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Want to know whether you should buy Kodak Cherish c525 baby video monitor or not? This Kodak Cherish c525 review post will help you make the best buying decision right now. 

The market is flooded with lots of best baby video monitors, and each has something unique to offer parents so that they can monitor their baby with ease. It’s one the device among best baby monitors that provides parents with all the ways to keep an eye on their kids. Also, this device has already created a buzz in the market and getting popular rapidly.

Obviously, when we have so many options in the market that belongs to giant brands, it becomes overwhelming to choose the best out of them. 

Kodak Cherish C525 Review: Buy It Or Not? |TheKeenHunter 1

Therefore, to eliminate all such hassles, TheKeenHunter is back with the Kodak Cherish C525 review, which is in-depth and honest. This Kodak cherish c525 video baby monitor review post will expose all the hidden facts and features in an easy way to you. 

Furthermore, if you’re planning to buy this video monitor anytime soon, this review post can help you make a better buying decision. 

So, read this Kodak cherish c525 smart video baby monitor review post till the end to ensure a sound investment and buy the best ever monitoring device for your baby. 
Without getting into the jargon… Let’s start exploring everything in this Kodak cherish c525 review post.

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What Is Kodak Cherish C525 Video Baby Monitor? 

When it comes to the trust factor, we all trust Kodak for its imaging technology and photo clarity. The Kodak Cherish C525 comes loaded with a lot of useful features and is among the best portable baby monitor available in the market. 

Furthermore, it comes with a 5” screen for display and a high pixel camera. Also, you can easily tilt or pan and zoom the camera, and the range is impressive too! 

What’s more? It comes with an Android app and that you can use to monitor and control the settings remotely. 

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What Are The Key Features Of This Kodak Baby Video Monitor?

There are lots of impressive features to list in this review post. However, we are limiting list by mentioning the impressive and attractive features only. So, this Kodak  video baby monitor comes with the following impressive features:

  • 5-inch high definition display 
  • High-resolution camera 
  • Remote pan, tilt and zooming ability
  • Night vision feature 
  • Extended Wifi range 
  • Android and iOS app

What About The Kodak Smart Home Mobile App Compatibility?

Yes, this Kodak baby video monitor is compatible with Kodak Smart Home Application. You can connect your smartphone to the video baby monitor device with the application to make it portable and control things remotely.

Kodak Cherish C525 Review: Buy It Or Not? |TheKeenHunter

Furthermore, the Kodak app can help you get live feed on your phone when connected to the internet.

Also, the app will help you keep an eye on your baby from almost anywhere virtually. 

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Is Picture Clear On This Video Baby Monitor? | Kodak Cherish C525 Review

Yes, as said at the beginning of this post, this baby monitor comes with HD display. Therefore, rest assured that the screen will produce the high-resolution result for your viewing. In other words, you will be able to monitor your baby and see a clear picture without any glitches.

Kodak Cherish C520 review thekeenhunter

However, one of the crucial things to note in this Kodak cherish c525 video baby monitor review post is that the quality of its live feed mainly depends on the speed of the internet connection.

Slow internet speed will give you the worst results, and fast internet speed will provide you with the best results. Also, the features night vision feature that means you will be able to see clear footages even in the dark or night.

Overall, there is nothing too big to complain about the picture quality on the Kodak Cherish C525 smart video baby monitor.

But, please note that few buyers have reported the results being slightly glitchy.

However, there are others in the market which are listed in the top 10 best baby video motors that offer better picture quality than this device.

What About Remote Zooming Ability On Kodak Cherish C525 Smart Video Baby Monitor?

The remote zooming feature on this baby video monitor is one of a kin. You don’t need to keep the device all the time in your hand to zoom in and see what your baby is up to. Instead, you can control the zooming simply using the zooming buttons available on your smartphone application.

In other words, you’re free to zoom anywhere or any target place you want, and from everywhere you want. Kodak Cherries C525 smart baby video monitor won’t let you open your eyes wide to see closely what your little baby is actually doing. 

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Is This Kodak Baby Video Monitor Device Reliable? | Kodak Cherish C525 Review

One of the many things you can trust in this Kodak cherish c525 video baby monitor review post is that this device is highly reliable.

It comes with a 100% replacement guarantee from the Kodak, and that means your sound investment is ensured.


Furthermore, if you won’t be satisfied with the craftsmanship, or material quality of the device, you’re free to opt for the replacement option, and Kodak won’t ask you any questions. 

Why so?

The reason is that a reputable brand like Kodak always offers its customers the authenticity and peace of mind.

So, when it comes to reliability, there is nothing to stop you from buying this smart baby video monitor device.

It will surely impress you… However, there are a few minor downsides and that we have already told you in the above section. So, consider all the associated negatives and positives first and then decide whether to buy this baby video monitor or not.

KODAK Cherish C525 Video Baby Monitor with Mobile App - 5 inch HD Screen - Hi-res Baby Camera with Remote Tilt, Pan and Zoom, Two-Way Audio, Night-Vision, Long Range - WiFi Indoor Camera


It features the big 5” inch display with HD result compatibility

Its high-resolution display keeps the feed clear to the viewer’s eye 

This portable baby monitor features remote zoom and night vision features too.

It’s Kodak Smart Home Application compatible, and that means you can monitor your sweetheart remotely without any interruption.


Some users have found and reported glitchy footage results

Final Verdict 

This smart baby video monitor is definitely one of the best devices available out there in the market. However, there are a few things you may have to compromise on, like occasional glitchy footage results, fast internet speed requirements and others. Moreover, considering the price and the features it comes with, this video baby monitor is among some of the best video baby monitors 2019, which offers excellent value for the money.  

So, that’s all with this review post, and we hope it has exposed everything cleary. Do follow TheKennHunter on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube to read more such honest product reviews and buy the best in the market. Thank you for reading this post.

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Kodak Cherish C525 Review: Buy It Or Not? |TheKeenHunter

whether you should buy Kodak Cherish c525 baby video monitor or not? This Kodak Cherish c525 review post will help you make best buying decision right now.

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