlled diet plan.

How Tight Should A Waist Trainer Be?

A waist trainer that is tight around the waist area is necessary for positive results. However having the waist trainer too tight will cause the opposite effect and lead to decreased core strength a feeling of constant exhaustion.

Where Does The Fat Go When We Use A Waist Trainer?

Wearing a waist trainer does not make the fat magically disappear, rather it is compressed and is shifted to available spaces in the abdomen.

Where Is A Waist Trainer Supposed To Sit?

Firstly, buy a waist trainer that is perfect according to your body size and shape. After that wrap the waist trainer around your lower body and place it above the midsection area. Use the given strap to adjust the trainer as per your convenience.


Waist trainers have proven to positively impact the lives of many users and can be considered as a useful tool in weight loss.Stay tuned with The Keen Hunter for more such product reviews and buying guide. We are The Keen Hunter Team, hunting and reviewing best products on a daily basis.

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SHAPERX Women Velcro Hourglass Waist Trimmer Belt - Sports Workout Slimming Tummy Control Belly Band Waist Trainer Belts, SZ8002-Blue-2XL

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