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Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker Hands-On (Tested) Review: Buy Or Not?

Are you planning to buy Bugani M83? Here’s an in-depth, hands-on review of Bugani M83 portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker after two months of rough and tough uses. Read on this post to know whether this Bugani speaker a value for money speaker or just another falsely claimed speaker on Amazon.

Portable Bluetooth speakers have become a conventional device for all music lovers. If you see the market, it’s flooded with thousands of bluetooth brands and models, and all of them have different audio quality and features.

After doing a lot of research, we end up buying Bugani M83 two months back. We are using it in every way possible, and in this review post, we are going to expose all the related facts based on our experience unbiasedly. 

Bugani is not so well known yet. Still, it’s getting popularity, and soon we think it will soon be among most reputed portable Bluetooth speaker brands. We are not here to promote it biasedly. Still, we are saying this because of the quality of speakers this brand produces is beyond our expectations. 

Whether you talk about technology, appearance, or quality, Bugani seems damn serious, and it’s already giving and going to give fierce competition to other reputed bluetooth speaker brands with this bugani bluetooth speaker (M83).

Well, that’s all with the quick introduction to the Bugani M83 speaker and the Bugani brand itself. Let’s now proceed and review this bugani bluetooth speaker based on 2 months of uses experience.

What Bugani Bluetooth Speaker (M83 Portable Bluetooth) Promises Or Claims?

Bugani M83 Features

Just like any other portable Bluetooth speaker brand on Amazon says, Bugani has also promised some excellent specs and features. Here are the specific facts and features this Bugani speaker promises:

Superior rich, clear and booming bass sound quality

Fantastic indoor and outdoor performance.

Powerful Bluetooth 5.0 chip

Broad compatibility (connects with almost every Bluetooth enabled device)

Excellent bass, 40W Sound, waterproofing

8000 mah battery inside, work as a power bank as well

2400 minutes of playback time 

Does This Bugani Bluetooth Speaker (M83) Actually Offer These Specs? 

Yes, Bugani does. One of the first things we loved about Bugani M83 portable Bluetooth speaker is that it offers what it says, and you get the best value for the money. 

There’s nothing that we found annoying or irritating about this speaker after two months of rough & tough uses. However, there are a few negative facts associated with this Bugani M83 Portable Bluetooth Speaker that we will talk later in this review post.

Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker Review (Based On 2 Months Of Rough & Tough Uses)

Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker: The Appearance And Style

Appearance is something that matters for most of the buyers, after the sound quality. Now, when it comes to the appearance of the Bugani M83 speaker, it’s desirable, sturdy, and superb! 

Bugani M83 features shockproof housing and IPX5 waterproof rating, and thus it’s a very reliable and rugged Bluetooth speaker available on Amazon. The speaker comes in two colors, orange, and black. Well, the color is there only on speaker branding tag, buttons, and handle. Otherwise, the entire speaker is black in color. There’s also a charging indicator (red light) so that you know the speaker is charging when connected to a charger.

Bugani M83 Review - Handle And Design And Waterproofing

To make music more portable for you, this speaker has a handle that is very soft to hold and roam around. The speaker weighs about 4.25 pounds, and thus you won’t get tired taking the speaker here and there in your hand or your bag. 

Talking about the button and functions, There are a total of 6 rubberized buttons available to control the functioning of the speaker. Buttons are easy to press and use. Above all, buttons too are designed very sturdily, which means there is nothing to worry about button getting broken or anything like that. 

Furthermore, the speaker comes with extreme waterproofing design and IPX5 rating. We used it in heavy rains, besides swimming pools, and nothing has happened to it so far.  In fact, we dropped it several times from a certain height (obviously unintentionally), and nothing has happened to it thanks to its robust shock-absorbing housing, frame & handle. We found Bugani M83 very reliable and rugged in every case.  

Overall, when it comes to appearance and style of the speaker, there is nothing that we didn’t like about this bugani bluetooth speaker, and we think you too won’t find anything to hate considering the appearance and styling of this speaker. Thanks to its dustproof, snow proof, mudproof characteristics, and with robust shock-absorbing housing, frame & handle, you can take it to almost any location in any condition you want!

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Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker: Buttons, Controls And Functions

Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker: Buttons, Controls And Functions.

Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker: Connectivity Options And Ports

Bugani M83 Bluetooth 5.0

Bugani M83 is Bluetooth 5.0 powered speaker, and that means you get instant connectivity to your phone, laptop, or any other music streaming or playing device.

All you need to do is just turn on the speaker and enable Bluetooth of your device; the connection will be established within a fraction of seconds (thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 technology).

Other than this, the speaker also supports TF card as well as AUX cable, and that means you can connect your device via AUX cable as well to enjoy the music. The hands-free function is also there.

The speaker supports USB charging, and for this purpose, there’s a USB port provided at the back of the speaker with a Waterproof seal over it.

Next, there’s also a USB power out port, which lets you charge your phone and other gadgets and devices.

As already said, Bugani M83 is equipped with an 8,000 mAh battery, and thanks to that, this Bluetooth speaker also works as a power bank

Bugani M83 Bluetooth Speaker Buttons And Function

So, when you have Bugani M83 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker in your hand or bag, and there is no charging outlet available, all you need to do is connect your phone to this speaker using a charging cable, and that’s all. 

However, please note that charging your phone by this speaker will drain the speaker’s battery quickly. After all, this is the only battery that powers the speaker, and if you charge your phone as well with this battery, then obviously, the battery performance of the speaker will be impacted. Therefore, we suggest you charge your phone via Bugani M83 only when there is no other charging option or source available.

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Bugani M83 Review: Sound Quality And Comparision

(Please Use Headphones/Earphones When Checking Sound Quality In The Video)

When it comes to sound quality of Bugani M83 Bluetooth speaker, the only thing we can say is “WOW.” Yes, the sound quality of this speaker super satisfying, wow, and ear-pleasing. 

You wanna dance; this speaker will make you dance. You don’t wanna dance; this speaker will still make you dance. That’s the kind of sound quality, and loudness Bugani M83 has to offer every buyer. 

Thanks to two dual-power diaphragms (passive speakers with >1% distortion) and the woofer equipped, Bugani M83 produces punchy and powerful bass that will please your ears and mood. No matter whether its Gym, camping, or at a birthday party, Bugani M83 is capable of offering the best musical joy factor everywhere. 

Bugani M83 dual-power diaphragms and 40W tweeters

Other than subwoofers, there are two 40W tweeters producing the top-notch quality loud sound. The best part is the loudness doesn’t annoy you or irritate you. The music produced is very soft to ears. 

(Please Use Headphones/Earphones When Checking Sound Quality In The Video)

The sound is loud enough, and the quality is superb. 30-40% sound volume is enough for an average size room (some will still find it amazingly loud at even the below-average sound level in a small room).

(Please Use Headphones/Earphones When Checking Sound Quality In The Video)

You can check  the kind of sound quality this bugani speaker produces when connected by an AUX cable in the video attached above.

Overall, the sound quality is what making Bugani M83 a reasonable and budget-friendly option among the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers available on Amazon. 

You can get the idea of Bugani M83’s sound quality in the video attached above.

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Bugani M83 Review: TWS Feature | The Best Stereo Experience

(Please Use Headphones/Earphones When Checking Sound Quality In The Video)

Another best thing about Bugani M83 portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker is its TWS function. If you love even more louder music, love stereo sound, super punchy bass, and surrounding effect, Bugani M83 has got this for you. 

However, to enjoy the TWS feature, you need to buy another Bugani M83 speaker. Once you have two speakers on your table, all you need to do is just turn on the speakers. That’s it. Both speakers will get paired automatically and will play the music simultaneously. Just connect your phone or laptop to it and then enjoy the top-notch quality stereo sound with punchy bass and surrounding effect. We would say it’s a budget DJ device offering 80W of sound to rock the parties. 

TWS button of Bugani 83 Speaker

Note: Sometimes, speakers don’t get paired automatically; in that case, you need to press the TWS button available on both speakers after turning them on. Your speakers will get connected right after this. 

When you use the TWS feature, your experience and satisfaction level will reach 200% from 100%. We personally loved this feature and the kind of sound quality with punchy bass and surround sound it produces. We have just two words to explain this experience, and that’s “WOW” and “Ear Pleasing.” 

Furthermore, as we already said, to get the stereo experience, you need to buy two Bugani M83 speakers. Overall, TWS in Bugani M83 is another fantastic feature that we think every buyer will appreciate. 

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Bugani Bluetooth Speaker (M83): Battery Backup

Just amazing! Bugani wins the heart in terms of battery backup as well. 

Bugani M83: Battery Backup

Battery backup of Bluetooth speaker is something that matters the most after sound quality. There are almost thousands of Bluetooth speakers available on Amazon, promising extra-long battery backup and playtime. 

However, do they actually offer this? Unfortunately, No!!! Most of them just make fake claims, and you will be lucky to have about 50% backup or playtime of what manufacturers or brands have promised. 

Fortunately, Bugani M83 has not disappointed us in terms of battery backup and playtime, and even this speaker has exceeded our expectations. As we have already said, we are using this speaker for about two months now, and it has impressed us in all ways. 

Bugani has promised up to 2400 minutes of playback at 50% volume level, once fully charged. Surprisingly, we witnessed 2400+ minutes playback time on 50% volume level, and up to 1800 minutes at between 50% and 100% volume level. This is something we actually loved about the Bugani M83 portable Bluetooth speaker. We got more than what we expected, and you, too, will get the same. 

Talking about charging time, Bugani M83 takes about 8 hours to charge its 8000 mah battery via a 1A charger. However, we found the speaker taking up to 9 and a half hours. But this is okay, and a prevalent factor associated with portable Bluetooth speaker. 

However, when connected to a 2A charger, things work perfectly, and the speaker gets charged in about 4 hours. So, we recommend you using a 2A USB charger to save your time and have a better charging experience.  

Overall, there’s nothing to worry about considering the battery backup and charging of the Bugani M83 speaker. It’s equipped with giant 8000 mAh that lasts longer than expected. 

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Bugani M83 As A Power Bank

Bugani M83 As A Power Bank

Yeah, this bass giant Bluetooth speaker works as a power bank as well. One can charge iPhone, Android phones, wearable watches, etc. by connecting a USB charging cable to it. 

However, please note that if you use Bugani M83 as a power bank, the battery will drain faster, and the playtime will be affected. 

This is because there is just one battery that is powering this speaker and the power bank function. So, we suggest you using Bugani M83 as a power bank only in emergency cases or when there is no other source available to charge your phone and gadgets.

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Bugani M83 Speaker: Pros And Cons

  • The clear and loud sound 

  • Punchy bass and surround sound

  • Packed with 8000 mAh battery

  • 12 months warranty

  • 2400 playback minutes

  • Work as a power bank

  • Wireless and wired connection option

  • Waterproof dustproof, snow proof, mudproof

  • Premium sound and function at a very affordable price

  • Best value for the money

  • TWS malfunction at lower battery levels

  • Battery drains quickly when phone charging

  • Rubberized seal on USB and AUX port has no opener

Bugani M83 Speaker User Manual Download

Click Here To Download Bugani Bluetooth Speaker Manual (M83)

Should You Buy Bugani M83 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker?

Yes, you must buy Bugani M83 if you’re a music lover or party lover, gym enthusiast, or a frequent traveler. Bugani has set a new affordable standard for every bluetooth speaker buyer. Now you don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to buy a Bluetooth speaker delivering quality sound. Bugani has come to change the market. 

Bugani has set a new standard in the Bluetooth speaker market by introducing Bugani M83 as a budget-friendly option with premium sound quality. There’s not a single reason to stop you from buying Bugani M83 Portable Bluetooth speaker. Go, grab it today, and experience the premium sound quality.

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