Goodbaby Ear/Forehead Thermometer Review – Buy Or Not?

Goodbaby Ear Forehead Thermometer Review - Buy Or Not -

Planning to buy a Goodbaby ear thermometer with ear and forehead function from Amazon? Don’t buy before reading this Goodbaby thermometer honest review.

Healthwise, the temperature of children and adults matters a lot. A slight change could mean a decline in health or an imminent sign of sickness, most likely, a fever. Admittedly, you can detect a subtle shift in body temperature if you use your hand to feel the forehead or the neck of your child; however, you can’t measure the severity or detect if there has been a shift in the temperature. Hence, the need for thermometers.

As technology advances, different types of thermometers are manufactured to suit the specific needs of the people. Among these manufactured thermometers is the Goodbaby thermometer. This thermometer was specially formulated by the GoodBaby Brand with the intent of checking the temperature readings of children and adults secondarily. Click here to read best infrared thermometers for kids and adults

Goodbaby ear thermometer combines the stylish build and competence of most Goodbaby products and the technicality of a clinical thermometer, which makes it recommended for use by children, adults, and other objects. With its impressive features, it comes in handy to parents who need an easy-to-use thermometer for home use.

Goodbaby Thermometer With Ear And Forehead Function: Specifications

Goodbaby Thermometer With Ear And Forehead Function Specifications -

Power Supply: 1.5V × 2 DC

Accuracy: ±0.2°C / ±0.4°F (Forehead and Ear mode)/±1.0°C / 1.8°F (Object mode)

Measurement range: 32.0°C – 42.9°C (89.6 °F – 109.2 °F) – Ear and Forehead/0°C – 100°C (32 °F – 212 °F) – Object

Display resolution: 0.1°C / °F

Memory: Measured temperature up to 35 groups

Automatic shutdown: 10s ± 1s

Operational conditions:

  • Humidity: non-condensing, 15 – 95% RH
  • Temperature: 10°C – 40°C (50°F- 104°F)
  • Atmospheric pressure: 86 – 106 kPa
  • Dimension & Weight: 163.3 × 39.2 × 38.9mm, 66g (excluding the battery)

Battery: 2*AAA, can use over 3000 times

Goodbaby Ear Thermometer Review: Multi-mode Thermometer

Goodbaby Ear Thermometer Review Multi-mode Thermometer-

Goodbaby thermometer is manufactured with a feature that allows it to take the temperature reading of your baby and the temperature of other objects. Consequently, when you buy this thermometer, you are guaranteed flexible use with its multiple functional modes. 

Goodbaby Ear Thermometer Review Multi-mode Thermometer -

Additionally, when it comes to taking the temperature of the body, you can take the reading from the forehead of the child or the ear as well. Also, the Goodbaby ear thermometer allows you to take readings in two different modes: degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit (°C and °F). Thus, this feature makes it stand out and leaves you satisfied with the results you get from readings. 

Goodbaby Ear Thermometer Review: Reading Accuracy

Goodbaby Ear Thermometer Review Reading Accuracy -

Thermometers come in handy when you need an apt or accurate temperature reading, and the Goodbaby thermometer delivered on that front, as it gives you the correct temperature of the body or an object. Despite being tested and branded as accurate by the factory, it has also undergone clinical testings that revealed it as a reliable and fast gadget to use. 

To this end, it is recommended for ear and forehead readings with a negligible and infinitesimally small error margin, which is 0.1°F when checking the body’s temperature and 1.0°F when in ambient mode. Hence, this makes its reading even more accurate when compared to the standard mercury thermometers. 

Therefore, when you use the Goodbaby ear thermometer to check your child’s temperature or to test the temperature of the water, milk, or a bottle, you have a marginally low error rate, and you are guaranteed a correct reading.

Goodbaby Ear Thermometer Review: The Adequate Memory Feature

Goodbaby Ear Thermometer Review The Adequate Memory Feature -

Temperature checks for your child equate you with collecting and collating regular readings in a bid to notice any slight positive or negative change. Consequently, this will build a base for you to know if you need to take the child to the doctor. 

However, with the Goodbaby thermometer, you are saved from the stress of checking and writing down the readings at all times. Reason being that the memory capacity of this thermometer gets up to 35 readings. Thus, it saves the previous 35 readings, making it easy for you to refer to it for comparison and record purposes. 

Also, you can use the Goodbaby ear thermometer for this impressive feature to get readings for kids, toddlers, teenagers, infants, children, and even adults to document your readings properly. In addition to this, it can shut down automatically when not in use; this allows it to save power for future use. 

Goodbaby Ear Forehead Thermometer Review: The Convenience Factor

Goodbaby Ear Forehead Thermometer Review The Convenience Factor -

When you buy the Goodbaby thermometer, you are guaranteed a highly convenient user experience. This can be attributed to the ease of use and the accurate results it gives. So, taking your baby’s temperature becomes less of a hassle with the Goodbaby ear thermometer. 

Admittedly, taking your baby’s temperature can sometimes be tasking; however, when you use this thermometer, you can decide to use it late at night or whenever your baby is sleeping. You do not need to worry about your baby fussing while trying to get a reading since you can get an accurate reading. 

Also, you can do this without switching the lights on as its screen is an LED screen with a clear display of the numbers. Another function that guarantees its convenience is the ease with which you can use it; you only have to press a button while pointing the thermometer at your baby or an object, and you get a reading. 

Goodbaby Ear Thermometer Review: Pros And Cons

Goodbaby Ear Thermometer Review


  • Easy to navigate and read.
  • Stylish but straightforward handheld structure.
  • Used by different age ranges
  • Alerts when the temperature is too high
  • One button push-to-use system.


  • Hard-to-find ear placement for adult temperature.
  • May give inconsistent readings sometimes.

Goodbaby Ear And Forehead Thermometer Review: Final Verdict

Overall, Goodbaby ear thermometer with ear and forehead function is a really good option to go with. We haven’t found any reason to stop you from buying this baby thermometer. Just and grab it from Amazon, the link is right below. Also, don’t forget to share your experience in the comments after you use this Goodbaby ear thermometer with ear and forehead function.

FAQs Related To Goodbaby Ear Thermometer

FAQs Related To Goodbaby Ear Thermometer

Can I use a Goodbaby thermometer for my teenager? 

Yes, you can. The Goodbaby thermometer can be used to check the temperature readings for all ages.

Do I have to charge the Goodbaby thermometer’s battery?

No. You do not need to. Goodbaby ear thermometer comes with an AAA battery that you can use up to 3000 times.

Does the Goodbaby thermometer read from only the ear?

The Goodbaby thermometer has a dual reading feature. It can read the temperature of the ear or the forehead.

How many units does the Goodbaby thermometer use to read temperatures?

You can get temperature readings in degree celsius and degree Fahrenheit when you use the Goodbaby ear thermometer

What type of thermometer is the Goodbaby thermometer?

The Goodbaby thermometer is an infrared type of thermometer.

Which of the Goodbaby thermometer modes gives the most accurate reading?

You get an accurate reading if you use the Goodbaby ear thermometer on the forehead or ear.

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