10 Best Juicers Reviews 2020 Videos And Buying Guide

It’s no more secret that juicing helps individuals to easily add more nutrients from veggies and fruits to their diet. And, regular visit juice bars can be quite expensive. It’s very affordable and convenient to make your own juice at home. So, here are the top 10 best juicers that worth your consideration and the money.

We, at TheKeenHunter, believes in introducing the best products to our audience. We spent hours on research and testing before introducing any products to our audience to make their investment healthy. Particularly for the best juicers pick, we have spent around ]one week to test all the best picks and find the real sides concerning their performance and ease of use. So, here is our top 10 best juicers picks that we think can offer you more value for the money.

Also, please read the buying guide that we have attached at the bottom of this post. The buying guide will help you understand the facts and specs that you should consider while picking the one from our list. Also, it’s the same guide that we have considered while shortlisting the below products for you. So, let’s proceed and start exploring the best out of best best juicers.

Best Inexpensive

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine, Big Mouth 3” Feed Chute, Centrifugal, Easy to Clean, BPA Free, 800W, (67601A), Black

The Best High-End

Champion Juicer G5-PG710 - Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer, White, Standard size

Best Mid-Range

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

#10. Breville BJE200XL

If you need a powerful, compact and an easy to use juicer that can extract juice from even some hard vegetables and fruits, then this one can be an ideal choice for you. It is equipped with a 700-watt motor that delivers ultra-powerful juicing results. In short, it’s one of the least expensive but one of the best budget juicers you can buy in a budget price range.

PRICE: $            Editor Rating: 4.0/5.0              Fakespot Grade:   (what’s it)

  • 700-watt ultra powerful motor

  • Affordable

  • Large feeding tube

  • Easy to use and maintain

#9. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer

As the name already suggests, it’s one of the best masticating juicer available on Amazon. If your motive is to reclaim your health with juicing, going with masticating juicers like Aicok Slow can be a smart decision. This juicer model is known for its highest performance in the market and won’t disappoint you at any stage of juicing. Auto pulp ejection, safety protection, least noise, and quality juice is some of the most excellent things you will get with Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer. Overall, there is nothing much to disappoint, and it will pay you twice the amount you’re going to invest in it.

PRICE: $$            Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0              Fakespot Grade: 

  • Quiet DC 80 RPM motor

  • Auto pulp injection

  • Noise-free

  • No juice oxidation

#8. Champion Juicer

It’s a durable, highly efficient single gear juicers that deserve to be there on your wishlist. It has stainless steel blades and shaft that rotates at 1750 RPM to offer the best juicing experience. It is equipped with ⅓ HP electric motor and with 1750 RPM speed it performs very similar to a meat grinder. What’s more? It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty to offer buyers a guarantee for its quality. Overall, it’s one of the best juicers in a budget price range that you can buy.

PRICE: $$            Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0              Fakespot Grade: 

  • ⅓ HP heavy-duty electric motor with 1750 RPM speed

  • Built like a tank

  • Ideal for hard items

  • Perfect for sorbets

  • Not that great for juicing leafy greens

#7. Aobosi Juicer Masticating Slow Juicer

It’s another best masticating juicer in the list of best juicers 2018-19. It’s a powerful multi-purpose juicer with user-friendly design to let you juice your ingredients conveniently. It works on low speed masticating technology with 80 RPM speed and works continuously. So, it can preserve more nutrients, vitamins, healthy enzymes, minerals and reduce foaming or juice oxidation. Overall, it’s among the best veggie juicers and buying this best masticating juicer model can be a smart investment to lead a healthy lifestyle.

PRICE: $            Editor Rating: 4.1/5.0              Fakespot Grade: 

  • 150W 38 RPM Slow Speed Motor For Richer Nutrition

  • Its sturdy and multi-purpose masticating juicer

  • Prevent juice oxidation

  • Safety mechanism, reverse function and drip-free nozzle

#6. Hamilton Beach 67601A

Hamilton Beach 67601A features an 800-watt powerful motor and a wide 3” feed chute. Juice prep time is minimal with this model thanks to its wide feed chute. It’s an ideal juicer for continuous feeding as it comes with a large enough pulp bin to keep all the generated pulp for the more extended period. It is designed to offer buyers the best juicing experience and also the components used are removable and dishwasher safe. So, it’s easy to use and clean as well. Overall, there is nothing to stop you from buying this best veggie juicer. It’s one of the best juicers 2020 we have tested and found delivering real value for the money.

PRICE: $$            Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0              Fakespot Grade: 

  • 800-watt powerful motor

  • It’s lightweight

  • Easy to clean and assemble

  • Standard juice extraction

  • It’s affordable

#5. Breville 800JEXL

If you’re serious about your health and juicing, Breville 800JEXL can deliver you what you actually expect. It’s a monster juicer that comes with 1000 watt motor and 3” feed chute. It has two-speed modes, one for soft and another for hard veggies and fruits. It is a top-class performer that can efficiently extract juice from apples, carrots, kale. Also, it’s juicing operation is quite faster than several other competitive models. It’s straightforward to use and clean. In short, it’s an ideal juicer for both beginners and pros wishing to lead a healthier life with fruit and veggie juices.

PRICE: $$$            Editor Rating: 4.8/5.0              Fakespot Grade: 

  • 1000 watt motor

  • Two-speed modes

  • Extremely quick juicing

  • Large feed chute

  • The user manual is available

#4. Aicok 3” Whole Juicer

It’s perfect for all the health conscious individuals. It’s an impressively fast operating best masticating juicer that extracts all the nutrients and positives from fruits and veggies and yields great juice quantities. As said, its based on low-speed extraction, thus its results in less oxidation, no clogging, and heating. What’s more? It comes with auto pulp discharge to keep performing continuously. All its detachable parts are dishwasher safe and hence easy to clean. Reverse function and three years of warranty are another pleasing factors. Overall, it’s another best veggie juicers on the list you can consider and buy. You won’t regret the decision of purchasing this model.

PRICE: $$            Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0              Fakespot Grade: 

  • 60 RPM Slow And Quiet Motor

  • Comes with brush for cleaning

  • The reverse function is available

  • Auto pulp discharge

#3. MUELLER Juicer Ultra 1100W Power

Mueller 1000 watt juicer can be a significant investment to improve your overall health and the lifestyle. It comes with a powerful 1100 watt dual speed motor to allow you juice from 1200 RPM to 1500 RPM and 1500 RPM to 1800 RPM. It’s an ideal juicing machine for both hard and soft ingredients. No matter whether you want to juice from orange, grapes, apples or hard fruits like celery carrot, ginger or beets, Muller’s this model will always impress you with its performance.

PRICE: $$$            Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0              Fakespot Grade: 

  • 1100 Watt Dual Speed Motor

  • Easy to clean

  • Least noise production

  • Excellent juicing

#2. Breville JE98XL

If you’re exploring the market for a powerful juicing machine that can help you make vitamin-packed drinks, the Breville Fountain plus worth a look. It’s a power juicer that whips healthy juices amazingly fast and generously fills a standardly sized pitcher with vitamin and nutrient-rich juice. The juicer machine is strong enough to digest hard ingredients as well. With the 800-watt motor, 3” feeder, dishwasher safe components and safety features, this model deserve your investment. It’s one of the best juicers you would love to keep at your home.

PRICE: $$            Editor Rating: 4.8/5.0              Fakespot Grade: 

  • 800-watt motor

  • Overload protection LED

  • Comes with pulp container

  • Dishwasher safe parts

#1. Omega J8006 Metallic

Want to buy a juicer that is not only wallet-friendly but also packed with powerful torque and power? Go for Omega J8006. It’s the best masticating juicer that comes with a lot of handy features and functionality to make itself a great commercial grade juicer. It has got an amazing design and extracts max vitamin, minerals, and enzymes from the ingredients to offer you the healthiest drink. Also, it has got dual stage juicing action, broader base, properly balanced nature, and stable feet to provide users with durable efficiency and dependable frame.
What’s more? It comes with 15 years of warranty, and that ensures you won’t need any other machine for a more extended period. It’s a one-time investment that will pay all life long. It’s honestly the best out of best veggie juicers you should buy.

PRICE: $$$            Editor Rating: 4.9/5.0              Fakespot Grade: 

  • Low Speed 80 RPM motor

  • Powerful torque

  • Zero foaming, heat build-up, and clogging

  • No noise

How To Buy The Best Juicers 2020

We know it’s not that easy to find and buy the best juicers, especially if this is the first time you’re going to invest in such machines. So, here is the quick buying guide that will help you get familiar with the essential aspects of buying the one from our best juicers pick.

Know The Types Of Best Personal Juicers

juicer buying guide

There are mainly two types of best juicers; best masticating juicer and the best centrifugal juicers. Have a look below to get more familiar with the types of best juicers.

The Best Masticating Juicer

Masticating juicers operate by chewing the vegetables and fruits with the help of their augers sharp metal teeth. They use to press the max juice from the pulp and results in high yields with less oxidation or foaming. It helps users to juice leafy greens such as spinach, wheatgrass, kale. Such type of juicer is also known “cold-press” or slow juicer. These juicers take more time to produce the juice, but without heating them up to preserve more and more nutrients. Also, they produce the least noise and humming effect. Over, best masticating juicer can be considered as best healthy juicers and best veggie juicers.

Best Centrifugal Juicer

Centrifugal juicer is equipped with tiny teeth and rapid spinning basket to grind the fruits and vegetables. After grinding, they force the fruit through a fine mesh sieve. Well, this juicing methods is very efficient but produces a lot of foaming. Best Centrifugal Juicer work very efficiently for juicing apples, carrots, and all other hard vegetables and fruits. They are easy to set up and lightweight but produces annoying noise. Overall, they are affordable juicer types with efficient performance. In other words, these also falls in the best veggie juicers and best personal juicers category.

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Yield Of Best Juicers 2020

It’s imperative to decide while buying the best juicers that what kind of juice you will be making most often. We recommend buyers to buy the one with high yields for the item you’re going to juice. Masticating juicer types can work best for juicing leafy greens as they produce max dry pulp to minimize the cost and waste in the long run. Well, if you’re going to juice vegetables and fruits only then an inexpensive, good quality centrifugal type juicer can do the job for you.

Storage And The Size Of Best Juicers On The Market

juicer video reviewsStorage and juicer size are another important considerations that you should not overlook while shopping for best juicers. “Where you’re going to store your juicer?” and “how easily you want to access your Juicer?” these are some questions that you should ask yourself and consider before buying any particular model. Horizontal masticating juicers can help you produce the max amount of juice but consume more space. Also, they are a quite bulkier model, and thus portability is considerably low. Lightweight centrifugal juicer types are great as they need limited counter space and easy to move from storage space to the counter. Also, please ensure before buying any of the best juicers on the market that the model can efficiently handle the juice volume you’re going to make with it.

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Speed And Noise Production

The next important thing you should consider is the speed and noise of the respective juicer model. As said earlier, masticating juicers produces the least noise as compared to centrifugal juicers. So, you won’t be feeling annoyed while using masticating juicers. Also, if you want to make your morning juice quickly, speed consideration can be a good thing here.  Masticating juicers are slower than the centrifugal ones. Buying models with several speed settings can also be a good idea.  Also, if you’re going to juice soft fruits and vegetables, then slow speed juicers can work well for you. High-speed juicers are great for juicing apple, carrots and other firmer items.

Maintenance And Ease Of Use

best juicer buying tipsJuicers that are easy to set up and clean are more convenient. If you want to buy a multifunctional juicer that can also make sorbets, nut butter, etc. then extra assembly might worth it. Juicers having large feed tubes reduces the prep time and also the overall time it takes to feed juicing items into the machine. Juicers that comes with an external pulp container can allow you to continue juicing without worrying about the juice pulp. Also, it can be a daunting task to clean juicers and thus always prefer to go with the one that comes with special brushes to make the process easier. Going with the dishwasher-friendly juicer can be a bonus.

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Price Of Best Juicers On Amazon

The price for the best juicers ranges from $50 to $1000 for high-end models. Generally, the more you will pay, the more will be the yield, and the lesser will be the pulp. Well, the amount you need to invest depends on how often you’re going to juice and the type of item you want to juice. Overall, define your budget according to your need and go with the one that meets all your needs without breaking the bank.

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So, that’s the buying guide we recommend you to go through while selecting and investing in one of the best juicers from our list. We hope this guide has exposed most of the facts to you and buying the best juicers won’t be that difficult task anymore.

That’s the list of top 10 best juicers that we have picked for you. All the products that we have introduced are top rated and tested in our test labs. They all perform well and won’t disappoint you. In the end, we have provided the real genuine review for each product, and we would recommend you to invest only after reading their reviews. So, all the best and we hope this post has successfully introduced some of the best juicers available in the market that worth your consideration and money.

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Omega Nutrition Center Juicer, 200-Watt, Metallic

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