ExoGun Honest Review – Buy or Not?

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Buying a massage gun is one of the wisest investments you can make. The machine can significantly reduce stress, and improve your muscular function and blood flow. But with numerous options on the market, finding the right product can be challenging.

To help narrow down your choice, we’ll provide a full review of a massage gun called ExoGun DreamPro. We’ll assess its features and determine whether the model can meet your needs.

ExoGun Features

Here’s a breakdown of ExoGun’s functions, benefits, and certain aspects that could have been better:

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Percussive Therapy

ExoGun uses a special type of treatment called percussion massage. It’s a groundbreaking technique with a large number of mental and physical health benefits:

  • Better circulation
  • Improved posture
  • Enhanced range of motion
  • Boosting mood
  • Releasing tension

The method rapidly strikes your muscles to reduce stiffness and improve blood flow. While it’s similar to traditional techniques, such as Thai massage, it’s performed much faster and can even be done in under 60 seconds.

Integrating percussion massage as its core operation, ExoGun is perfect both for professional athletes and regular people. It features four different attachments to target an array of muscle groups, including thighs, back, chest, calves, shoulders, and arms. It’s especially useful for reducing post-workout recovery time. By releasing knots and supplying your muscles with blood, you receive an energy boost to carry on with your activities in no time.

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Speed Settings

Another great thing about the product is the option to choose between six speed settings. The lowest mode operates at 1,200 percussions per minute, whereas the highest reaches as many as 3,200 blows per minute. This makes for an excellent range, providing the lightest and most intense massage sessions. As a result, it can adequately meet most people’s needs.

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Power Capacity

In terms of how much pressure you can apply with ExoGun, the limit is set at 60 pounds. If you try to exceed the threshold, the motor will shut down. This feature is handy since it prevents the device from causing injuries to muscle tissue, bones, and joints.

In addition, 60 pounds is probably more than you’ll ever need. It exceeds the force professionals generate with their hands, allowing you to reach deep areas.

The only drawback to this intensity is a relatively loud motor. The machine generates 70 dB of sound at the highest setting, which is around the volume of an average TV.

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Battery Life

ExoGun delivers a decent performance regarding the battery. It can run for approximately four hours on a full charge, providing enough power for professional use. When it runs dead, it needs around 60 minutes to recharge, and lasts for up to a month in standby mode. Therefore, the device can be used both occasionally and for extended stretches over a significant period.

That said, the powerful motor puts an extra strain on the battery and slightly limits its lifetime. This is especially true if you use it on the highest setting and apply near-maximum force. Consequently, you’ll need to charge it more often if you plan on using the machine to its limits.

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Ergonomic Grip

The device comes with an ergonomic handle designed to be gripped like a pistol. Most of the weight is located in the upper section above the place where the hand goes. While it may prove a bit awkward in some massage positions than other ergonomic designs, the model offers solid stability and range of motion.

Virtually all muscles can be targeted with one-handed use, including along your spine and behind your head. It’s especially convenient for your legs, arms, shoulders, and pecs, where its simple operation is on full display. You can easily perform deep tissue massage in these areas and enjoy terrific precision.

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  • Percussion therapy to address various health issues
  • Powerful motor
  • Multiple attachments to target most muscle groups
  • Several speed settings to provide varying levels of intensity


  • Limited battery life
  • The grip can be ungainly at time

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Final Verdict

It’s easy to see why many people consider ExoGun the best massage gun. It uses an effective method to alleviate all sorts of health problems. While some areas could be improved, the device is an excellent product overall.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and it has helped you. Stay tuned with The Keen Hunter for more such amazing product reviews and buying guides. Thanks for reading this post here.