Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best sprinkler for kids in 2020? If yes then here you have arrived on the right page. The Keen Hunter is back with the top 10 best kids water sprinkler 20202 tested reviews, with pros and cons and buying guide.

So, read on this post till the end to buy the best sprinkler for your kids today. Before we start exploring the best sprinkler reviews and buying guide, here a quick introduction to help you understand the product more appropriately.

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A Quick Intro To Kids Water Sprinklers

A Quick Intro To Kids Water Sprinklers -

Kids are big fans of hot sunny days, nobody is. But kids may love having some splashing and water sprinkling fun under the sun. However, the task is to convince them to go out and play with water all the while keeping themselves cool and calm.

Well, then you lack the best sprinkler for kids. And who says that the kids only need to have fun, the whole family can join in and have some fun. Moreover, the water sprinklers for kids can replace the pool. They practically do not need any maintenance, just hook it with a water outlet and leave the kids on their own to have some fun.

This is not even the best part. These water sprinklers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are kept on the ground, and the kids can play around it. While others resemble small kids swimming pool, but they have a minimal circumference and size. This is called a play mat. The kids can only dance, hop, or sit in them.

The rotating sprinklers splashing water in all the directions furthers adds another element of fun. In the pool-based water sprinklers, you can also add some toys to the mix, and let your child have even more fun. Let’s do a rain check, water, small pool, toys, and pleasant sunny weather. This is all your kids may need to have some amazing fun time.

That’s all with the basics. Let’s start exploring the best water sprinklers for kids along with their pros, cons and features.

Best Inexpensive

Jasonwell Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat 68" Sprinkler for Kids Outdoor Water Toys Inflatable Splash Pad Baby Toddler Pool Boys Girls Children Outdoor Backyard Sprinkler Toy Splash Pad

The Best High-End

SplashEZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler for Kids, Splash Pad, and Wading Pool for Learning – Children’s Sprinkler Pool, 60’’ Inflatable Water Toys – “from A to Z” Outdoor Swimming Pool for Babies and Toddlers

Best Mid-Range

Tobeape Sprinkler for Kids, Sprinkle & Splash Pad Play Mat, Upgraded 68" Inflatable Outdoor Water Toys Wading Swimming Pool for 1-12 Years Old Children Learning Toddler Girls Boys

Top 10 Best Water Sprinkler For Kids To Buy In 2020

#10.Matty’s Toy Stop Henry The Hydrant Water Sprinkler

You must have seen plenty of water sprinklers, but nothing beats the cute little “Henry the Hydrant!” It is one of the best sprinkler for kids and also an ultimate outdoor toy! With an easy setup, you can attach it to a garden hose and leave it outside to ensure that your children get a taste of a refreshed evening! It sprays up to the height of ten feet.

The hydrant water sprinkler gives a dose of energy by spraying the water within the area of sixteen feet and is loaded with immense power. It allows the children to bond and also gives a chance to have a good time together even when the weather is hot.

It can be carried to different places if you are thinking about surprising your friends and family for an amazing time! Made from heavy-duty plastic, with Henry the Hydrant, you won’t be troubled by its weight. Therefore, with extra water pressure, you won’t have to pick the hydrant up while playing outside. Light up your summer afternoon with this water sprinkler within a few minutes!

PRICE: $            Editor Rating 3.8/5.0             Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 4  (what’s it)

  • It features a heavy-duty material that doesn’t fall off easily.

  • Cute and funny design.

  • Larger than other water sprinklers.

  • It can be connected with any garden hose.

  • Weak hose.

#9. ThrillZoo Trampoline Waterpark Heavy Duty Sprinkler Hose

The ThrillZoo trampoline sprinkler hose is super easy to setup and install. You can fit the trampoline net to any size and adjust it however you want. The design makes it even more simple to use and can be fit on different poles. Apart from that, this water sprinkler comes with proper video instruction so that you don’t get confused while installing it.

Even if you have people in a large group at your place, this trampoline can light up the whole scene. Setting it up on your child’s birthday will ensure a great bonding time with other kids and also give them an escape from day-to-day routine. You will feel a decrease in the temperature, lowered to around 25 degrees. Could it be any better?

The trampoline is UV protected and guarantees fun for many years to come since it is made from exclusive material. Moreover, the hose is attached to the outside of the net, which makes it safe for kids. Also, they can get on and off using a ladder right outside the net. Nothing about this water sprinkler will disappoint you!

PRICE: $$$     Editor Rating: 3.7/5.0      Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 4

  • Easy installation.

  • It can be used by adults.

  • This water sprinkler is made up of high-quality material.

  • Brass fittings.

  • Simple attachments.

  • Net isn’t durable.

  • The holes sprinkle the water outside most of the time.

#8. Zen Laboratory Inflatable Splash Sprinkler

A perfect addition to your garden, the 68-inch Zen Laboratory Splash Sprinkler, is everything you need for summers. It works great as a summer pool for kids due to its inflatable style. The water pad is combined with the goodness of a kid’s pool and a water slide to make sure your children enjoy their outdoor activities. Even if your child isn’t ready to play with the sprinklers, he/she can sit inside the pool to get a sigh of relief from the heat.

Children under the age of 2-10 can make proper use of this water splash pad and take a dip whenever required. Due to its shape, the kids can enjoy a playful time without having to worry about safety. It is also phthalate and BPA-free to ensure that the material doesn’t have any adverse effect on your child’s health.

Make way for quality time with your children and help them shift from the television and mobile screens. It is the perfect getaway from the scorching heat! Also, the best part is that this splash pad doesn’t leak and tear. The thick protective plastic is designed in such a way that it can last for a longer time.

PRICE: $$    Editor Rating: 4.0/5.0      Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 10

  • BPA and phthalate-free.

  • High-quality material.

  • Thick and durable.

  • Non-slippery surface.

  • The hose connector is weak.

  • The patch kit doesn’t work well.

#7.Melissa & Doug Splash Patrol Sprinkler

Who says adults can’t enjoy in the splashing water of a sprinkler! Well, Melissa & Doug is here to change your perspective! The multiple fun water sprinklers for kids are the best companion for warm sunny days. These help to sprinkle water in all directions so you and your children can make the most of it.

There are twelve splash patrol characters in the form of little worms that allow an even sprinkle of water. The color looks really vibrant and makes sure your child’s summer party is enjoyed by everyone! It helps to promote very active coordination in children while playing outdoors. Not only that, but it also helps in developing a child’s mental state. This splash patrol sprinkler also a great idea when it comes to gifting something to a child.

If you are looking for an entertaining thing for your child, Melissa & Doug patch splash patrol sprinkler is the best idea. It offers a screen-free playtime to the children, and you’ll be happy to see them engage in outdoor activities.

PRICE: $     Editor Rating: 4.1/5.0      Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 10

  • Great water pressure.

  • You can set it up quickly.

  • Safe.

  • Durable.

  • The worms look really fun to play with.

  • It is made of quality material.

  • It attracts mold if not dried properly.

#6. Water Baby Water Sprinkler

Children love playing with water. Keeping that in mind, we have got you one of the best sprinkler for kids by Water Baby! This water pad has a diameter of 68 inches, making it perfect for at least four people. You can spend quality time with your child while playing with this water sprinkler and ensure a high level of emotional stability!

This fun water sprinkler for kids is made up of imported PVC material without BPA. It allows the sprinkler to remain free from any toxins which could harm your child. Moreover, this water sprinkler has gone through multiple tests to prove its superior quality. Now you know the importance of high-quality yard water toys.

In addition to that, the water injection port has a gasket that is waterproof for easy installation. Therefore, your child can also inflate it in a few simple steps. Enjoy a great time with your child by adjusting the height of the water sprinkling from the water mat.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 10

  • It has gone through 8 tests to ensure maximum safety.

  • You won’t experience any strong odor.

  • Keeps children busy during the weekends.

  • Quality material.

  • It adjusts four people with ease.

  • The holes aren’t in proper alignment with each other.

#5.Jasonwell Sprinkle

The Jasonwell Sprinkle Pad comes off as one of the best children’s water sprinkler toys. It can be set up easily with the help of a garden hose or a PVC tube. To ensure your child is able to enjoy the water sprinkling from a certain height, adjust the pressure of the water. Perfect for the age group of 2-5 years, the Jasonwell Sprinkle water mat is safe for toddlers.

This fun water sprinklers for kids has an exclusive design that attracts kids instantly making it even more fun to play. Apart from that, it is very durable. It is safe to stay that your child’s health is the number one priority of Jasonwell Sprinkler since it is made from non-toxic PVC and dielectric welding.

Moreover, you won’t find any harmful chemicals involved in the making of one of the best sprinkler for kids. You can even keep your toddler in the center so that your child can splash the water and get relief from the scorching heat.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.2/5.0      Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 4

  • The Jasonwell Sprinkle comes with a coloring box.

  • It has passed all the essential tests to ensure maximum safety.

  • Optimum size.

  • Value for money.

  • Durable.

  • A fun way to pass your toddlers time at home

  • Strong odor.

#4. QPAU (Upgraded 2020 Version) Sprinkler

Summer calls for a fun time with your kids. The yard water toys make that time even more special, just like this sprinkler by QPAU. The moment a child sees a water sprinkler, his excitement shoots up! Therefore, it is about time to gift your children the joys of playing with water!

Convert your QPAU splash play mat into a mini swimming pool and let your kids dip into cold water and relax. The outer rings of the mat have holes from where the water sprinkles towards the upper side. It gets collected in the mini pool; therefore, your child can easily play inside it. Moreover, you can easily accommodate four kids in this water sprinkler and pool.

This water splash pad is made up of high-quality material for increased longevity and is also tested to ensure a longer period of fun. In addition to this, you can also adjust the water’s height as per your requirement. It depends on the amount of pressure applied while releasing the water into the sprinkler’s hose. However, if you increase the water pressure, it may spray the water outside as well.

PRICE: $$    Editor Rating: 4.4/5.0      Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 10

  • The sprinkler pad can be turned into a mini pool.

  • It has a unique design.

  • You can inflate it within a few minutes.

  • Easy to attach.

  • The seams may split easily

#3.JOYIN Inflatable Unicorn Yard Sprinkler

This summer, make sure you turn your afternoons even more exciting with one of the best children’s water sprinkler toys. It comes in an amazing alicorn shape which is four-feet long and ensures that your family makes the most of this water sprinkler. The design is super cute and exciting, which makes any gloomy day better in just a couple of minutes!

Moreover, the water sprinkler is easy to set. You just have to inflate it and then connect to a regular-sized garden hose. Once you are done, this sprinkler is ready to use! The sprinkler features high-quality material, therefore, making it even better for use.

Your kids will definitely enjoy a summer party with this cute alicorn water sprinkler! You can even gift this water sprinkler to your loved ones if they enjoy playing in the water during the summertime.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.5/5.0      Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 10

  • The plastic smell goes away quickly.

  • Colorful and attractive.

  • Perfect for a summer pool party or a backyard party.

  • Uses an air pump to blow air inside.

  • It comes with two patch kits.

  • The weight of the hose may collapse the alicorn.

  • Weak seams.

#2. SplashEZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler

Make the most of one of the best fun water sprinklers for kids to help them learn with ease. The SplashEZ’s yard water toys are a mix of innovation and learning so that your child can learn even while playing. Another use of this outdoor water pad is that it can be turned into an inflatable pool for children who are older than a year. Let your kids splash under the sprinkling water and enjoy to the fullest!

Not only this water pad is easy to use, but it is also super safe; that is another reason why it is one of the best water sprinklers for kids! It is parent-approved, which makes sure your child plays without you having to worry about his safety. The material is BPA and phthalates free, which gives you the most satisfying experience.

It comes in different patterns ensuring the proper development of your child’s brain. Teach them alphabets or colors so that your child plays and learns equally. This method helps your child develop his creative learning and ensures to make him more confident.

PRICE: $$     Editor Rating: 4.7/5.0      Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 4

  • It helps to foster your child’s mental and emotional development in a fun way.

  • The 3-in-1 features make it compatible for children even above five years of age.

  • Easy to set and assemble.

  • This water sprinkler comes with comfortable cushioning so that your child doesn’t injure himself.

  • BPA and phthalates free

  • Not durable

#1.Tobeape Upgraded Sprinkler

What’s better than a water sprinkler for kids this scorching heat? Nothing! This one from Tobeape is one of the most durable splash mats made from the high-quality PVC material. It has dielectric welding, which makes sure that your water sprinkler for kids is always safe and doesn’t rupture. Its size accommodates children with easy and gives them relief in this hot summer.

Ensure your children get a relaxing time even while at home with one of the easiest children’s water sprinkler toys. With just one simple step, plug the water mat to your garden hose and adjust the water pressure for optimum spray height.

With bright colors and a pretty texture, your children will enjoy a warm summer afternoon that will help them grow! Carry out a full family summer water activities right at your home. Make precious memories with your children that you can cherish forever with Tobeape’s water sprinkler for kids.

PRICE: $$    Editor Rating: 4.9/5.0      Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 3  Fakespot Grade:  Top 10 Best Sprinkler For Kids 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide 10

  • The colors are bright and super attractive.

  • It can accommodate three children at a time.

  • With a moderate water flow, the hot afternoons and evenings can be made fun.

  • Easy to set up.

  • Apart from that, it comes with a patching kit.

  • The surface can be slippery at times.

  • Its seam isn’t that durable.

Best Sprinkler For Kids Buying Guide

Best Sprinkler For Kids Buying Guide (2)

What Is Water Sprinkler?

Water sprinklers or simple sprinklers are primarily used for irrigating the crops. Apart from the crops, they are also used in big lawns, landscapes, gardens, and other big green parks.

The motive of using water sprinklers is to irrigate the field evenly on all sides. It appears like rain is falling down on the crops or the grass and distributes the water to every nook and corner of the large area.

Added to this, these sprinklers are built specifically for different purposes. The irrigation sprinklers are industrial grade and heavy-duty equipment.

Sprinklers are also useful in those areas which have water scarcity. They also differ in the area that the sprinklers will cover. With changes in the usage, the sprinklers also reduce in size.

Like for a small garden, you won’t need that much pressure and capacity to pump out water. Similarly, when it comes to water sprinklers for kids, they are specially made to ensure that the kids get all the fun without getting too much pressure.

Moving forward, let’s know about how these water sprinklers work.

How Does Sprinkler Work?

The principal working mechanism of all the sprinklers is the same as the fun water sprinklers for kids or others. They all work with pressure. When water is supplied from the main outlet, the water reaches the nozzle and it is pushed out of the pipe with some force.

Larger the ground, more pressure is needed. However, when it comes to the best sprinkler for kids, they have enough pressure that it won’t hurt the kids while maintaining the fun part.

The simple water sprinklers for kids are easily movable, you only need to attach them to the main water outlet with a pipe. Once the water reaches the nozzles, a pressure control system distributes it to various directions.

What Is It About Sprinklers That Kids Loves?

What Is It About Sprinklers That Kids Loves -

Why won’t the kids love them? They are fun and frolicking toys for kids to play in the water.

There are a lot of games that the kids can play with the water sprinklers in the mix. The kids are literally happy to play in the water. For them, this is as fun as it gets. The excitement to see water coming out from an outlet is never-ending.

Even better, they love how the water sprinklers for kids can splash water in all directions. Some have an oscillatory motion while others rotate 360°.

When water splashes in all the directions, they see bubbles forming up and like to see them pop.

Kids who have a scientific nature, they like to see how water goes in all the directions. For a curious mind, the motion of water is enough to go deep and understand it. Not to mention, the fun kids can have with the children’s water sprinkler toys.

They will learn which toys float on the water, which submerge, and why. All these things may be dull or normal for an adult, but for an 8-year-old kid, who is only learning new things every day in the life, playing with sprinkling water is great.

Plus, unlike the adults, the kids love to live in the moment. They see things differently, and the stories they make up are just amazing.

Won’t A Regular Sprinkler Work?

The answer depends on the size and the distance your existing sprinkler can cover. Plus, the regular sprinklers are meant for irrigating the garden or watering the plants, the level of pressure that is not conducive for the kids.

That is why you must go for the best sprinkler for kids. These special sprinklers have inbuilt mechanisms to make water flow take different shapes. Plus, the kids can also play a lot of games with these specially made water sprinklers for kids.

Some of the best fun water sprinklers for kids include the ball sprinklers, ladder sprinklers, shower sprinklers, train track, hula poop, pool noodle, and whatnot.

You can even make a whole sprinkler park in your backyard for the kids. All of these activities are certainly not possible to do with regular sprinklers. With all the yard water toys, you can build a mini water park added with the sprinklers spread all around. This would be a great refreshing activity for the children on hot summer days.

Why Should You Buy Best Sprinkler For Kids?

Why Should You Buy Best Sprinkler For Kids -

There are many reasons for buying fun water sprinklers for kids. Find below the reasons that will convince you to buy sprinklers for kids.

Water Sprinkler For DIY Games:

With water sprinklers set in your backyard, you can play various fun games with the kids. Not only kids, but you can also ask the whole family to join and make some good and delightful memories. You can also add some children’s water sprinkler toys to the mix and make your own new games for the kids.

Make Some Friends:

Kids are naturally curious. When they see your kids playing with the sprinklers and children’s water sprinklers toys, they will want to join in. So, this way, they will make some new friends and have a great time together.


All these water sprinklers need is the basic apparatus and access to water. That’s it! It is also easy to set them up (we will talk about it in the next sections). The important aspect is that you can get the kids out of their rooms and play under the sun. This will get them off of their tablets and television.

How To Buy The Best Sprinkler For Kids And What To Consider?

When it comes to buying the fun water sprinklers for kids, there are many options you can choose from. Starting the simple and single nozzle to multiple nozzles, and figurine sprinklers, you have a load of options.

However, before you buy them, take care of these things:

Height Of Water Spray:

Spray height means how high the water spray will go when it comes out of the nozzle. Well, this won’t be important to consider if your kid is small. But for a 7 or 8-year-old kid, height is important. If the spray is too short, they won’t enjoy it and may have to bend down to get all wet. Also, if you buy a sprinkler with more height, you can use it for years to come.

Water Sprinkler’s Spray distance:

Apart from the height, the spray distance also matters. If they reach it too short, your kids will have less area to play. Also, if the reach is short, you may have to buy more than one fun water sprinklers for kids to make sure that they have fun.

Water Sprinkler’s Material:

This is especially important if you want to buy more spread out sprinklers. In this case,  always check for the material and what it is made of. Your kids will be running around the sprinkler’s bare feet. Do not buy material that can potentially harm them.

Water Sprinkler’s Connectors:

Always check for the installation method of the connectors. You wouldn’t want to deal with issues like leaking hoses or a connection that is too loose to hold on. If you think that a particular hose connection will cause trouble, don’t buy it.

How Do You Install Best Sprinkler For Kids?

How Do You Install Best Sprinkler For Kids -

To install a sprinkler system, you need to check for two things. First, the flow rate of the main hose you are connecting to. Secondly, the water pressure.

Both of these are important because the flow rate will determine the volume of water pumped out by the main hose every minute. If the flow rate is too high, you may risk over-inflating the sprinkler tubes and pipes.

Along with this, the water pressure also needs to be checked. Although some water sprinklers have inbuilt pressure control systems. If they don’t, you need to set the pressure just right for the kid’s water sprinklers.

So, once you have these two numbers, start by connecting the main hose with the water outlet. Attach the other end to the sprinkler surface. More bulky and designer sprinklers have hidden hose points, so you may need to find it.

In others, the main sprinkler nozzle is visible easily. Tighten the connection and ensure that there is no leakage. And you are good to go.

For other bigger and spread out sprinkler systems, you will get an instructions manual that will guide you through the installation process.

What Are The Benefits Of Best Sprinkler For Kids?

Well, if you are not satisfied with the fun time that your kids will have, there are many other reasons to buy kids’ water sprinklers.

  • Once the kids start having fun, they will want to play under the water again and again. This means that they will like to play outside more.
  • Combined with the yard water toys, these sprinkler systems can be laid out to transform your house garden into a kid’s playground.
  • When your kids start to play with the water, they will learn to have fun with the water droplets. They may dodge them, catch them, or even run from them. This amps up the activity levels of the kids and increases hand and eye coordination.
  • Water games are good exercise, both for the brains and the body. When you give some children’s water sprinkler toys to the kids, ask them to make their own games. This breeds innovation in the kids and teaches teamwork.

Are Water Sprinklers Safe For Kids And Toddlers?

Are Water Sprinklers Safe For Kids And Toddlers -

Yes, they are safe. More than this, it also depends on how you install the whole system. One key point is leakage from the apparatus that comes with the system.

However, the main systems which pump out water are different directions. This movement can be based on water pressure, or they operate with batteries. Battery operated systems need to be handled with care and do not let the kids go near them.

Best Water Sprinkler For Kids: Do’s And Dont’s And Precautions

Do not buy too bulky and difficult to handle water sprinkler systems. Although your kids may love it, the sheer network of hoses and connections is a bit cluttered, and disassembling the whole system will become an issue.

Moving forward, try to save water. It is not easy to tell your kids to stop having fun, but you need to do it at some point. Hence, use a timer with the sprinkler system. Set a timer, and once it completes, the system will shut down itself.

Take note of the yard water toys that you add to the mix. They should be sharp or pointy. The reason being, due to water, the surface may become slippery. So, playing with sharp toys can be risky. So, avoid them.

So, that’s all for now. We hope you enjoyed reading this post and found the best sprinkler for kids to buy. Stay tuned with The Keen Hunter for more such reviews and buying guides. Thank you for reading this post here and exploring these products.  

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