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An Intro To Best Hammer Drills 2020

A hammer drill is an amazing tool for doing a variety of jobs. The heavy duty mechanical jobs such as hammering, impacting and drilling can all be done with the help of a single hammer drill.

Best Hammer Drill

While regular drills can be used effectively to drill holes for mounting fixtures and certain pieces of furniture, the hammer drills can do much more. Hammer Drills can work with some heavy duty materials such as concrete and steel with ease and help you modify them according to your requirements. It can also help you in masonry along with the other kinds of work.

That’s all with the basics, let’s now start exploring the best hammer drill reviews 2020 with pros, cons and buying guide.

Best Inexpensive

Hammer Drill, TACKLIFE 7.1-Amp 3000 RPM Corded Drill with 15 Drill Bits Set, Carrying Case, Rotating Handle, Aluminum Shell, Hammer and Drill 2 Modes in 1, Suitable for DIY Working - PID03B

The Best High-End

Milwaukee Electric Tools 2804-22 Hammer Drill Kit

Best Mid-Range

ENEACRO 1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus 12.5 Amp Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill, Safety Clutch 3 Functions with Vibration Control Including Grease, Chisels and Drill Bits with Case

09 Best Hammer Drill Video Reviews 2020 With Pros, Cons And Buying Guide

Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme - 8 Amp 1 Inch Corded Variable Speed Sds-Plus Concrete/Masonry Rotary Hammer Power Drill with Carrying Case, Blue


#9. Bosch Hammer Drill

Bosch is a company which is highly renowned for making mechanical equipment. This hammer drill from Bosch comes with multiple modes of operation. They include rotation only, rotary hammer, and hammer only mode. Also the speed of the drill can be varied easily with the help of a variable speed trigger. This can help in starting up the drilling easily or remove the fastener easily.

The ergonomic handle makes for a comfortable grip and helps you control the drill a bit easier. Also the vibration control feature makes it comfortable to use. The drill comes with SDS plus bit system which helps to lock up the drill bit automatically and allows for automatic tool exchange. Also, you can position this hammer drill in 36 different angles for easy chiselling.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 3.8/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Good weight to power ratio

  • Works quickly

  • Great for boring holes

  • Well-built

  • Doesn’t last very long

  • Starting can be difficult sometimes

Hammer Drill,Avid Power 7.0Amp 1/2-Inch 0-3000RPM Electric Drill with Dual Drill Modes, Variable Speed, 360° Rotating Handle for Drilling Brick, Wood, Steel, Masonry


#8. Avid Power Hammer Drill

This hammer drill is powered by a 7 Amp copper motor and is meant for heavy duty projects such as drilling into materials like steel and concrete. The drill is provided by a black button on the top. Using this, you can easily switch between hammer and drilling functions. Also, there is a lock button which enables you to lock onto a particular working speed.

Thos heavy drill is suitable for a number of other projects besides being great for the heavy duty ones. These include DIY projects and drilling for installing various furniture equipment. The handle which is located on the side can be rotated by 460 degrees and is provided by an openable lid which can help you hold drill bits and nails.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 3.7/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Comes at an affordable price

  • Well built

  • Great for home use

  • Durable

  • A little clumsy

  • Not the best for a contractor drilling multiple holes a day

Cordless Drill Driver Kit - 20V Max Impact Drill Set w/Lithium-Ion Battery & Charger, 350 In-lb Torque, 3/8


#7. Kimo Hammer Drill

Kimo has a long standing presence in this industry. This hammer drill from Kimo comes with an amazing and much improved battery that can last for over a 1000 cycles. Hence you don’t need to worry much about replacing batteries from time to time. It is a multifunctional drill which can screw drive, drill and impact drill with ease. It also comes with two variable speeds which can go from zero upto 350 and 1350 rpm respectively.

The copper motor powering it is lighter and much more efficient than the aluminium ones. It also dissipates heat quickly and prevents overheating of the equipment. The LED light installed in the equipment helps you see things clearly even when it’s dark and the forward/reverse switch allows you to easily remove or replace the screws.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.1/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Long lasting battery

  • Charges up quickly

  • Magnetic strip on the side to store the drill bits casing

  • Lightweight and easy to operate

  • The keyless chuck might not always provide a comfortable grip.

  • No instruction manual provided

#6. Tacklife Hammer Drill

This hammer drill has a two in one function. The two modes of drilling and hammering can be switched with the help of an orange button provided at the top. You can use it to either drill holes in various types of materials or to hammer stuff and make the drilling process a bit easier. The variable speed trigger and speed knob allows you to set different speeds depending upon the requirement of the job. You can choose the speeds between 0 to 2800 rpm and lock them with the help of a lock-on button.

The auxiliary handle provided in the hammer drill can be rotated up to 360 degrees which adds more flexibility to the equipment. Also the sturdy metal chuck allows you to change the drill bits with ease. The ergonomically designed drill is lightweight, compact and poised to make your work easier.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Great speed control

  • Lock-on power

  • Great durability

  • Dual function

  • RPM is tough to gauge initially

  • Cord is short to be used as extension cord

#5. Tacklife Hammer Drill

This hammer drill from Tacklife features a 7.1 Amp copper motor which can produce up to 4800 rpm. This can produce great hammer strength and a powerful impact. This allows you to work easily on various types of materials. The knob provided can help you switch the speed between 12 modes, allowing you to adjust the speed between 0 to 3000 rpm. Also, it can perform two functions at a time, screw with the lower gear and drill with the higher gear.

The metal transmission installed helps to improve the heat dissipation in the body which makes it more durable and long lasting. The handle on the side can be rotated up to 360 degrees, providing greater maneuverability.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Powerful but controllable

  • Impressive drill heft

  • Well built body

  • The switches operate smoothly

  • Cord is not grounded

  • Very heavy

VonHaus 10 Amp VSR 1/2 Inch Pistol Grip Hammer Drill Kit, 8 Drill Bit Set, Metal Depth Gauge, Lock-On Switch, Power Trigger and Speed Adjustment


#4. Vonhaus Hammer Drill

This 10 Amp hammer drill from Vonhaus comes with dual function for professional grade drilling and impacting. The equipment can efficiently hammer the heavy objects and also drill efficiently. The hammering function can also work to make the drilling process easier. It also comes with a dual speed range which allows you to deploy it for both high speed and high torque applications.

Along with the variable speed the switch provided on the side can provide both forward and backward control for greater control and efficiency. The gears are housed in an aluminium casing and the drill is ergonomically designed along with a soft grip auxiliary handle.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Considerable torque for the price

  • Durability is great

  • Impressive power

  • Inexpensive

  • Can feel a bit heavy

  • Plastic body

ENEACRO 1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus 12.5 Amp Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill, Safety Clutch 3 Functions with Vibration Control Including Grease, Chisels and Drill Bits with Case


#3. Eneacro Hammer Drill

This is a powerful drill which is powered by a 12.5 Amp industry grade motor. This is so that it can perform all the heavy duty tasks and work with materials such as concrete and steel. The ergonomic design offers heat dissipation and makes for a dust free bottom to increase the life of the hammer drill. The safety clutch offers valuable protection to your wrist and the 360 degree rotating handle adds to the maneuverability.

The drill has an anti-vibration feature which helps you hold the drill easily and makes it much more stable to use. It can perform three different functions of drilling, hammering and hammer drilling which makes it ideal to work with in a variety of work scenarios.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.5/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Excellent with bits and chisels

  • Perfectly priced

  • Great longevity

  • Great customer service

  • Can give problems in cold

  • Comes off as a bit cheap

#2. Milwaukee Electric Tools Hammer Drill

This Milwaukee hammer drill is specifically designed to provide approximately 60% more power than the rest with the help of its Powerstate brushless DC motor. It prevents any kind of overloading which can damage the tool and reduce its life with the help Redlink Plus intelligence. It also helps it to give an optimal performance and greater tool life.

The battery pack can produce more juice which can help the hammer drill to run longer than its competitors. The drill can help you to work in a variety of environments by providing approximately 1200 lbs of torque. Also, it comes with an LED situated at the foot of the drill to help you work better in dark environments.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Has a lot of torque and power

  • Long battery life

  • Packed and boxed well

  • Works quickly

  • Small motor size

  • Rubberized protection is minimal

DEWALT 20V MAX SDS Rotary Hammer Drill, Tool Only (DCH273B)


#1. Dewalt Hammer Drill

This product is one of the best in class when it comes to efficient hammer drills. Though all the Drills contain motors of various types but this one comes with a brushless motor. This helps it to run for a longer time and also increases the overall durability. The vibration control is an important feature which helps you to hold the drill stable while working with it.

The impact energy generated by the drill is sufficient to work with a range of products including the heavy duty ones. It is also equipped with a retractable heavy duty utility hook for convenient hanging and storage.

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 4.9/5.0       Fakespot Grade: 

  • Very strong

  • Smooth in operation

  • Quick action

  • Nice battery life

  • Lack of power during chipping

  • Can give some hiccups during startup

Hammer Drill Buying Guide

Hammer Drill Buying Guide

While it might seem that there is only one particular type of hammer drill present in the market, it is not so. They are much more customizable in terms of speed, power and operations. Presently, you can find two types of hammer drills out there in the market: Hammer Drills and Rotary Hammers.

While hammer drills combine the drilling action along with the hammering action, the rotary drills are specifically deployed for heavy-duty drilling with materials such as concrete and steel and in masonry.

Choosing the right drill can hence be tricky, especially when you don’t exactly know which function or specifics will help you conveniently do your job. You can very well buy a normal hammer drill and learn the next day that a rotary drill would have been better suited and vice versa.

Though it would be ideal to buy a drill which can perform light as well as heavy functions with ease, ultimately a lot depends upon how you plan to use it and for what.

But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here, we have talked about the various types of hammer drills and the features which you need to look out for while buying them.

Light Versus Heavy Hammer Drills

Light Versus Heavy Hammer Drills

The choice of going for a light or a heavy hammer drill completely depends upon the purpose for which you plan on using the drills. While the light hammer drills are a lot like your regular drills (except the fact that they also have a hammering action), the heavy hammer drills take it up a notch in terms of power and work handling. They can be used to work on concrete and masonry and come with a powerful motor of 7 to 10 Amp.

Most of the hammer drills which are cordless and are completely powered by a battery pack fall under light hammer drills. Though they are a bit expensive, they are lightweight and can easily be carried around. Though the light hammer drills can easily be used for drilling on wood and other such lightweight materials, they can take a while for drilling into concrete.

Hence, for drilling and working with heavy materials such as concrete, it is better to go for the heavy hammer drills. There is more versatility when it comes to heavy hammer drills. In this, you can get models with varied actions such hammer and drill only modes, so it gives you more flexibility while working.

Corded Versus Cordless Hammer Drills

Corded Versus Cordless Hammer Drills

As we saw in the previous sections, most of the cordless hammer drills fall in the category of light hammer drills. They are smaller and much more compact as compared to the corded ones and can hence be easily taken from one place to another.

The corded drills, on the other hand, require to be plugged into a socket to work. These are heavier and generally fall under the category of heavy hammer drills. Due to their heavier weight, it is more difficult to carry them around.

While the cordless hammer drills are great for light jobs and for working on sites where it is difficult to find a socket, the main advantage with a corded hammer drill is the unlimited working time. Once plugged, they can be used for as long as you want.

Corded ones, on the other hand, run on battery packs. Now these battery packs have a definite amount of juice which is bound to run out after some time. Hence, they will have to be recharged and you can’t work with them during the charging period.

The corded motors also contain bigger and better motors which can deliver a lot more power and better hammering action as compared to the corded ones.

Some Basic Features To Look Out For In Best Hammer Drills 2020

Some Basic Features To Look Out For In Best Hammer Drills 2020

● Side Handle

The hammer drill should come with a side handle which makes it easier to hold the drill and work with it. Also, it would be an added advantage if the auxiliary handle can be rotated all the way up to 360 degrees for greater manoeuvrability.

● Variable Speed Trigger

A variable speed trigger which can help you adjust the speed with ease. Not all jobs require the same speed of action. These features can help you set different speeds as per the job requirement. Also, if there is a lock-down feature, it would be an added advantage. That way you can lock one speed and wouldn’t have to worry about it fluctuating too much.

● Gears Of Hammer Drills

Gears are the essential components of any drill. They are the components which help rotate the drill bits. Hence it is also essential that the gears remain protected. A solid metal housing can offer good protection to the gears to increase their durability and longevity. They can also dissipate heat which can prevent the equipment from getting overheated.

● Hammer Drills With LED Lights

One might be required to work or use the drill in a dark environment or in places with dim light. Hence you need extra light to do your job. A hammer drill with an LED light built on it can effectively do your job in this case. They can produce sufficient light for you to see the work clearly and do your job. Also, you don’t need to carry any extra lighting equipment.

● Brush Vs. Brushless Motor

A brushless motor is always better than the one with brushes. This is because there is no reason to worry about the brushes wearing off. Also, it is much more durable and long-lasting.

● Switch To Toggle Between The Hammering And Drilling

A switch to toggle between the hammering and drilling action. You definitely would not want to be stuck on one kind of action. Hence a button or switch which can help you toggle between the two easily will make for a great feature.

Best Hammer Drills 2020

● Power

There is a power quotient associated with almost all kinds of mechanical equipment. Hence, while buying a hammer drill, a lot depends upon the power level at which it can operate. The power of a particular hammer drill can be represented in terms of Watts or Amperes. Watts represents the power rating of a motor and is a measure of the amount of power a motor can produce. Higher the wattage, greater is the power produced by the motor and more powerful the hammer is.

Most of the battery-operated models are rated in terms of Amperes or Ampere-hour which determines how powerful the battery pack is along with how much juice or runtime it can provide. More the rating, better the hammer drill.

In case of impact piston hammers or rotary hammers, power can also be measured in terms of Joules. Higher the rating, more strongly the piston can ram in and provide a more powerful hammering and drilling action.

● Speed And Depth

Speed is an important characteristic of a drill which determines how the drilled hole will turn out or how smooth it will be. Nowadays, most hammer drills come with variable speed knobs. These knobs can help you vary and set the speed easily within the specified speed limits of the hammer drill.

Speed is generally measured in terms of rpm. While your normal hammer drills have a higher speed which is almost equivalent to the regular drills, the rotary drills operate at almost half the speed of the regular hammer drills due to the heavy nature of jobs.

Hammering speed also varies in quite a similar way. It is measured in terms of beats per minute. While the rotary drills normally have a hammering speed of 4000 bpm or more, the regular hammer drills have a much higher speed of 50,000 or more.

Last but not least is the depth up to which the drills can work. The drilling range of a particular drill is listed by the manufacturer and is specified in millimetres or inches. Since a lot can go wrong even if the dimensions go off by a millimetre, you need to make sure that you choose the right drill for your purpose.

Final Words

Hammer Drills are a great alternative to your normal everyday drills in case you want them on your job on a regular basis. Yes they can be a little more expensive and you need to be careful while using these heavy  duty machines since they are very powerful and can easily cause an accident. But they combine multiple actions in one single package so you can use a single equipment for multiple jobs. Stay tuned with The Keen Hunter for more such reviews and buying guides.

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Hammer Drill, TACKLIFE 1.2/In. 2800RPM Dual Drill Mode, Variable Speed Trigger, 360° Reversible Handle, Speed Setting Knob for Wood, Steel, Masonry-PID01A

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