Planning to buy the best mechanical gaming keyboards? Congrats, you’ve made a smart decision, and TheKeenHunter is going to help you find and buy the best mechanical gaming keyboards.

Most average PC users think that all keyboards are equally made and designed. Well, that’s true up to an extent, but over the last few decades, keyboards, their design and purposes have changed, and so the way they are made.

So, here are the top 10 picks for best mechanical keyboards 2019 we have hunted. It was never so easy to hunt for the best, it took us more than a week to research, test and select the best keyboards before listing them here in this post. Finally, here is the collection of top 10 best Mechanical keyboards that we recommend our audience.

Also, we know most of the buyers are going to invest first time in such keyboards, and thus we have added a buying guide as well. So, you can read the bottom sections of this post to read the buying guide and get familiar with many facts about the best mechanical gaming keyboards.

That’s enough with the jargons, let’s get started with the primary motive and explore our top 10 picks.

Best Inexpensive

Redragon K552-BB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo & Large Mouse Pad & PC Gaming Headset with Mic, 87 Key RED LED Backlit Keyboard for Windows PC (Keyboard, Mouse, Headset Mousepad Set)

The Best High-End

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - 6x Programmable Macro Keys - USB Passthrough & Media Controls - Fastest Cherry MX Speed - RGB LED Backlit - Black Finish

Best Mid-Range

CORSAIR STRAFE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Red LED Backlit - USB Passthrough - Linear and Quiet - Cherry MX Red Switch

#10. Redragon K552-BB

It features 87 double-shot injection molded keys and comes with a compact size. It has got conflict-free keys with zero ghosting and high polling rate. It’s an ideal mechanical keyboard for gamers who move around a lot and in the hunt of reliable and the best gaming keyboard 2019 for gaming purposes.

PRICE: $            Editor Rating: 4.1/5.0             Fakespot Grade:  (what’s it)

  • Cheap and reliable

  • Non-ghosting conflict-free keys with the high polling rate

  • Heavy base and construction

  • Splash proof design

  • Bright backlight

#9. Corsair K68

It’s a high-end mechanical gaming Keyboard that you can buy at a budget price. It has got the sturdy design and comes with straightforward design and body shape. What’s more? It’s waterproof with rubber housing and comes with a gamer-friendly button which keeps the distraction and interruptions away. Overall, it’s one of the best budget gaming keyboards that you can buy.

PRICE: $$            Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0             Fakespot Grade: 

  • It’s waterproof

  • Comes with gamer-friendly button

  • Least noise

  • Value for money

#8. SteelSeries Apex M750

SteelSeries Apex M750 is another high-end gaming keyboard made to full fill even the most wanted personalization needs of professional/hardcore gamers. It’s one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards for seasoned gamers who don’t care much about bells and whistles and focuses more on actuation rate, fine-tuned control and key assignments of the keyboard.

PRICE: $$            Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0             Fakespot Grade: 

  • Impressive fast switches

  • It’s unobtrusive

  • Compact and beautiful design

  • Perfect backlight

  • Customization options are available

#7. GIGABYTE Mechanical Cherry Blue Keyboard

With Cherry MX Blue, FORCE K83 offers an accurate and amazing response with every keystroke a user makes. It’s sturdy design, and solid build quality makes it ideal for competitive gaming. It’s Cherry Blue key offers anti-ghosting across all keyboard zones, impressive accuracy and the best response you can expect with a mechanical gaming keyboard in this price range. Overall, it’s one of efficiently performing best mechanical keyboard 2019 that can offer you the best gameplay experience.

PRICE: $            Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0             Fakespot Grade: 

  • Cherry Blue Keys

  • Amazing fast response and accuracy

  • Window lock and hot-link function

  • Waterproof and rubber made stands

#6. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

It’s another name in the best mechanical gaming keyboard list that ticks most of the right boxes and deserves a look considering its price tag. It’s an ultra-compact mechanical keyboard that takes little desk space and does the job efficiently. If you don’t want to make any compromise on performance and the build quality, this one can be an ideal choice for you.

PRICE: $            Editor Rating: 4.6/5.0             Fakespot Grade: 

  • Cherry MX Red keys

  • Customizable per-key RGB

  • Ultra-Compact design

  • Covers all the basics

  • Detachable USB cable

  • It’s linear and quiet

#5. Corsair Strafe

Corsair Strafe is an excellent mid-range mechanical keyboard with all the basic features and functionality you can expect from best mechanical gaming keyboards. When it comes to its performance, it’s really great with reliable Cherry switches. Thanks to its n-key rollover and anti-ghosting, you won’t find any missed or false input during gameplay. Overall, it’s among the best mechanical keyboard 2019 you can rely on. Go for it, but don’t forget to read the Cons part.

PRICE: $            Editor Rating: 4.5/5.0             Fakespot Grade: 

  • USB pass-through

  • Cherry MX silent switches

  • Handy extra buttons

  • Very thick cable

#4. Redragon K556

It’s a robust build mechanical gaming keyboard loaded will all the gaming necessities, and Brown Outemu switches at an affordable price. It’s built with engineered metal and ABS casing with the splash-proof design. Whether you talk about its durability, performance, or customization software, Redragon K556 won’t let you complain about anything. It’s definitely one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards that can offer you an amazing gameplay experience.

PRICE: $$            Editor Rating: 4.6/5.0             Fakespot Grade: 

  • Brown Outemu switches

  • Solid Aluminium design with comfortable keycaps

  • Several RGB lighting options

  • Macro functionality

  • Included spare switches

#3. Logitech G610

Logitech G610 is not among those mechanical keyboards offering a lot of options, but a clean, fully functional and excellent performance for both gaming and typing. It comes with Red Cherry Max switch option, and the abilities of this gaming keyboard are appreciable. With constant clicking/pressing abilities, it can boost your gaming experience to the next level. If you’re planning to buy a new mechanical gaming keyboard with features that you’ve seen in expensive models, then look no further and go with this one. It offers excellent performance and true value for your money. Overall, there is nothing to stop you or you make you say no for this product. You will definitely enjoy your games with this keyboard.

PRICE: $$            Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0             Fakespot Grade: 

  • Easy to customize the software

  • Excellent RGB lighting

  • Desecrate buttons for media control

  • Programmable while backlight

  • Good value for the money

#2. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, with Cherry MX fast switches, and high-class RGB lighting, has got nothing to disappoint you. Some of the best things about Corsair K95 is its aircraft grade anodized brushed aluminum body that offers the strongly built factor, and 8M profile storage capacity with 100% cherry MX speed RGB mechanical key switches. What’s more? It’s come with 6 G-key which are programmable and for in-game macros. It’s genuinely one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards that can boost your gaming thrills to next level.

PRICE: $$$            Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0             Fakespot Grade: 

  • Cherry MX fast switches

  • Impressive response

  • Six programmable in-game macros key

  • Cherry MX fast Switches

  • High-class RGB lighting

  • Slim model

#1. Das Keyboard 4 Professional Soft Tactile MX Brown

If you’re looking for all in one mechanical gaming keyboard that not only offer the best performance but value for the bucks you spend, go for DAS Keyboard 4 Professional Soft Tactile. With 104 total keys in US layout, highly responsive, and accurate cherry brown mechanical switches, laser etched keys with gold contacts and media control hub functions; this one is an ultimate option to have for computer gaming. It genuinely deserves to be called as the best mechanical keyboard one can have for gaming and other purposes.

PRICE: $$$            Editor Rating: 4.9/5.0             Fakespot Grade: 

  • Accurate and responsive Cherry mechanical switches

  • Comes with volume knob to control the media hub

  • NKRO over USB to offer the fast gaming experience

  • 104 key included

How To Buy The Best Mechanical Keyboards: An Ultimate Guide

Here we will be exploring everything from basic to advance about best Mechanical gaming keyboards. So, read on the below section to gather all the facts and information before you buy the one from our list.

What defines a mechanical keyboard? When did mechanical keyboards come out?

The mechanical Keyboards are the decidedly older version of keyboards, sharing history with home computers, that got massive popularity in earlier ’70s. It’s very similar to a typewriter having sensor equipped for every keypress.

What’s The Purpose Of Using These Keyboards?

machanical gaming keyboard buying guideDue to durability and precise control, mechanical keyboards are ideal for both programmers and gamers. No matter how long you use your computer, a mechanical gaming keyboard can offer you the best typing and game play experience.

No matter whether you’re a casual gamer, programmer or a professional guy, the mechanical gaming keyboards are made to offer you the edge. They perform really the best when it comes to playing action games.

Lastly, some people enjoy the feel of the mechanical keyboard.  In the end, no matter who you’re and what your purpose is, best mechanical gaming keyboards are made to make you wow and offer you the edge.

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What’s Hysteresis In Mechanical Keyboards 2019?

According to Layman’s term, hysteresis is nothing but the scenario when actuation point and the reset point does not meet. Actuation point is the point at which any computer recognizes or detects the keypress made by the user. On the other hand, reset point is the point where the pressed key returns to its normal position. The more the gap between these two points, the worst the keyboard is for gaming. More gap means you will have to wait more before pressing the key again. In other simple words, hysteresis is something that keeps a user away from rapid tapping the keys and thus makes the double tap almost impossible. In games, like PUBG and Counterstrike, where it’s essential to tap the keys rapidly, hysteresis can prevent to survive and knock out other players in the game.

Common Mechanical keyboard Switches In Best Gaming Keyboard 2019

mechanical gaming keyboard video reviewsYou must know that not all mechanical keyboards are made equal. Well, all mechanical keyboard operates similarly, but the type mechanical keyboard switches found on them changes how they work. Here we listed three most common mechanical keyboard switches types you will see on many best mechanical keyboards.

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Cherry MX Blue Switches

It has the release point located right above the activation point. Mechanical keyboards that feature Cherry MX Blue switches usually struggle to impress when it comes to gaming. Well, it’s not that bad as well. The main reason Cherry MX Blue doesn’t deliver the best performance is “Hysteresis.” Blue switches suffer from hysteresis and thus not ideal for heavy-duty games or professional gaming purposes. Well, if you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard to type with ease, there is nothing that can beat the performance of Cherry MX Blue switches. In short, Cherry MX blue switches are one of the most common mechanical keyboard switches you will find in mechanical keyboards, but they are not made for heavy-duty gaming.

Cherry MX Black

It’s one of the conventional mechanical keyboard switches that works by registering the keystroke as soon as pressed halfway in and releases the key as soon as that gets completely depressed. Gamers actually love Cherry MX switch as it makes things tough to hit the wrong key accidentally. This type of switches is one of the few keyboard switches with which there is nothing to worry about hysteresis, and that’s the key reason why its popular among hardcore gamers.

Cherry MX Red Switches

It has got very similar, and identical features like Cherry MX Black switches. However, these mechanical keyboard switches are made to work with less force to push the key down. Thus, it makes things easier for typing as well. Just like the Cherry MX Black Switches, it’s too hysteresis-proof, and you won’t have any trouble during gameplay.

Cherry MX Brown Switches

This switch is very similar to the switches as mentioned above but with one big exception. The release in Cherry MX Brown Switches is at the halfway mark at the same point as the sensor. So, with release and sensor at the same spot, these type of mechanical keyboard switches offers same double tap speed as other switches but also the ability to do non-gaming tasks like typing with ease.

The Backlight Of Best Mechanical Keyboards 2019

Most of the mechanical gaming keyboards have built-in backlighting, that’s something which adds both aesthetic and a functional quality to the console. It offers the professional level gaming experience and makes things easier to hit the right keys even in the dark.

Well, when it comes to backlight technologies which are used for keyboard illumination, there is either simple LEDs that display only a single color or those covering the complete color spectrum (RGB).  RGB can be an expensive feature to have in a keyboard, but it offers greatest customization degree and is way more appealing aesthetically.

Talking about their functionality, both the backlight technologies perform efficiently, and you won’t find any issue or struggle hitting the right keys in low light rooms. They both are bright enough to offer you a clear key vision. Now, it all depends on your preference and budget to choose the one. If budget is not a problem, we recommend you going with RGB backlit mechanical keyboard; else LEDs model can also do the job for you.

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What To Look For When Buying Best Gaming Keyboards 2019?

Other than ensuring that your keyboard doesn’t suffer from hysteresis, here are some facts to consider. First of all, it all depends on your personal preference. If you’re going play games with your mechanical keyboard in a place where others will also be present, you should prefer to buy the one on the quiet side. As you will be hitting the keys rapidly while playing the game, look for the one offering the best durability factor.

Also, the more you will invest, the better the Mechanical gaming keyboard you will get. Well, it’s not true that only expensive keyboards are the best, there are many in budget-friendly ranges giving competition to the big brand names. If you don’t believe that, then check the list above.

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So, that’s everything we think you should know before buying any best mechanical gaming keyboards. This guide is made to make things easier for you while checking out the best products available in the market. We hope you enjoyed it and knew almost everything about the best mechanical gaming keyboards.

We hope you found the one to buy from our best picks. Don’t forget to read the reviews before buying them. We have exposed both the positive and negative sides of our top 10 picks so that you can make a smart and wallet-friendly decision. So, that’s it for now and go for the one offering the best value for your money.

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Das Keyboard 4 Professional Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Keyboard - Soft Tactile

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