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Are you looking for the best hair conditioners in 2020? The Keen Hunter has hunted the 10 best hair conditioners that offer everything you always wanted to have for your hair.

The list and reviews are prepared after hours of research and testing. So, rest assured that you are going to buy only the best hair conditioners today with The Keen Hunter.

Read the best hair conditioner reviews and hair conditioner buying guide to pick the best from the list below.

Best Hair Conditioners

An Intro To Best Hair Conditioners

Intro To Best Hair Conditioners INFOGRAPHIC

Desperate times call for extreme measures. The atmosphere, as we know, has been subjected to a great deal of toxic and harmful substances. Among these hazardous materials are gases that pollute our environment. Environmental pollution has become one of the challenges that we face every day in all the spheres of life — the Carbon emission of automobiles riddles the air.


A mass of industries dumps their waste product in the water of rivers, oceans, and lakes. All such irresponsible human acts take a toll on the environment, which in turn affects human beings. The adverse effects of climate are incredibly harsh. Bad climate effects affect our hair, skin and even interfere in our day-to-day actions. Therefore, we must take appropriate measures to counteract harmful repercussions.

As long as our hair is considered, the evolution of hair conditioners has undoubtedly made it easier to fight the effects of pollution.

Hair conditioners contain important ingredients that cancel out any adverse environmental impact whereas also strengthens your hair. If you have made up your mind of purchasing a hair conditioner, then you are certainly on the right track.

We have made for you a comprehensive hair conditioner buying guide that would assist you in buying the ideal hair conditioner for your specific type of hair. Firstly, let us explore the types of hair conditioners that are being sold in the market.

So, without doing any jargon, let’s just start exploring the 10 best hair conditioner reviews.

Best Hair Conditioners (Tested) Reviews With Pros, Cons, And Buying Guide

Best Inexpensive


The Best High-End

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner SLS Sulfate Free Gift Set - Best for Damaged, Dry, Curly or Frizzy Hair - Thickening for Fine / Thin Hair, Safe for Color and Keratin Treated Hair

Best Mid-Range

Natural Hair Conditioner Keratin Treatment - Sulfate Free Safe For Color Treated Hair with Argan Oil Shea Butter Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera For Curly Hair - Dry Scalp Repair and Women Frizz Control

Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess 25.36oz Duo


#10. Tigi Bed Head Colour Goddess 25.36oz Duo

Taking the tenth spot on our list of hair conditioners is Tigi’s Bed Head Colour Goddess. This shampoo and hair conditioner duo is the real deal. The shampoo contains appropriate ingredients that work towards the removal of pollutants from your hair.

It also proves to be an active sweat control agent and ensures that your hair is vibrant all the time. The hair conditioner follows suit.

Its application brings the best out of your hair by smoothening it. It also tends to add volume and shine to your hair. This hair care product contains keratin and is also enriched with nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil and almond oil.

Keratin; an essential protein for hair, tends to make hair more resistant to breakage by making them stronger. It also temporarily adjoins split ends giving your hair a fresh look. Tigi’s Bed Head Colour Goddess is one of the best products out there; therefore, a must buy.

PRICE: $$            Editor Rating 4.1/5.0             10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 3  (what’s it)

  • Contains 2 in 1 shampoo and hair conditioner

  • Contains low sulphate content.

  • Contains ingredients that help to style your hair.

  • Some customers had issues with its odour.

  • Some users had difficulties untangling their hair after using the conditioner.

  • Some people experienced delayed effects.

  • Some people acquired this product in lousy packaging, which let to spilling of conditioner.

  • Tends to leave hair greasy for some customers.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment, 3.3 Ounce (Packaging may vary)


#9. Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment, 3.3 Fl Oz

Next on our list is Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment. This product technically is not a hair conditioner. Still, its distinctive features and productive results have certainly earned it a place on our list of top ten hair conditioners.

Manufactured by the help of latest technology, Olaplex Hair Perfector thrives on protecting hair from breakage and gives it an improving and a refreshing look. It also tends to work towards damaged and mangled hair by providing essential ingredients for its repair.

This Olaplex Hair Perfector is comprised of bond-building formula that explicitly assists in strengthening hair and acts as a shield in protecting its structure. It contains ingredients such as Ascorbic Acid, which provides Vitamin C to the hair, Tocopheryl Acetate that is a rich source of Vitamin E, and sweet almond oil. Its usage is simple; apply a bit of the solution to towel-dried hair.

Let the solution sink in your hair for a while, the longer you keep it on, the better it will be. Then rinse your hair with a shampoo followed by a conditioner. All in all, if you want your hair restored to its past grandeur, then this product is definitely for you.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 6

  • Strengthens hair.

  • Gives hair a healthy appearance.

  • Recommended for all types of hair.

  • Tends to repair hair from its roots.

  • Good value for the money.

  • Some users experienced massive hair breakage.

  • Some people noticed extreme hair fall when the solution was on.

  • Some customers found out that their hair become tangled after application.

  • Some people complained about the extra-strong odour

Natural Hair Conditioner Keratin Treatment - Sulfate Free Safe For Color Treated Hair with Argan Oil Shea Butter Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera For Curly Hair - Dry Scalp Repair and Women Frizz Control


#8. Maple Holistics Natural Hair Conditioner Keratin Treatment

The next big name on our list is Maple Holistics’ Natural Hair Conditioner Keratin Treatment, which is designed for both men and women alike. Explicitly manufactured for curly hair, one of its many services includes restoration of a dry scalp.

It also assists in regulating frizz that can sometimes occur. This hair conditioner is enriched with Argan Oil that is reputable for making hair smooth and silky. It contains no traces of Sulphate or paraben and also accommodates an active Keratin complex that tends to hydrate dry hair.

Apart from that, the Jojoba oil present in the solution acts as a moisturizing agent as it gives the dry, curly hair an elegant look. This product also tends to reduce scalp itchiness and also eliminates the presence of flakes in hair, thanks to the presence of Shea Butter and Aloe Vera. Its salient features and ingredients make it one of the most in-demand products in the market.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.0/5.0      10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 9

  • Free of Sulphate and Paraben.

  • Designed for both men and women.

  • Contains Argan Oil.

  • Contains active Keratin complex.

  • Contains vital amino acids.

  • The texture of the conditioner is thin.

  • Some users experienced hair dryness after using.

  • Doesn’t work on fuzzy hair.

  • Contains Glycerine.

Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner for Hair – Thickening Conditioner for Fine Hair Growth – Natural Conditioner for Color Treated Hair – Clarifying Curly Hair Conditioner for Dry Frizzy Hair – 10 oz


#7. Apple Cider Vinegar Thickening Conditioner for Hair Growth

Taking the seventh spot on our comprehensive list of hair conditioners is Apple Cider Vinegar Thickening Conditioner. As the name implies, this hair conditioner is explicitly unique due to the presence of the apple cider vinegar that promotes healthy and all-natural hair growth. Its sulphate-free mixture is ideal for oily hair and also prevents the accumulation of DHT on the scalp.

The paraben-free conditioner strives to provide the perfect hair texture that you desire, along with improving its volume. Suitable for all types of hair, this thickening conditioner revitalizes curls in all their glory whereas also smoothens out straight hair.

It nurtures dry and frizzy hair by adding moisture to it and by giving it a soft, silky appearance. The Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner embodies nourishing ingredients such as Argan oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosemary Oil and Hibiscus that massively prevent hair loss.

This hair conditioner is definitely worth the trouble. It will leave no stone unturned in giving your hair the nourishment that it needs.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.1/5.0      10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 12

  • Contains apple cider vinegar that promotes hair growth.

  • Enhances hair texture and gives it a shiny look.

  • Revives hair curls.

  • Recoups hair shines.

  • Prevents hair loss.

  • Some users didn’t like the conditioner’s odour.

  • Some customers experienced dryness after its application

#6. Biotin Hair Growth Conditioner for Hair Loss

Biotin Hair Growth Conditioner for Hair Loss is the real deal. This Sulphate-free conditioner is ideal for those who are suffering from hair loss. It is enriched with Biotin that promotes hair growth and contains a hair-thickening agent that eliminates the upswing of split ends.

Augmented with ingredients such as Coconut oil, Castor oil, Keratin, Aloe Vera and Saw palmetto, this hair growth conditioner strives towards the prevention of hair shedding.

Specially designed for all hair types, this conditioner tends to withdraw DHT from your scalp whereas also gives your hair a thicker, shiny and a dense appearance.

This hair conditioner is the perfect buy for anyone who is suffering from hair loss. It will not only stimulate your hair follicles but would also restore your hair to its former self.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 15

  • Contains biotin, which prevents hair fall.

  • Prevents the accumulation of DHT.

  • Free of Sulphate, Parabens or any other harsh chemicals.

  • Stimulates hair growth.

  • Contains pleasant scent.

  • Some people experienced dry hair after its application.

  • Some people found the scent to heavier than their liking.

  • Some users experienced discomfort after its usage.

  • A bit overpriced



#5. Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Conditioner For Color Treated Hair

Number fifth on our list of hair conditioner is the Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner duo is a match made in heaven and is highly recommended for coloured hair. They specialize in the thorough cleaning of hair and greatly assist in enhancing and maintaining hair colour.

This sulphate-free duo is the perfect blend of unique ingredients that thrive to retain the vibrant colours of the hair for up to forty washes. The conditioner alone flourishes in making your hair smooth and silky. It also ensures that the vivid hair colour that portrays elegance is maintained. It contains Quinoa and Elastin Protein that improve the overall health of your hair.

Designed for all kinds of hair, Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Conditioner is the perfect upgrade to whatever shampoo you are currently using. It will be the ideal treat for your hair while also retaining its colour.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 12

  • Completely Sulphate-free.

  • Guarantees retention of hair colour.

  • Contains Elastin Protein and Quinoa that strengthen hair.

  • Tends to do a thorough cleansing job.

  • Not suitable for thin straight hair.

  • Some customers complained about the texture of the conditioner.

  • Some customers experienced itchy scalp after application

#4. Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner (33.8oz) Duo Set

Redken is back in business with its Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner. This hair care duo is embodied with an exclusive active Protein Complex that tends to nurture hair from the root to the tip. The sulphate free mixture of shampoo and conditioner alike specializes in nurturing colour treated hair back to its original appearance.

One wash with the duo guarantees up to four weeks of colour radiance and retention. Apart from that, the shampoo and conditioner both contain soy protein that tends to strengthen the root of the hair. Arginine is also included in the mix as it assists in reinforcing the core.

Sepicap, a vital nutrient is also incorporated in the duo set. Its primary function is to give the tip of the hair a much better appearance. This hair care duo is undoubtedly worth the money and therefore takes the fourth spot in our list of hair conditioners.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0      10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 3

  • Contains no sulphate.

  • Contains Arginine, Sepicap and Soy protein.

  • Treats hair from root to the tip.

  • Guarantees up to four week of colour retention.

  • Some users experienced red spots on the scalp.

  • Some customers experienced scalp dryness.

  • For some users, the hair care duo left the hair greasy after usage



#3. L’Oreal Paris Hair Care EverPure Sulfate Free Volume Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair

Next up on our list at third place is L’Oreal’s Hair Care Sulfate-Free Shampoo. The sulphate-free formula is mainly designed for colour-treated hair. It incorporates extract from Lotus Flower that clinically proven to maintain the luminous colour of colour-treated hair.

The absence of salt and surfactant also enables the hair to retain colour vibrancy. When used with L’Oreal EverPure Conditioner, the unstoppable duo strives to nourish your hair and while also increasing its volume.

The shampoo is blessed with a synthesising aromatic fragrance and works towards removing oil and dirt that tends to accumulate in the scalp and hair. The directions are simple, apply the mixture as required to wet hair and gently massage it into your hair and scalp. Wash thoroughly.

You’ll notice your hair immediately regain its volume after the application of the shampoo. This product is one of the best products out there as far as shampoos are concerned and would not disappoint its user.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.5/5.0      10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 9

  • Contains no sulphate.

  • Increases volume of the hair.

  • Contains Lotus Flower Extract that boosts hair strength.

  • Free of salt and surfactant.

  • Great value for money.

  • Contains a significant amount of alcohol.

  • Some people were displeased with the texture of the shampoo

#2. PURE NATURE LUX SPA Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Taking the second spot on our comprehensive list is Pure Nature’s Lux Spa Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. This pair of shampoo and conditioner beats almost all of the hair products in the market.

The Argan Oil content present in the duo moisturizes and hydrates dull hair. Both the shampoo and the conditioner are equipped with essential vitamins and antioxidants that protect hair from the harsh rays of the sun.

They also act as a shield against hair drying appliances and tend to nourish damaged hair. The hair care duo works for all kinds of hair and is free of Sulphates, Parabens Glutens, Sodium Chloride or Phthalates.

They also give hair a beautiful appearance, making it fuller, stronger and leaving it silky and easy to style. The duo is incorporated with Vitamin E that nurtures the scalp and hair. All in all, the shampoo and conditioner pair is one of the best out there if not the best.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0      10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 3

  • Contains Argan Oil.

  • Moisturizes and hydrates all kinds of hair.

  • Protects hair from heat.

  • Contains no parabens or sulphates or any other harmful chemicals.

  • Boosts hair volume.

  • Contains Vitamin E that strengthens hair.

  • Some user experienced rashes on shoulders and backs.

  • Some users experienced hair fall after its application

Pureology | Strength Cure Strengthening Conditioner | For Damaged, Color Treated Hair | Sulfate-Free | Vegan | 8.5 oz.


#1. Pureology Strength Cure Strengthening Conditioner

Making the top of our list of hair conditioners is none other than Pureology’s Strength Cure Strengthening Conditioner. This hair conditioner, due to all its features and ingredients rightfully earns the top spot in our comprehensive list. It specializes in strengthening damaged hair that is prone to breakage.

It gently treats tangled strands of hair by untangling them and moisturizes them to prevent further entanglement. This hair conditioner works well on colour-treated hair and is manufactured with the latest hair care technology. It contains astaxanthin, which massively assists in repairing damaged hair.

Besides that, it also embodies ceramide, keravis and arginine that nurture a damaged scalp and hair. Free of sulphate, the hair conditioner has a distinctive scent to it, which is a blend of honey, peach, lavender and vanilla.

Pureology’s Strength Cure Strengthening Conditioner lives up to its name. Its combination of ingredients with the slightest hint of technology in its manufacturing makes it the best hair conditioner in the market.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0      10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 2  Fakespot Grade:  10 Best Hair Conditioners 2020 (Tested) Reviews & Guide | TKH 12

  • Strengthens hair.

  • Manufactured by the use of latest technology.

  • Contains ceramide, keravis and arginine.

  • Nurtures and moisturizes damaged scalp and hair.

  • Contains no sulphate.

  • Has a sweet scent to it.

  • You’d probably love its every feature.

Best Hair Conditioners Buying Guide

Hair Conditioners Buying Guide

Hair conditioner, as the name implies, is a hair product that is used consistently by men and women alike. It significantly aids in improving the appearance and overall health of the hair. Application of hair conditioner can prove to be quite fruitful in the long run. Its use also displays immediate effects as well. Firstly, and foremostly, it tends to make your hair smooth.

Many of the hair conditioners are enriched with oils that make your hair flexible and soft. Such hair conditioners contain protein that works towards temporarily binding split ends of hair. Hair conditioners also include a thickening agent that gives a fuller feel to the hair.

Apart from that, hair conditioners bring shine to the hair, giving it a lustrous look. They are also responsible for moisturizing your hair and tend to reduce hair porosity. Hair conditioners also work towards eliminating static electricity from hair.

They contain such ingredients that cling to your hair and make them less static. Besides that, hair conditioners also protect your hair from the damage that occurs when the hair is roughly handled. They also grant a temporary shield against weathering.

Hair conditioners are generally applied after rinsing your hair with a shampoo. Just pour some hair conditioner on your hand and gently massage your scalp with the cool, soothing liquid of the conditioner. Leave it on for a while, and then wash it thoroughly.

After you have dried your hair, you’ll notice that your hair appears fuller, thicker and softer. Such is the magic of hair conditioners.

Types of Hair Conditioners

Types of Hair Conditioners

With the recent technological development, there have been a whole lot of new hair conditioners in the block. Each of these hair conditioners tends to serve a different purpose and contains a variety of ingredients in them.  Some of these conditioners are:

  • Instant Hair Conditioners

As the name implies, these types of conditioners are specifically designed for people who tend to wash their hair regularly. They contain a mixture of water and ingredients whose frequent use does not harm its user.

They are generally damp; thus, they are a perfect fit for people who have thin, beautiful hair. Such conditioners only act on the surface of the hair and do not possess an in-depth conditioning feature.

  • Crème Rinse Hair Conditioner

A cream rinse conditioner or ‘crème rinse conditioner’ is exceptionally leathery and creamy. This type of hair conditioner specializes in detangling tangled hair and also tends to give it a fresh look.

Like the instant conditioner, this particular type of conditioner isn’t strong and only acts on the surface of the hair and does not possess the quality of deep conditioning.

  • Deep Hair Conditioners

These conditioners reach far beyond the surface of the hair and tend to condition hair deeply. Their ingredients include a rich blend of protein and essential vitamins that gently nurtures the hair and treats it from within.

Some users might experience a massive head after the usage of such conditioner, but these conditioners must be left on for a while before washing them out. After applying, a shower cap is recommended so that water cannot hinder while the conditioner works its magic.

  • Moisturizing Hair Conditioners

If you are having issues in keeping your hair hydrated, then this type of hair conditioner will undoubtedly work for you. Moisturizing conditioner’s primary aim is to moisturize your hair while they also work to retain any moisture that your hair already has. It also greatly assists in reducing frizz and also improves hair elasticity.

  • Protein Hair Conditioners

As the name implies, these types of hair conditioners are massively rich in protein. They contain ingredients that are mainly protein-rich and tend to nurture and nourish hair.

Although these conditioners are rich in protein, they don’t act as a deep conditioner. Their sole aim is to provide the necessary protein that the hair is lacking.

  • Leave-In Hair Conditioners

Leave-in conditioners are contrary to all the conditioners that we have discussed so far. They require a significant amount of time to settle in, and there is no need for the hair to be washed after the application of these hair conditioners. Such hair conditioners are generally used to moisturize hair, whereas they also prove to be a helpful styling agent.

Now that we have enlightened you with some types of hair conditioners, let us further illustrate some points that you should consider before buying a hair conditioner for yourself.

What To Consider When Buying A Hair Conditioner?

What To Consider When Buying A Hair Conditioner?

  • Type Of Hair

Firstly, and foremost, you should consider your hair type before purchasing any hair conditioner or shampoo. This factor is crucial as the ideal hair conditioner for you will work wonders for you. Therefore, if you have curly hair, then the oily hair conditioner might not be a perfect fit for you.

Similarly, people with dry hair would not obtain maximum results if they use a hair conditioner fashioned for curly-haired people. Hence, it would be best if you choose a hair conditioner according to your hair type.

  • Hair Issues

Some people are prone to issues like parched hair, scalp boils, patches on the scalp and many more. Such factors should surely be considered while buying a hair conditioner. If you are dealing with the issues mentioned above, then you must choose a hair conditioner that is not harsh and doesn’t contain heavy chemicals.

On the same note, do consider your hair texture and colour before buying a conditioner. Certain conditioners tend to colour-treated hair. If you have colour hair, then you should opt for such hair conditioners.

  • Ingredients

Another critical factor for consideration while buying a hair conditioner is its ingredients. Ensure that your desired hair conditioner doesn’t contain sulphate and has a scarcity of chemicals.

A conditioner tends to restore oils that are lost during the application of shampoo and chemicals hinder the act of restoration. Therefore, you must choose a conditioner that has the least amount of chemicals or no chemicals at all.

  • Type of Conditioner

As we have discussed earlier, there is a variety of conditioners out there, each having a specific effect and use. It would help if you outlined what your expectations are from a conditioner and then act according to those expectations.

It would be best if you read the description of your desired hair conditioner. If you are content with it, then you should go all-in for the hair conditioner.

  • Brand of Conditioner

When you are in search of any product, brand name matters. Such is the case when buying a hair conditioner as well. It will help if you go through the reviews of the hair conditioner that has acquired your attention.

Reading reviews would undoubtedly highlight the positives and the negatives, and what and what not to expect when you buy that particular brand.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Conditioners can be both moderate as well as costly. Their price depends on the ingredients embodied in the conditioner and its brand name. When you are looking for a conditioner, do not just buy solely due to its price, as it might not be able to give you your desired results.

Cheap hair conditioners can prove to be useful as well. But before buying a low-priced hair conditioner, make sure that it is deprived of harmful chemicals as their adverse effects can prove to be catastrophic for your hair.

  • Frequency of Use

Before you buy a hair conditioner, determine how much of it you are going to apply. If you are a frequent user, then you should purchase an instant hair conditioner. If you tend not to use it frequently, then a deep conditioner will work for you.

But you cannot use instant conditioner if you desire a deep condition. Therefore, it is essential that you handpick a hair conditioner that will both provide the conditioning that you need and would also not overexpose your hair to heavy chemicals.

Hair Conditioner FAQs

Hair Conditioner FAQs

Let us now answer some FAQs that you would come across while buying a hair conditioner:

How do I choose a hair conditioner?

Choosing a hair conditioner could not be easier. When going for a hair conditioner, consider the type of hair that you have. Purchase a moisturizing conditioner if your hair becomes frizzy or brittle. Go for a volumizing hair conditioner if your hair is thin. If you possess a thriving set of hair, then go for a conditioner that is suitable for healthy hair. You can also opt for a leave-in conditioner.

Can I use a hair conditioner daily?

You can certainly use a hair conditioner daily, as long as you are using a conditioner that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Also, if your hair is damaged or dry, then using a hair conditioner would undoubtedly help you in restoring your hair.

What is the best conditioner for extremely dry hair?

If you are dealing with the issue of extremely dry hair, then the moisturizing hair conditioners are the best shot you’ve got. Such hair conditioner’s main aim is to hydrate and moisturize your dry hair. Apart from that, it also assists in detangling of strangled hair due to its unique properties and ingredients.

Do you use a hair conditioner before or after shampoo?

Generally, standard practice is to use the hair conditioner after using the shampoo. But a few studies suggest, applying conditioner before shampooing has its benefits.

For example, conditioning before shampooing gives your hair a coat of protection from the harsh chemicals present in the shampoo. This coat also assists in spreading the shampoo evenly across the scalp.

What happens if you put conditioner on dry hair?

Using a hair conditioner or slightly damp or dry hair could prove to be a daunting task for you. You must spread the conditioner after applying, and with dry hair, its spreading would be quite tricky for you.

Can I use a hair conditioner without shampoo?

If one consumes conditioner without using shampoo, the scalp and the hair tends to become extremely stagnant, soft and prove to be quite irritating. Shampoos make sure that your hair gets cleans and loses impurities.

Apart from that, it ensures that your scalp unclogs pores. The conditioner doesn’t contain cleaning capabilities, and therefore it is not recommended to use a conditioner without shampooing.

How long should I go without washing my hair?

If you have a regular set of hair, then washing it every 2 to 3 days is considered okay. Washing hair too frequently can harm your hair, as shampoos tend to strip your hair of essential oils that are required for its strength.

What can I use if I don’t have a conditioner?

If you don’t have a conditioner then fret no, we have got you covered. These items can be substituted in place of a conditioner each having its unique identity.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar.
  2. Coconut Oil.
  3. Almond Oil.
  4. Argan Oil.
  5. Cucumber juice.

Can I wash my hair with only conditioner?

The process of washing your hair with only conditioner is called co-washing. Co-washing has many benefits; it moisturizes your hair. Apart from that, it tends to act gently on your scalp than a regular shampoo would. If done in excess, this process can lead to having extra conditioner in the hair. Use of shampoo is recommended if co-washing makes your hair extra smooth.

Why is Pantene bad for your hair?

Pantene contains Silicon and Wax. Both of these ingredients tend to coat your hair. At first, your hair looks great, but over time, it tends to lose its liveliness and becomes dull.

The Wax in Pantene accumulates in your hair and makes it harder to style, which is why Pantene is terrible for your hair.

Do we need to wash hair after applying conditioner?

If your conditioner is any other than the leave-conditioner, then it is essential that you wash your hair thoroughly with warm water after the application of the conditioner.

Why does my hair fall out when I use a conditioner?

Conditioners tend to suppress hair fall and promote healthy hair growth. If your hair falls when you wash it with a conditioner, then you must immediately change your conditioner. Go for a conditioner that contains ingredients like Argan Oil or Hazelnut Oil.


Thus, we have laid forth our hair condition buying guide. We have discussed details that highlight the type of hair conditioners as well as specific factors that are needed to be considered while buying a hair conditioner.

If you go through our extensive guide, you should have no difficulties in buying the best hair conditioner out there for you.  Do follow The Keen Hunter for more product reviews and buying guides.

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