Vremi Dehumidifier (30Pint, 1,500 Sq. Ft.) Review: Buy or Not?

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Planning to buy 30-pint 1500 sq. ft. Vremi Dehumidifier? Don’t buy before you read this tested in-depth review of the Vremi 30pint Dehumidifier.

Vremi is one of the top brands that offer high-quality Dehumidifier for eliminating moisture from your room. They are available in different variants for handling different sized rooms. The 30-pint 1500 sq. ft. Vremi Dehumidifier is the best-selling deal, and people tend to avail it due to the wide versatility of the product. The durability factor of these dehumidifiers is high, as Vremi takes a proper consideration of those aspects.

They are available in different variants that are 3000 sq. ft. and 4500 sq. ft. But as per the survey, most of the people have medium-sized rooms for which Vremi 1500 sq. ft. Dehumidifier is an ideal variant for most of the houses or rooms. The ability of this Vremi Dehumidifier extracts up to 30 pints of moisture from the air every day. The energy rating for the product is also commendable as it is an energy-star certified product that meets the industrials criterion.

Less consumption of energy for eradicating the moisture from the room is what makes it truly efficient and highly preferable. The design is aesthetic, and it looks stylish when placed around in the room. Moreover, it has wheels to help you drag it around your house without the need to carry it.

Vremi Dehumidifier review for this 1500 sq. ft. variant is accumulated after being tested under critical conditions. On a short note, the results of the test did replicate the manufacturer’s claim of removing humidity of any level in your house or room. Without humidity and moisture, your room will remain cooler, and you will be able to rest peacefully.

Vremi Dehumidifier Important Specifications

Vremi Dehumidifier Review

  • This Dehumidifier has the ability to run for 24-hours.
  • Turbo Operation Mode for better fan speed.
  • Two Dehumidification modes- Normal Air CFM 129 and Air Turbo CM 138
  • Vremi 30 Pint energy star dehumidifier allows extraction of 4 gallons of moisture per day.
  • Tank Capacity is 3 liters equivalent to 0.8 gallons.
  • LED light indicator for filter cleaning after every 250 operational hours.
  • Changeable Relative Humidity level between 35% and 85% range.
  • The weight of the product is 30.9 lbs.
  • Brand warranty of 1 year.
  • The coverage area of 1500 sq. ft.

Style & Performance Of Vremi Dehumidifier 1500 sq. ft. 

Vremi 30 Pint energy star dehumidifier

Vremi Dehumidifiers are excellent in terms of technical performance. But other than that, it also has a sleek design that makes it feasible to go along with any room décor. The design aspects include wheels and handles to make it comfortable to move around the rooms.

There are two dehumidification modes available with this product for better convenience of usage for the users. The air turbo CM 138 and Normal air CFM 129 are the two modes that alter the ability of the machine to extract moisture and foul smell from indoors.

The use of turbo air is basically efficient when you want to dry the room quickly in a short time. The regular air mode is for the quiet performance of the machine for keeping the room free from moisture and humidity throughout the day.

The 3-liter water tank is equipped onto the machine and has the ability to extract and hold up to 4 gallons of moisture. The filter embedded within the system allows you to extract the dust, dirt, spores, bacteria, and other harmful particles from the indoor air.

Vremi Dehumidifier also has an auto-defrost feature to melt down the icing problem in the evaporator coils. There is a light indicator to give you an indication of the filter cleaning needs. You must go ahead and clear it every month, or the LED indicator will give you an indication after 250 hours of usage.

There is an automatic turn-off feature that will cut the power source to the system when the tanks are full of moisture. Moreover, it is an energy star certified to help you save on energy bills as well. The power consumption is recorded to be less over time with higher output efficiency.

Why Vremi Dehumidifiers And Not Others?

Vremi Dehumidifiers is one of the proficient devices that are easy to maintain for ensuring productivity in the long run. They are highly efficient and have relative humidity regulating capability along with other intuitive features.

The best part about Vremi products is that they are easy to clean at the ease of your home. You do not need to be technically sound for handling the maintenance needs of your Dehumidifier. You can remove and clean the filter at your home without any professional assistance.

Whether you want to use the Vremi Products at your living room, basements or RV, this is an ideal choice and variant for you. It is a perfect system for small and medium-sized spaces.

Some Great Features Of Vremi Dehumidifiers


Style & Performance Of Vremi Dehumidifier 1500 sq. ft.

Here are some of the amazing features of Vremi Dehumidifiers that makes it a must-buy for you:

Energy Efficient

Vremi Dehumidifiers are highly energy-efficient that consumes less energy and gives better output by extracting up to 30 pints of moisture and humidity from indoor air.

Quiet Performance

The normal air mode is for quieter operations throughout the day without operations. The turbo mode does make a minimal noise due to its high-power fan running mode for quicker removal of moisture.

Accurate Hygrometers

The Vremi Dehumidifiers are meant to include accurate hygrometers amongst all the other brand dehumidifiers of the same specifications. Accurate determination of the humidity level is also an important specification of dehumidifiers.

Should You Buy Vremi Dehumidifiers Or Not?

As per the rigorous testing results are concerned, the results are quite efficient as compared to other dehumidifiers of the same specifications. Vremi is highly durable, adjustable, versatile, and is easy to operate. The gravity drainage feature of these products gives it an extra point as you do not need an adapter for making it work.

Just plug in the garden hose and employ the drainage. In addition to that, the price is also reasonable, that makes it a must-buy product if you are looking for an efficient dehumidifier for getting rid of moisture and humidity from your room and get a peaceful resting time.

So, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading this post here. Stay tuned with The Keen Hunter for more such honest reviews and buying guides.

Vremi Dehumidifier (30Pint,1500sqft) Review: Buy Or Not?

Vremi 30Pint,1500sqft is a good option offering good money value. To know more about performance, get in & read this Vremi Dehumidifier Review

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