BeKind Good Vibes 6 Scented Candles Set Honest Review

Planning to buy BeKind Good Vibes 6 Scented Candles Set? Read this BeKind Good Vibes tested review first to make a smart buying decision.

Who won’t cherish a soul-soothing aroma when listening to your favorite music in your solo time or when you are spending quality time with your beloved?

Almost everyone would love to be at this moment. Now, to fill your home with such an aroma, scented soy candles are an excellent choice for you. They will not only pamper your olfactory receptors but will also enlighten your mood.

These candles are available in various scents like fruity, musk, crisp, sultry, and countless more. It will only depend on your preference that which best-scented candle you will choose for your house.

Here, we have shortlisted the best of the best-scented candle for you. We will provide you with a comprehensive review of the product in the coming sections, so keep reading!!

BeKind Good Vibes Scented Candles And Its Features

BeKind Good Vibes Scented Candles And Its Features -

Well, the best-scented candle that we are going to discuss here is the BeKind Good Vibes 6 Scented Candles Set. So, let us begin!!

6 Great Scents

The very first thing to consider in the Bekind scented candles is the scents of the candles. The Brkind candle set comes from one of the best-scented candle brands, BeKind. It has six candles of 6 different scents, namely:

⏩ The Cherry Blossom

⏩ The Mountain Pine Tree

⏩ The Tropical Ocean

⏩ The Wild Bluebell

⏩ Geranium & Basil

⏩ Black Gentleman

All these fragrances are light and do not affect your breathing while on. Moreover, the pine-scented candle or rose-scented candle can also be used for your romantic evening. After a tiring day at work, the Exquisite aroma of these candles will surely uplift your mood.

Natural Wax

It is great that the fireplace scented candle or a coffee scented candle fills your house with a pleasant aroma. But, it is also essential to make sure that the aroma that fills your house is safe.

In the case of BeKind Scented Candles, the wax used is completely natural and renewable. There are many other perks to using this scented soy candle:

✅ These candles burn slowly, thus, allowing more burning time of around 18-20 hours.

✅ Candles do not produce any black smoke or toxic fumes while burning that makes them even better than paraffin candles.

✅ The containers of the candles can be reused after burning the candles.

Specifications Of BeKind Good Vibes Scented Candles

All the candles of the set are 1.57 inches in height and 2.44 inches in both length and width. These dimensions are a clear proof of its long burning time of 18-20 hours, as mentioned above.

Other than the dimensions, the weight of each of the candles is 2.47 ounces, which makes it easy for you to carry across locations if required.

Usage Of BeKind Good Vibes Scented Candles

Usage Of BeKind Good Vibes Scented Candles -

Just like the features, the use of these scented candles is also diverse. The man scented candles or any other scented candles can be used for:

⏩ Home Decor: You can always use the scented candles for decorating your home. It will not only make your home look attractive but will also lighten up your mood.

⏩ Soothing Shower: Relaxing at your home with a relaxing aroma in the air is the best experience ever. Hence, the use of scented candles will be ideal while you are taking a hot shower.

⏩ Spa: If you have visited a spa, you would be aware of aromatherapy. It is the treatment provided to improve the emotional health of the person. This adds another use to scented candles.

BeKind Good Vibes Scented Candles: Pros And Cons

BeKind Good Vibes Scented Candles Pros And Cons -

Well, after going through all the essential features and usage of the BeKind scented candles, let us study some of the upsides and downsides of the candles. There are many of them as compared to the paraffin candles.


The soy scented candle has a long burning time of around 18-20 hours.

You will not experience any smoke as they burn cleanly without any black smoke.

The smoke of the candles is completely harmless that is entirely safe for your kids as well as your pets.

The candles come in a metal container that can be reused after using the candles. You can use the container to store various small household items.

The BeKind best-scented candles make a perfect gift for your parents, friends, relatives, and others.


🛑 The container of the scented candle may get damaged if not taken care of. The candle should be thrown when it 0.08 inches of its wax remains.

🛑 Trimming of the wick is necessary, or it may produce black smoke.

🛑 Make sure that no one has allergies to soy wax in your house.

🛑 Try to store them in a normal temperature environment as cooler temperatures may shrink them.

Precautions While Using These BeKind Good Vibes Scented Candles

Precautions While Using These BeKind Good Vibes Scented Candles -

Here are some of the precautions that you need to take to get the best out of the Bekind scented candles. No matter if your candle is a bacon-scented candle, campfire scented candle or any other, you need to take care of the following points:

⏩ It is essential for you to trim the wick of the candle to get the best results. If the wick of the candle is long, there will be excessive flames while burning that will produce black smoke.

⏩ It is best for you to use the scented candle for a maximum of 5 hours.

⏩ It is also necessary for you to get rid of the scented candle a bit before it is completely exhausted. This is because the interior of the container containing the candle gets damaged. You need to remove the candle from the container when 0.08 inch of the wax is left.

⏩ Make sure that you always burn the candle on a heat resistant surface. Also, keep the Bekind scented candles out of reach of kids.

Well, this all about the BeKind Good Vibes Scented Candles which is best of the best-scented candle in the market. It does not have any harmful effects on the health of individuals. Though, you need to be a bit cautious while using it.

Make sure you follow all the precautions and make the right choice while using the one for yourself.